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Scary Encounter And Photo Near Martins Falls?


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I rode my mountain bike through this area back in June. I camped out in the Flathead wilderness one night about 30 miles out of Eureka, on the east side of the Whitefish Divide at the Tuchuck campground (goto YouTube and search on 'Tour Divide'). I was likely the only human for miles that night. Just by my campsite, I found the largest set of stick structures (glyphs on the ground, 'X's, that sort of thing) that I have ever seen. Even prior to its discovery I felt as if I was being watched. The place had a spooky feel but I was way too tired to keep moving. I posted a short video of the stick structures:



I heard what sounded like drumbeats- usually 8 beats at a time, several times before I retired and also after.


That was by no means the only experiences I had. While crossing the Elkford Pass in Alberta, had rock clacking in the forest to my left follow me along the power line road for about 15 minutes. It only stopped when I clacked rocks back.


Then on the Wigwam Road (overlooking the Flathead River in the Canadian portion of the Flathead wilderness, but really only a few miles as the crow flies from the Tuchuck campground ) I encountered some very odd looking wood structures in the forest by the road. I stopped to take a photo and at that point I heard some 'whoop' sounds from further up the hill. At the same location I found some feces on the road that looked human, only much larger than I would have ever thought possible- nearly a foot long and about 3 inches in diameter (its not hard to imagine why I've not mentioned this earlier...). I took a photo but the cell shot does not do it justice if such a thing is possible.

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