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Bob Gimlin Was Interviewed April 16Th On C2C

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Consider the film?  Why don't we consider the Witnesses more?


Al at the general store:   Al can confirm at least Roger and Bob's claimed actions that evening.  He can confirm a Roger and Bob 'sighting' that PM (and maybe give an exact time) on Oct 20th 1967 at his store.  That means whatever story Roger and Bob tell must fit into that sighting/encounter. Al might know if Roger claimed by the time they met in the store if Roger claimed the film was mailed out then, still needed to be mailed out.  He would know if they made any phone calls there.  He might know if they claimed to have made other calls prior to their arrival and if so, where.  Might not either.


The Newspaper man:  The man who they talked to that night on the phone post-encounter can confirm via the published story Roger and Bob claimed to have filmed Patty. They claimed the film was in process of being developed.  They would not have any knowledge of what the film looked like at that time if they were telling the truth.  This nails down their story and there is no going back.  They have no idea if someone arrives with a camera at bluff creek and takes pics of the area or just the trackway or both.  The things others find much match what Roger and Bob claim in that interview and to others.  


Lyle Loverty: He (or possibly the other people in his jeep) can confirm if they remember seeing tracks at Bluff Creek and when.  The PGF was an encounter which would have included the Tracks Patty left, the tracks from Gimlin and Bob's horses and the pack horse running wild (3 horses) the running bootprints of Roger running toward bluff creek across it and up the other side and the plant down.  He can confirm the horses running away tracks as well as possibly the tracks of Gimlin's horse following patty some distance down the "Bowling alley".  Loverty can confirm if he remembers seeing outlines of plaster from the Tracks Bob and Roger claimed to make at that time prior to Loverty's arrival.


Finally he can confirm if there were any signs of ALL those things the encounter created (ie) encounter traces - not just the Patty tracks.  He claimed there were not any tracks he remembers the day before the event  but admits he could be mistaken.  That is what honest people say.   Like a football play the "call on the field" is Loverty did not think he did see this disruption of Bluff Creek (all those tracks and traces of all the activity) until after the encounter.  He saw it after and not before.


What does a hoax or real encounter have to include?

This means generally any hoax story or a truthful encounter story needs to fit into those mains places and times. That is, no sign of the encounter one day before. It means any story would have them making castes that day of the prints and ending up at the General Store to seen by witness Al.  The tracks would have to have plaster traces on a couple of tracks those who got there early on since Roger claimed to have made a couple.    The track shape feet in the pics taken by Loverty would need to generally match those of the plaster castings with some slight variation to account for a flexible foot vs a wooden foot.  


Oct 19th

One day Before encounter:  Lyle Loverty (and we assume his crew) report no sign of any tracks at Bluff Creek one day from the encounter

I                                                 or early that same day of the encounter.


I <----------------------------- Oct 20th, 1967 early PM.   Roger and Bob Claim to film Patty in a surprise encounter 

I                                     The encounter results in the activity/ tracks everywhere from Gimlin, Roger

I                                      and horses AND PATTY's Trackway limited to across the creek.                                    

I<-------------------------------- Roger and Bob do various post PGF encounter activities which include making

I                                       some plaster prints, Reel #2 activity and so on.


I<-------------------------------- (getting dark)


I<--------------------------------Roger and Bob arrive at Civilization.   They end up in Al's store.

I                                      Through some step by step they mail out a film and talk to a news reporter.



I<--------------------------------The next day Oct 21? Lyle Loverty (and others?) arrive at the site.  Lyle L takes pictures of some 

I                                      trackway prints.


I<-------------------------------- Sunday Oct 22 there is a showing of the PGF film at Al DeAtley's place to invited guests.


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