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Pattys Height

Guest Bipedal Ape

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Not perfectly, no. That's because when Al and Roger paid a visit to the Ray Wallace School of Bigfoot Hoaxing and got some tips and materials to make the tracks at Bluff Creek like he did only a month before, Roger decided to get creative and use his hands to customize the soles...


But if Wallace could fool Don Abbott, Patterson can have fooled believers even better. Meldrum even thinks they are the same and he was duped by Wallace too!

What's he talking about, G?

Kit, regardless of where you intend to go with this, "Wallace" did not make the Patty tracks. Sorry, but that's a no go.

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A "nuh-uh"? Drats. Patterson made the tracks. The toe signature is an exact match. Try doing that with two different sources. That'll be a lot more effective than a "nuh-uh."

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Guest parnassus

Here's a total waste of my time..


This is using V6's footlength (which was maximal) and a foot ruler approx. 1" smaller. This would account for some bloom from overexposure and motion blur. This is an error analysis with the given info. The resultant error renders this estimate useless. We must refine the estimates to narrow the range of error. Use several frames showing the foot to refine the foot/height ratio. Also, determine the walking versus standing height with better precision (this one is easy, actually). The object here is to reduce the relative error. After that, who knows?

nah, you did it wrong and by so doing increased the likely height and nearly doubled the error. In the first place there is no evidence of vertical motion blur. Secondly, you have to make a best measurement, then append an error estimate either side of it. Perhaps that is 74 +/- 3. You do the measurement. Then do the same with the height. eg 336 +/- 10 pixels (there could be slight motion blur but no bloom). But you can't just postulate systematic errors. You have to have evidence. The fractional ("relative") uncertainties are .04 and .01%, and the total is then .05. That gives a walking height of 5-7 +/- 5% aka 5-4 to 5-10. Your mileage may vary but not by a whole lot.

The standing height can be dealt with by posing models in a repeatable way. Assigning a huge error is not appropriate at this time. But that is a whole nother thing.


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Where is your error analysis?

Narrow down the variables (and rationize the estimates).

Why do you assume that the footlength was 14.5"???"

Waiting.. :popcorn:

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Ok... Here's the deal:

#1 I put a polite warning in this thread, back on page 3 somewhere, asking all members to stay on topic, and to concentrate your posts/comments on the argument- and not the person making it.

This has been ignored by some of you, and I have as of right now found 4 posts that either need to be edited, or deleted.

#2 Some of you will be hearing from me shortly, via PM regarding this situation.

#3 As of right now, because once again the topic cannot be discussed in a polite, intelligent, and mature manner- the thread is being locked/closed.

I have not decided whether it will remain closed indefinitely, or if I will open it back up at a later point after a cooling off period.

It will remain closed at least until sometime tomorrow, until after I've had a chance to discuss it with other members of staff (Chief Admin), and reach a consensus.

Check back tomorrow- as it will either be re-opened, or I will post a further update if it is needed.


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See-Te-Cah NC

I am reopening this topic, but if it gets out of hand, it will be shut down again... possibly for good.

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Thanks, STC.  Great timing, too... ;) ....I just happen to have something to post regarding Patty's height. It's a new method of determining her height.


I'll post it either tonight, or tomorrow.

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