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New Member Here... With My Story.

Guest Rex

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Hi everyone.

in my introduction thread I said i would be posting about my experiences.

I intend to do that ASAP but thought it might be helpful for you to have some background on me.
 I was born in Puerto Rico. shortly thereafter my family moved to south Georgia where I lived until I was about 8 years old.
From there we moved to central Pennsylvania where I grew up.
I enlisted in the ARMY at 17 and left home to strike out on my own. I traveled extensively around the globe, was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and a special operations NCO with 5th and 3rd group SF for a bit over ten years.
 While I was growing up I spent  all of the free time I had wandering the woods. I learned woods medicine from my grandmother, I learned tracking from my step father.. I hunted and fished.

We were very poor by todays standards and we lived in a small trailer at the base of a blue mountain in PA. we had a small piece of land much of which was a garden, very little money and we hunted for our meat much of which was poaching out of season. When you are hungry.. there is no such thing.
 We normally ran out of heating oil mid winter and did not have indoor plumbing for the first 5-6 years we lived there.

My mother worked a part time menial job in a vegtable packing facility for little money.

I was NOT the best student in school.. I had the ability but not the want. As soon a spring would come every year I would be dreaming about being in the woods.. I LOVED it out there.
Also it was our source of meat to stock for the winters and I was very good a getting it.
 I observed the animals and I could track them for long distances. I could track bears to their dens, deer to their bedding areas, a grouse or woodcock to a nest, snakes to their hides, turkeys to their roosts and gathered plenty of meat for the table small and large.
By the time I was 12 years old I would pack a bag and just skip school altogether.. I always carried a rifle and a handgun and I would hike over three mountains to a secluded valley where I would establish a camp next to a pristine, cold trout stream.
I would stay there for days living on the fish, snakes, frogs and the vegatation to supplement the supplies I carried in.
I did this often and the truancy officer often showed up at our place and would ask my mother where I was, her response would be  "if you find him...  let me know".
 of course they tried to fine my parents but you can't get blood from a stone and at the time.. I was going to do what I wanted to do.
 I had been in those woods since i was 10 and had a WWII vet that found me out there one day. He befriended me and told me I should always be armed and gave me an old colt pistol to carry with me at all times.

He will be mentioned later on.

For MANY years I did this and my forays grew longer and furthur to many other areas, the entire area I was in is known as Saint Anthonys wilderness and the Weiser state forest.
 There were many times that I was out and knew that things were not "normal" around my camps but never really gave it much more thought than that. I never had any encounters with anything more than a black bear and chalked up any "weirdness" to just something that happened and I didn't see.
 You all will have to bear with me, and by all means ask questions if you want more information I will give you answers to the best of my recollection and it may spur a memory or two that has faded over the years.
Understand, I have been largely silent on ALL of this for more than 30 years.. but at this time I know what I have seen.
 As I go through the individual stories I will do my best to include screenshots of Google Earth to pinpoint the events happening.

 I will have to have some time to remember all the nuances of the situations and I will go through them one by one, As I said.. ask questions it may lead to more details if I can remember them.

This post was just to give all of you some background on me and you are free to ask anything you like.
I will start working on a narrative of my first sighting here soon.


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Rex, first of all welcome. The first thing you need to do is find an editor and write a book. You are good at remembering things very well. Your hardship and loner apearing bearing personality is reminiscent of Jack London you kind of remind me of him minus the Wolf. Your Special Op's experiences would help a lot. I cant wait to hear more.


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Welcome to the forum Rex. I've thoroughly enjoyed my first few months here, lots of interesting people and discussions. Always like to see another vet sign up. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.

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Welcome to you Rex, I appreciate your courage for posting, but before you post again about your experiences be fore warned that it may not be completely the open exchange of ideas you'd hoped it might be and once its out there its definitely out there. Im not trying to be the party pooper here but this is not an endeavor to take lightly my friend :)  

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OK.. i am back.  i have been writing this in a word document a bit at a time in between phone calls and other things, so please forgive me if some parts do not flow.

Also if I end up cussing..  please understand that it is part of my vernacular and not meant to be offensive..  You can take the man out of the ARMY and all of that..  LOL
  As I mentioned In my first post I had and still do have a keen love for the outdoors. back in those days i had an affinity for reptiles as well. Snakes... I loved to hunt snakes just to see how many types and numbers i could find on any given day. The area i lived in was ripe with abandoned barns and houses that were falling apart.

I had convinced many of the dairy farmers around the area that, no snakes were NOT milking your cows and that they were actually very good to have around to control the rat populations that were eating their feed.
 There were also horse farms in the area and i was the go to kid to wade into their ponds to get the snakes out so they didn't scare the horses.. supposedly.. I sort of made a small businees out of collecting and reloacting them and the dairy and hog farmers would give me a dollar a snake for good rat snakes.. and normally some to remove what they thought were "water moccasins" even though I could never get them to believe moccasins did not live in PA.
 My first sighting was a bizzare wake up. I had heard muttered whispers around the area for a few years about things.. strange things but no real verifiable anything... and remeber these were people who thought snakes milked cows..  I had spent years in the woods and alone all over the country there and never ran into anything more than a bear or panther.
 I believe it was around the first week of september in 1981 or 82.  I had actually spent that day in school..  after school i came home and  rather than doing homework, i grabbed my snake stick and an old pillow case and ran out the door knowing i didn't have much daylight left.
I walked through the fields and went to a site where there was an old house that had fallen down years before. I did my normal routine of flipping roofing tin and boards and came up with a ratsnake and a few garter snakes.
With the snakes bagged i headed home taking a cut to get to a dirt road that came out on the main road east of my house.

This dirt road went down through a small hollow where a creek crossed underneath through a couple of culverts.  This was a low area with plenty of trees and vegatation that covered the creek as it flowed through the woods and pastures. It was also a well used game trail and many deer used it as as crossing as well as coyotes and smaller game.
 It was late afternoon /early evening.. probably around 6:30 or so and the sun was real low in the sky, night was falling and i was walking along this dirt road headed home.
 I got near where the creek crossed and heard some noise off to my left in the trees and brush.. i really thought nothing of it, as i said it was a well established deer crossing and I just figured it was a deer that was moving in there.

i took another few steps and got the shock of my life..
This "thing" stepped out on the road from the left.. it was huge.. more tall than bulky.  it paid absolutely no attention to me and with another step it was across the road and into the trees on the other side, crashing through the brush.
 I am going to say it was sevn feet tall or so..  the top.. shoulders and back were very muscular, the hips were narrow and the legs were thin from the knees down especially around the ankle area. it's head was small and I could not see its face, ears or make out any details of that part of it. it did have what seemed to be long hair flowing down from the head onto the shoulders, shorter hair on the body and once again long hair toward the bottom of its legs that moved as it walked. It was lik the effect you would get from a pair of flimsy bell bottoms swaying as you walk. i distinctly remember my mind trying to convince me that I had just seen a bear.. but it was walking and fast.  The whole encounter was less than five seconds and once my mind caught up with the fact this was something I had never seen before ..  i started shking like a dog ******** razor blades.. a blanket of absolute fear dropped over me and I knew i had to get out of there.. NOW!

 I dropped everything I had in my hands and sprinted as fast as i could toward home. When i got there i told my parents what I had seen and they dismissed it for some reason.  The next day i convinced my mom to drive back there. on the side of the road was my snake stick... the bag with the snakes was gone.
 i grabbed the stick and told her to go.. we left and went home.

She aked me again what had happened and i told her.. this time she actually paid attention, but didn't say much else one way or another.
 Winter soon showed and i was in school full time (because i hated the snow and cold) and i soon just pushed it out of my mind and left it there.

No answers.
 i did on occasion replay the encounter in my head.. but said nothing more about it to anyone.

Welcome to you Rex, I appreciate your courage for posting, but before you post again about your experiences be fore warned that it may not be completely the open exchange of ideas you'd hoped it might be and once its out there its definitely out there. Im not trying to be the party pooper here but this is not an endeavor to take lightly my friend :)

I have lurked many forums like this over the years.. looking at the responses from some and others.


Between my childhood and my mil time.. I have grown a pretty thick hide.

 if someone chooses to not believe what I post.. that is their choice..    i am going to share it anyway.


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^^^ Right on Rex :) ... had no idea if you had ever been on a forum like this before. I meant no offence nor was I trying to tell you what you should or should not share. I will be checking back here like many others will, to hear your experience/s since you are so willing to be open about them. So far I'm enjoying your posts:)

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You remind me of long tabber.

I was actually an NBC NCO in group. moved in from the Cco. 2/325 82nd Abn Div.

When 5th transitioned to 3rd.. I stayed at Bragg with Cco 2nd Bn.

Shortly thereafter I went through SFAS and had some time to wait to begin the Q course.

During that time i had to jump to stay current.. 0-dark thirty, C-130, ste mere eglise DZ and a partial inversion with a T-10 ended that.. I broke my back and ended up with a spinal cord injury that eventually had me medically discharged.

Never got tabbed..

I did however work with the teams and went on missions as well.

i still remain in contact with many of them and we still get together on occasion to guzzle some suds.

Unfortunately .. none of it was useful out here in civvy world.

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edit bypassed language.
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Rex, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. I have no problem with the excellent way you report it. It seems genuine and believable. I would like to ask a question of clarification. This is not meant as a criticism or argument. There is something in your statement that makes no sense to me, and I was wondering if you could please comment further on it. 


You did not state your age when you had your sighting. Your original post says you were active outdoors at age 12. So I am guessing you were in the range of 12-16 since you enlisted at 17. You say that you were the "go to kid" to dispatch snakes. That is really cool. I have known a few kids like that. What doesn't make sense to me is that as you state it, a"kid" had to convince dairy farmers that snakes do not milk cows. Huh? I grew up in a home surrounded by dairy farms. We even had snakes. But I have never, even once, met a farmer who thought that snakes milk cows. Perhaps you have a different definition of milking than I do. On our farms, the machines did the word, but I have seen a farmer grab the base if the teat on the udder and pull down to produce milk. I have even done this many times. How exactly do snakes do that, and why would farmers think snakes do that? I just cannot wrap my head around this comment.


I guess I could not be so literal and somehow interpret your statement as snakes biting the cows and the milk leaking out of the udder from the snake bite??? This does not seem like an explanation a farmer would believe either. A wound in the udder would not puncture the mammary glad and have milk leak out. The gland is internal. Are you meaning that snakes somehow latched onto the teat and drank the milk? This does not seem like a plausible explanation either. 


Again, I am not trying to be critical. I just cannot understand the snakes milking cows part. It is relevant to the credibility of the rest of your story, in my opinion. 

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I think he is referring to an old superstition about snakes milking cows. I remember hearing my grandmother saying something about it.



An early myth about milk snakes is that they suck cow udders to get the milk. The myth is entirely false, and is discredited by the fact that the milk snake does not have the physical capabilities to suck milk out of a cow. Milk snakes are, however, frequently found in and around barns, making use of their cool and dark environments, and for the easily accessed populations of rodents to feed on. This proximity to barns, and therefore cows, probably gave rise to the myth.[1]





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