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5 Most Compelling Pieces Of Bigfoot Evidence

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I watched the Finding Bigfoot episode where they were in FL. One guy got a great thermal, that was taller than BoBo, that was pretty interesting. Also, same episode, the group of People that pulled over that observed Bigfoot way out in a clear swamp. If it was a hoaxer, they were taking a chance walking thru alligator infested swamp,and there was no guarantee that they would be observed by the people that got it on video,so it leads me to believe that the skunk apes observed in that episode were real


I think you're referring to the Stacy Brown thermal footage. In case you're interested, Cliff Barackman did a detailed analysis of the footage. 



Thanks, that is what i was talking about. I will have a look



There was some compelling evidence in favor of the figure being a real Bigfoot.

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