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Patty's Feet.....and The Footprints (Part 2)

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1 hour ago, OkieFoot said:


I wonder if these other people were trying to use scientific calculations to determine weight. I'm not sure how else you would do it if you were trying to get a more accurate weight. This may be out in left field (I always resented that expression because I played left field in Little League ;) ) but to try and determine the weight of Patty, wouldn't you need the depth of the tracks as part of the equation? Along with other measurements, such size of the track, plus other factors. 

It seems like the plaster casts would tell us all this. It's common knowledge the tracks were from one and one quarter in. to one and a half in. deep. So maybe they were using a different method. 


I don't know what we could even determine about tracks today let alone in 1967.  I am betting whatever exists today to determine tracks, it was either primitive or non-existent in the 1967 era.    In the above video, Gimlin is giving one of the few interviews that we know before his later years when he came out in public on a regular basis.   (The other interview appears on Arthur C Clarks Mysterious World).  Here Gimlin tells us someone told him the track maker was 700 or 800lbs or whatever.  Gimlin is just expressing what he was told. 


Obviously if that were 100% determined to be true objectively then it points to a real creature.  But really, how could it be determined to any higher degree of certainty?  


For now, I am guessing someone did some primitive well-meaning analysis on the complicated problem of track/ weight determination.  The shared it with Gimlin.  Gimlin says, "Ok good to know" and that is about it.  I just wanted to know if Gimlin or others had made this claim at other times and who was it who told it to Gimlin.  If we know, I am not saying they are right or wrong and I don't know their intentions or bias one way or the other.  


When I hear Gimlin talk he sounds like many people I know in my life who seem and turn out to be pretty honest people.  When he says, "I don't know it takes a big man to weight 350 so I just guessed 350 lbs." that seems pure honest to me.   A regular guy trying to do the best he can to answer the Q.   


But back to the tracks.   I know in a car crash it can fairly accurately be determined if one takes the depth of the dent, one can do a math calculation based on the shape of the dent and determine how hard the car which caused the dent hit other car.   But, to take a footprint (real or fake) and with some level of trying to be accurate determine the weight of the track maker, that seems a stretch in 1967.  I could be wrong so I appeal to those on the BFF to tell me 1) was this even reasonable to determine then or now and 2) who told Gimlin this and by what method?


Final thought.  I could even see a scenario where a overly hopeful Roger Patterson said, "Bob, we thought that thing weight 300-400 lbs.  Turns out these guys got a pressure gage and it was 700-800 lbs."   

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On 1/21/2016 at 1:52 PM, xspider1 said:

I'd say she's much heavier than one of these:




(which most PGf detractors tell us "looks real close").  I'd say 400+ lbs. for Patty easy (she's a big, strong girl, make no mistake).  Why, what's your conjecture about that?  


Leroy Blevins wife would be running that costume through the sewing machine while Leroy, his kids and I would be watching movies on dvd or WWE Wrestling (Leroy's Favorite thing to watch)... Leroy only made the head of the Patty Bigfoot Reproduction, his Section 8 house he lived in smelled of chemicals all the time from his various Frankenstein projects and he died in 2018 of Lung Cancer, he smoked but usually went outside to smoke maybe to keep from igniting chemical fumes in his house... Leroy in that Bigfoot Suit was maybe 250 pounds total, there's lots of footage somewhere of Leroy in that suit roaming around in the dense woods behind his government housing he lived in because I watching his kids filming him with a Hi-8mm camcorder many times!  We were neighbors for a few years, I got him on the Bigfoot Train by telling him the Patterson Bigfoot Film was real in 2004 while watching "Sasquatch Legend Meets Science" and he said there's no way it's real, it would be an Abomination!  Leroy was very religious but love violence in movies and WWE Wrestling but couldn't stand for anyone to cuss!  Before our Bigfoot disagreement the only things Leroy talked about was Noah's Ark, WWE Wrestling and God!!  He was obsessed with finding Noah's Ark until I sent him on his Bigfoot Quest by telling him he's full of it about the Patterson Film being a guy in a Gorilla Suit in 1967...

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