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Patty, Breast and arm detail with veins protruding.


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This is some CSI level photo enhancement.   We are seeing veins now?   Maybe  next we can check the surrounding area for he kids using the reflections in her eyes!!



Seriously though, at what point are we just creating detail that’s not there using photoshop?   


Edit:  No offense MZ, it’s interesting to watch but I don’t buy that level of detail.  

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Odd he thinks he can see veins an tendons, yet not details in the hair that covers them.


I'm with gigantor, he's just seein' faces in clouds so ta speak...in my opinion.

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 I applaud the spirit in which this video is offered.  For me, all I really have to know is what I see on Jim McClarin the following spring at Bluff Creek with a similar camera and film.


We know what Jim looks like and what he is wearing.  We know if Jim is wearing an Abe Lincoln hat or no hat at all. We know if Jim is wearing football pants or jeans. 


If we take Jim and see what detail we can see on him (and what we can't) then it tells us what detail we can expect to see on Patty.  For instance, If we can see a wristwatch on Jim but cant tell what time it is, then that tells us one limitation.  If his is wearing a watch and we can't see it at all that is another suggested imaging limitation.  If we want to know what detail we can expect to see on Patty's face, the ask yourself, "What can I tell about Jim McClarin's face?"  If I can't see Jim's eyes then I can't expect to tell you what eye color Patty has.  


As far as Patty chest area, we know what we can see on Jim to determine at what point we might be reaching.


For consideration here is a 1960s era film of some beachgoers n the UK




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