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Patty Stabilization From Reddit

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The stabilized PGF is always interesting but Bill made about all of the telling points contained within it.  I see the film and the head is still small, the arms are still long and the legs are still short.  When the novice sees the film I can understand how MIS can be the knee jerk reaction.  However there are simply and or perhaps not so simply a great many things that just  don't add up into the knee jerk reaction.


Now we are well into this new century and while the lore has taken on a life and industry all it's own the biological proof is in some ways less telling than the images on the PGF.  The PGF will continue displaying it's enigmatic figure but it's never going to be able to do more than present itself to the viewer.  We are far too removed from that place in time to count on it as being a road ahead.  

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