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New Member Here... With My Story.

Guest Rex

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here we go AGAIN...



 After i got discharged from the ARMY.. I went back home to PA.


 In Jul. of 96 i went out for a day hike.. i used to look for rattlesnakes at the same time as i had a few very nice looking snakes at home that i kept and bred. So I would hunt them along the trails. i had a large yellow phase female that would throw large litters and they were always very pretty little snakes.


i would get the babies going with their first meals then return them to the wild at den areas..  call it a hobby i guess, everyone else was killing them all the time.


At any rate I went back into stony valley and parked at a place called cold springs. I got my day pack, snake tongs, water etc and started hiking.. i hiked to the main RR grade and about 300 yards to the east was cold springs trail.


CST went up the mountain and intersected the Appalachian trail at the top of sharp mountain.


It is a good climb and a pretty rough trail.


About a third of the way up the trail there is a section where a very old tree had fallen across the trail. over the years sticks and crap had built up behind it, as it rained hard during the summers the water would wash down the trail and flow over the log washing out an area on the other side.


 When you got to it, you had to put your pack up over first and your gear and use your arms to help jump and push yourself over it.


 Which is what i did.


As soon as i stood up on the top and picked up my pack, a small hemlock tree about 20 feet off the trail suddenly slapped up into an upright position.. behind those small hemlocks was a patch of mountain laurel.


I could see something dark and roughly 7 to 8 feet tall crashing through that laurel.


Not very well as it really was thick.. but i could make out that it was something tall and dark.


It crashed off through that patch and was gone.


 As one can imagine by this time i was getting surprised but not really. I yelled after it and said "you got me this time.. it won't happen again!"


i did not get a response.


I finished my hike and the rest of the day was uneventful.


i did find a very nice looking male black phase timber which i bagged and took back with me. He was more light gray than black and really had a sharp pattern.


That was all for that time.


once again GE shot.


the red line is CST.. the line it joins on top is the Appalachian trail.. the blue tick mark is approx where this happened.



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I lived in Bragg as a child while my father was stationed there. My house stopped at a dead end followed by deep woods where I often played. I'm not as brave as you to share my experiences but I believe you.

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 I moved to FL in sep of 97.


I was thoroughly tired of the winters and they were getting harder on me due to my old injuries.


Of course i had heard "skunk ape" a number of times before i even got here and thought to myself they seem to be everywhere else.


For the longest time here i never saw or heard anything that was strange or out of the ordinary. i spent more time out in the sticks here than anything else..  i was all over the everglades from the south end of the lake to flamingo. never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary.


I met my wife in 2001.. we married in 2005. She had a daughter, my step-daughter who i raised.


 I imagine by now you can tell she fishes, hunts shoots and LOVES to camp.


When she was around 14  2007 or so, she was begging me to go camping. our regular camping place had kind of been over run by people on their horses.. and quite honestly.. i don't like horses.


I looked for a new area and came across a small state park that had just opened and was not really used much. It is called Kissimmee Prairie S.P.


Over the years this one has been over run with horses as well.  Grrrrrrrrr...


As always a screen shot will be attached here as well.


For the sake of brevity i am going to try and make this short as i am getting tired of typing.


We went to the campground there. it was just a rustic tent camping area with some sites.  It was in the fall and the weather was nice, it was cool and dry.


the only tent I had at the time was a small dome tent that was.. well small.


We had dinner over the fire that night, made the obligatory s'mores.. daughter and I went spider hunting with headlamps and about 10 or so we all settled into the tent.


Well it was cramped and uncomfortable so the girls decided that they would sleep in the truck. The wife had a long wheel base S10 blazer and with the back seats laid down there was enough room.


I stayed in the tent.


When they moved out, i tossed a few more pieces of wood on the fire and climbed back in the tent.. i find the flickering of the fire comforting and enjoy it.


Everything was quiet aside from the usual night noises.. tree crickets, bugs, a few tree frogs.


 i was laying in the tent relaxing and just really enjoying the peace and quiet.


I noticed a bit of movement toward the bottom of the tent in the firelight.


There was a small rat or mouse outside the tent and i could see his shadow on the base, he was picking up the discarded salted sunflower seed shells that my daughter had bee tossing around there earlier in the day and munching on them.


 i found this amusing and moved a bit closer to just watch.  Remember i was inside the tent and all i could see was his shadow.


 This went on for several minutes.. then all of a sudden he stopped eating, dropped the shell he was working on and froze.


about three seconds later he bolted. i thought I had made a noise or scared him of somehow.. oh well.


I closed my eyes and was ready to sleep..  and that is when i hear a loud  pop off in the distance.. far enough away that it was muffled but you knew it was loud. it sounded like 2x4 blocks being slapped together...  which got my attention.


several minutes later i heard it again, only closer.  Then again closer.  i knew the girls were most likely asleep in the truck with the windows rolled up and had not heard a thing, so i settled in and really listened hard.  I heard another way off in the distance.. and then shortly after another closer than the last.


 The close one was close.. 50 yards or so out.


That is when i noticed..  the bugs had shut up.  That is when the 1911, A1 came out and got laid on my chest.


I started to hear something making quite a racket in the trees behind us.. which sometimes happens, armadillos make a heck of a racket in the brush.. you would swear they are elephants.


 So i just kept quiet and listened..  a few minutes later is when i heard what was definitely "someone" walking behind the tent.. coming at it.


The .45 was cocked and locked and i was fully prepared to use it.


This "someone" walked right next to the tent on my right.. as this "someone /something"  rounded around the front i could see that shadow being cast across the tent in the fading firelight.


 It was definitely covered in shaggy hair.. i could only see the shadow of it from about the waist down as it passed between the tent and the fire..


 As i said it was a cheapie tent and it only had a door.. no windows and i had the door and the screen both zipped up tight.


 i wasn't about to try and get through both of those zippers with that standing there.


As it passed the tent i could no longer see the shadow but could hear it walking around the picnic table there and then back to my wifes truck where it stopped for about ten seconds, finally shuffling off back into the woods.


I heard a few more knocks off to the east after that and about 20 minutes later the bugs started again.


I laid there until the sun cam up straining to hear anything else but did not.





For some reason my  screen cap for the stony valley incident didnt attach .. it is all woods and trees anyway.


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Oct. 2009.


I do a lot of fishing here.. especially night fishing for Snook.


I was on the intercoastal until about 3:30  in the morning one night. not really killin them so i came home.


 I was driving south on I-95 towards my home. The road was empty IIRC it was a thurs night. i was the only vehicle i saw.


I was approaching an overpass where 95 goes over glades cutoff road. i was about 1/2 mile out and i saw some red reflectors about where the overpass would be.. i figured a car had broken down and was sitting along the road.


 Then i didnt see them anymore.. no biggie.. right.


As i got closer i started looking for the car..  there was no car.


As i crossed the bridge i saw the reflectors again... they were attached to a black husky creature that was standing on the other side of the guard rail.. i was in the right lane when I passed it and as i looked out the passenger window i could not see its head just a dark blur as I went by it at 70+ mph


 I went back with a good friend of mine 2 days after to look for tracks. came up empty.. but he volunteered to stand in the spot while I drove by.


He is 6'6" i could see his head easily.




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Just want to make clear that the posts I make here are my Opinion as a member of the forum only, they have nothing to do with my position as a staff member of the board.


Rex, thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I appreciate it. But I must be honest, it doesn't mean I believe them. My reason for being skeptical is a statistical matter. If your accounts are accurate, you've had three sightings in PA and two in FL, the odds of that happening are very, very remote IMO.


Is it possible that some of them were not BF related?

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 In Jun 2011 i decided to take a cross country "vacation''  i drove from here in South FL Up to The canadian rockies. and Banff.


I have a brother and several friends who live out that way and some others along the way. i spent roughly a month and a half on the road and bagging around the rockies.


 i have a good friend who lives in montana, and his family has several very large claims out there.  he and i decided to do some prospecting to see what we could come up with.


 I have several good metal detectors including a pulse induction unit that i took with.


 We drove as far as we could and hiked  some distance more to an old prospectors cabin that was falling down and had been there since the 1870s.


 I figured it would be a great place to run the detector in case the old guy had dropped or buried any nuggets.. we had good color miles down the creek.


 i was busy running the detector.. it is grizzly country and my partner.. who gre up and has lived there all his life was holding my rifle. We just carried one in.


I was detecting along.. this unit has a large set of headphones on it and my ears were covered up. all i could hear was the detector.


 At some point i turned around to look and see where my buddy was and i saw him upslope from me a bit with my rifle trained on the woods across the creek.


First thing I thought was that he had seen a bear or cougar and was keeping an eye on it.


 I stopped detecting, took off the headphones and asked him if he saw something... he didnt answer and was peering intently through the scope scanning the trees on the other side of the creek.


I asked him again and without missing a beat he said.. "i don't know" Which i found to be a pretty strange answer and he was really acting out of character.. shook up but in control of it.


 i went to ask him what he meant and that was when the second LARGE rock came flying in over the trees and splashed down square in the middle of the creek, splashing me. i about soaked my pants right there .. i saw the rock coming in out of the corner of my eye and it was bowling ball size.. coming in in a nice lazy arc.


 He spun to the right some more and kept scanning the woods on the other side.


Then another came in and splashed down..  we came to a very quick agreement it was time to make tracks and get out of there which we did.


He was QUITE disturbed.. and since then he has related other stories to me as well. i am going to try and get him to post here as well.  We will see.


That is me sitting on that big rock with my rifle.. for scale..

 Here are some pics of the area and the GE capture.

OK.. So all of this typing has FINALLY brought me to this point.


As you can see... this is an ongoing issue for me. i am sure there are going to be those who think i am a liar... i don't care.


maybe some will think i am crazy.. i dn't care.


I am not prone to fits of hysteria.. i have not imagined all of this.


i am very well grounded and have never been committed or even looked at by a shrink..


i imagine the reason i am here doing this is for answers..


Above all.. i want to know if there is someone here that can tell me.. answer this.


Is this going to keep happening?!?


Am i going to be getting surprised for the rest of my natural life by something / s that are not supposed to even exist????


  it is bothersome.


I know what i have seen and experienced it is written here.


now what?

Just want to make clear that the posts I make here are my Opinion as a member of the forum only, they have nothing to do with my position as a staff member of the board.

  No issues.. at all.



Rex, thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I appreciate it. But I must be honest, it doesn't mean I believe them. My reason for being skeptical is a statistical matter. If your accounts are accurate, you've had three sightings in PA and two in FL, the odds of that happening are very, very remote IMO.


 Who you tellin?!..


 These are not things that i enjoy.. quite honestly there is not much i have not been face to face with in the wild.. including most the large predators that inhabit this country. 


There is a very real palpable uneasiness bordering on fear with these things.


 As stupid as it may sound.. i feel like i am being stalked... and I do not like it one bit.

Is it possible that some of them were not BF related?


 i wish.


As i had said in the beginning.. i have tried to rationalize all of this for 30 years..  I would be happy to go the rest of my life without another incident. believe that.  Also..  one other thing.



i have NEVER once during any of this smelled anything.. no foul smells whatsoever.






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... and I hope you enjoyed your stop here at the BFF Rex. Visit agian sometime - that was some fun reading.

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Those are amazing stories, Rex. 


I believe them, and I know many others here do, too. 


Hoping some of the more experienced people here can share their thoughts and help you out a bit. 


Thanks for telling us about your adventures!

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Not to push this thread too much off topic...but I just had to add: My Granny always said copperheads smelled just like boiling cabbage to her, and she had some credibility on this point. They don't to me, but then, I am one of those people who can't detect asparagus in their urine. Some have those olfactory receptors, and some don't. I would believe it is a genetic pre-disposition,and it skipped me. Nonetheless, my children play a lot in the fecund creek bed out behind the house, and I gave them this information, just in case it might be something they can detect. No results reported yet.


Fascinating accounts Rex. I know a truthful narrative when I hear one. (Either that, or you are in serious contention for a Pulitzer)


One question: Do you put as much credence in your encounter at Bragg as you do those that happened around your homestead?

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One question: Do you put as much credence in your encounter at Bragg as you do those that happened around your homestead?





At this time.. yes, now that i have had years to go over it in my head.


At the time we were involved in some very serious training, the type that wears you down and beats you up, both physically and mentally. The course had a high attrition rate because of that.  Not much sleep aside from what you could grab when time allowed 2 hrs here another 3 the next day..  a tough time.


At that time there was so much that needed doing (training) that you really did not have the time to mull it over .. they kept you constantly occupied with class E&E, patrols, tactics.. freezing you in a river.


There really was no time for you to think about anything else other than the things they were stuffing up your caboose and down your throat.


 After mulling this over many times in my head.. that particular incident has convinced me that these things can see quite deep into the IR spectrum.


My PL had the only set of NVGs that we had.. PVS-7s.   I am pretty sure he most likely had the IR illumination turned on.  his location was the confluence of both passes that were made. he was the common denominator where both passes crossed at 90 degrees.


 i believe what ever it was, was using the IR to be able to see when we couldnt. It moved very fast and it was quite dark in the trees. No person could have done that.. not that way even with night vision.


Even though I saw no creature or even any shapes (it was too dark) there was the activity..  the screams, the throwing of objects.. the trees being shaken... and the silence of the cadre over the fact that several of the guys started shooting REALLY spoke volumes.. there was an uneasy tension in them for the next couple of days.


 That should have failed us..  we made contact under explicit orders not to. They didn't seem to have faulted us for it.


All of us were fairly experienced soldiers at the time.. we had all been trained very well and had run into many other soldiers in the woods at night with force on force training. I have had Rangers sneak in so quietly that I almost did not detect them, they disabled the tripwires i had set and the only reason i knew they were there was because I heard the rattle of a sling swivel and knew the sound.


 In those situations we didn't make huge disturbances in the night especially in close proximity to OPFOR.


So yes there are many reasons I attribute this incident to a creature. including the other stories i have heard and what i found researching on the web.

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