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Blobsquatch And Sightings Reconstructions


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In the old forum I made a "Reconstruction" thread...

I reconstructed blobsquatches to visualize what I meant to see in the pics... and sightings for people who did'nt have photograpic evidence with my 3d modeling software..

Sadly I lost all these reconstruction pics, .....

One of the pics i reconstructed was a picture of a Bigfoot standing between some rocks and lot of people said it looked like he wared snowboots... I googled for it, but can't find it anymore .. seems to be vanished from the net.!!!

I also connot find anymore , one of the first pictures ever made ( If i recall correctly ) the picture showed lot of wood and bushes and in the center a little white shape.. what seemed to be a bigfoot walking towards cam...

I want to start again this...

So feel free to post pics in here you want 3d reconstructed from different angles...

Or write down your sighting(s) and i try to make a 3d reconstruction of it..

Kind regards: Atlantis

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Guest SquatchinNY

You are gonna be a good addition to the board. I know one I would like you to do, I'll get it for you later cause I'm on my iPad.

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A reconstruction of a sighting for a someone who didn't have a cam at moment of sighting.

but went back the other day to take pics from the area...



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Which one you mean ?.. I don't see a link or anything..

Those are really good.

How 'bout this one, though it may be copyrighted.

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This is one I made once for the old forum...

One member ( I can't recall his name anymore ) pointed out to me, how he thought the position of the BF could be...

This is the result....

(btw: it's hard to find the original picture on the www.. could only find this one in a youtube clip... I can recall that there where also colored versions of it )




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Recalled another reconstruction i made once for the old forum.....

The encounter was posted in the old forum...witness didn't have photographic evidence ..



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