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Has Anyone Here Seen Bigfoot On More Than One Occasion?


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Guest BastetsCat

^^ what part of Colorado?? Anywhere near Telluride?

I am in Eagle County nearer to the center of the State. North Central, near Vail and Aspen. Telluride is in the extreme western and farther south. I have been there a few times in my life. Still rural over on that far edge of Colorado. Beautiful country too.

Sounds like the right attitude to me. And double no kidding on reporting everything to 'authorities' who will just know what to do with it.

The really big ones are easy to explain; humans exist who are taller than most sasquatch reported. Gigantism can exist with them too.

Yeah they know just what to do with it; until your opinion differs from theirs. And none of them are ever remotely science minded let alone scientists. Not that a whole lot of great work hasn't been done in the field....I even got scoffed at because I said they seem almost human to me....That great big one up close and personal did not resemble an ape in the least. he had the brow ridge and the conical head and all of that but he was better able to turn his head that the bulky ones too. I think I got dinged on that as well.

You can't imagine how hard I laughed when the Ketchum report leaked out 'HUMAN' I even cracked open a bottle of wine and did a little dance...LOL.

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