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If the PGF is fake, all of this has to be true.

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3 hours ago, Patterson-Gimlin said:

Thanks  for the reminder. I actually remember hearing Bob saying that in an interview.  Doesn't sound like a man that hoaxed a video does it?



Compare the number of details in Bob Gimlin's verbal testimony....versus the number of details in Bob H's testimony. ;)   Bob H. sounds like someone who is trying to pull-off a hoax. 


Here is a quick summery of some of H's more revealing behind-the-scene's details.....(paraphrasing)...


"Roger had me do a test walk in the suit...and he said..."That's perfect...that's just what we need".


"After I did the walk....Roger said...."That's perfect...that's just what we need".


"It was really hot inside the suit."


"I was expecting a shot to get me from behind."


"The horse bucked Roger off."


"The horse supposedly bucked Roger off."


"As I said....the horse never bucked."



"After I delivered the film, I stayed overnight in a motel."


"After I delivered the film....I drove straight home."  :lol:  



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