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Minnesota / Ontario Trackway + 3 Mile Snow Trail Video Clips(Mulder)

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I tend to notice a lot of people try to add weight to their sighting by stating how remote a place is and I always wonder.....well if your there.... others could be as well.    I think because we don’t see other ppl when out we over estimate how remote a place really is.


I camp in a spot yearly that I do not at all consider to be very remote as their are roads leading right up to it that I drive my truck on.   I’ve been going there about 8 years regularly and have only seen other ppl maybe 3 times in total.  I’m usually there 6-7 days at a time.  

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On 8/21/2020 at 6:31 PM, miker said:

I stumbled on to this thread today, found it interesting, and looked into it a little. Zombie thread I know, hope it's ok to comment. Minneapolis boy here.


What I find interesting is, this location is characterized as being near impossible to get to, winter-access only, and so forth. Didn't the guy in the video say "Maybe NO ONE has EVER been here"?


Yet from the location posted, once I found it on a satelite view, there are clear docks and what look like cabins less than a mile NNE.


I know I've walked a good 5 mile compass course thru mud and knee to waist-deep water in northern MN pine swamps back in the 1980's (see "Kip's Armor"). It wasn't that hard. And being as close to a major lake shore as the location is, year-round access is mostly a matter of driving a boat or snowmobile until you're there.


So, I have no knowledge as to whether this Minnesota Trackway was valid, hoax, magic bunny, or whatever... but I DO know that the guy in the video ain't as isolated as he says he is.


 Yeah that's almost always the first dead giveaway that something is alittle off about a report. Also a little trick I've seen used numerous times, is the long/lat is imbedded in most cell phone pics, easy way to see when someone is freelancing with the facts.

 I'd hazard a guess there's very few places, if any in Minnesota that man has not set foot in, it was pretty much logged into oblivion in the 1900s.

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