Hi everyone. The title of this thread says it all. This topic is to analyze what we have read in the reports from past to present using a different metric or reference point if you will. I have thought about this concept off and on for a few years now and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. Sasquatch: what is it exactly? This is a question we have all asked ourselves. Is it ape? Is it a people of some kind? Is it a Human/ape hybrid? Much has been offered for discussion on the matter and nature of this creature but little if anything definitive has resulted from those discussions. Each of us may have our own ideas about what this creature actually is though no general consensus has been reached.   After much research and much deep thought I have come to the conclusion- for myself anyway- that Sasquatch for all that it is and for all that it is capable of doing acts like, and looks like a bear in Human form. And as outlandish as that idea is I have to tell you that so many things fit this concept that I now have trouble thinking that it is anything else but that. If you give this subject the same critical analysis that I have given it you may understand why I think this even though you may not agree with my conclusion.   We could go right down the list of all of the things that have been reported about this creature and if you do you may find yourselves arriving at the same end. That being that Sasquatch is truly a bear in Human form. In fact I see no other options that come close to this one picture of what that creature is. Everything I've read points to it. Everything. If a bear's intelligence was placed inside a form that was Human in shape as well as physical attributes and abilities then I firmly submit that what one would get is a Sasquatch type creature. I think this an extremely important concept for making progress toward an answer to what it is we are dealing with.   This is potentially a rather critical turning point in this phenomenon so I would be greatly appreciated if postings can stay referenced to this topic. Plenty of room for science here so have at it. In five days I will be unavailable to watch and respond to this thread until the end of this month. It will be up to ypu after that to stay on topic as much as possible. If you do not think this conclusion works or is valid please don't just say so- state your reasons for the sake of discussion