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Patty's Shoulder Width

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Happy Holidays Patty:


A lot has been made of the shoulder bulk and the relationship to the arms.  There should be a lot made of this since it is very impressive to consider.  This is even more of an issue in the suit vs real creature debate.


I watched a bit of the classic Miracle on 34th Street the other day (tis the season).  I noticed a scene where 'Santa' is training the little girl to "act like a monkey".  The first thing they do is slouch and bend the arms almost curling them.  I think that is the natural tendency for anyone trying to do some imitation of an ape/monkey.   See here:






The result is:


1) A shorter stature due to bending something that does not seem like Patty

2) SHORTER not longer arms from the curling effect.  Clearly that is not observed on Patty.


If Bob H or about anyone else put on some suit and was told to walk, I think the tendency is to just walk like they think a primate would walk.  They slouch, bend the arms, and might even make funny noises with their mouth.  


The look of Patty  = tall subject with darn long arms walking smooth as a cat.

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