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DeAtley interviewed by proponents?


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13 hours ago, hiflier said:

Thanks, PB. That works. So unless Rene Dahinden got it wrong then it helps greatly in sorting out the three film "hand-off" stories. Because if the film was definitely shown on Sunday it narrows down when the film must have been delivered and when it must have been processed. This is important to this argument regarding timelines and everything else. It also tells me that Patterson and Gimlin were not going to hand this film off to just anyone. The thought being this: If it was hoaxed and Hieronimus was in on it then why would Gimlin and Patterson trust the film to him knowing he had already involved himself in something shady. In other words, there would be no reason to trust that Hieronimus wouldn't run off with it for himself. Showing the film on Sunday also demonstrated the intense importance of what had occurred and how critical it was to get it to someone they were fully confident in being connected to someone who had the money to get the job done quickly and securely on a weekend. 


It was important to know if the film actually had viable evidence on it. They didn't know if the camera even exposed properly. They also would have been foolish to have stayed in the wilderness with film stock and risked something happening to it. Getting it sent back right away so to know if they had a recognizable film of the subject should have been and apparently was their main focus. The getting the film developed right away was to see if they achieved filming a Sasquatch successfully - the having the film now in DeAtley's hands and having the rains chasing the two men back to Yakima on Saturday made it possible for the film to be seen on Sunday. Had Bob and Roger of stayed several more days - then they would have viewed the film later in the week - there was never no pressure to have the film viewed on Sunday ... circumstances caused it to just happen that way.

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