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Google Earth Blobsquatches


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That's a great find AtlantiS, I remember spending an entire evening looking at possible venues for that on Street View in western Washington and Oregon. Looks like I didn't go far enough north. I did run the photo through my PhotoZoom Pro6 software just now to clean it up as much as possible. I believe it is a doctored image. This is a cropped image after PhotoZoom smoothed it out and cleaned up digital artifacts. I believe that the blobsquatch and its reflection is a higher resolution image that was inserted into the the lower resolution Street View image. If you look at the rocks in the water in the foreground you'll notice a lot of fuzzy lighter areas around them; they are the result of my software doing some extreme artifact reduction. If you compare those with the image of the blobsquatch/reflection, note how much smoother and sharper it is than the rocks, trees, etc. The second image below is an even more extreme example yet the blobsquatch is still relatively unaffected. It's a very good effort, especially with the reflection, but I call photoshopped.




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