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Old Dog

Delayed Discovery Of Bf Footage

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Havecto very much agree. And we certainly get plenty of "junk" in the BF realm . Or is my take thusfar on my own personal BF info journey.

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MK davis just did a video about this showing the trek to get down to bluff creek and the entire vid clip being discussed. They showed some interesting stuff.

This is a new video posted by MK Davis in which he details the back story of his Bluff Creek footage,,,


Nice find, you guys. And MK Davis has one of the best pairs of eyes in the business. He's pretty sure he inadvertently videotaped a Sasquatch person, and I am, too.

I'll assume you've never heard of Mike Sells?

If you ever meet Jeff Meldrum ask him what he thinks about the 'best eyes in the business'.

Let's move along. Nothing remotely close to a BF here.

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