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California, Humboldt County, Oct 1937 (Record 1000320)

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SSR Team




SSRID:              5693
Report Score:       4
Sighting Date:      10/01/1937
Sighting Time:      12:00
Moonphase:          Duration (mm:ss):   
Season:             3 - Fall (Sep 20 - Dec 19)
State:              CA
County:             Humboldt
Latitude:           40.981329
Longitude:          123.624695
Altitude:           844 ft
BFRO Class:         B - Class B
Sighting Type:      T - Trace Evidence
Witness:            4 - Multiple, evidence
Witness Activity:   G - Hiking
Witness Gender:     Female
Witness Age:        
Witness Feeling:    0 - Unknown
Witness Occupation: 
Terrain:            F - Forest
Zoning:             R - Rural
Photo Evidence:     N - None
Footprint Evidence: TM - Track (2+)
Footprint Length:   16 - 0"
Stride Length:      0 ft 0 in
Height (ft):        0
Height (in):        0
Hair/fur Color:     U - Unknown
Skin:               U - Unknown
Organization:       John Green 1000320
Researcher:         Jim McClarin
Confidence:         Low
Report URL:         https://bigfootforums.com/topic/64321-california-humboldt-county-oct-1937-record-1000320/

 Biological Evidence
 Animal Activity
 Animal Disposition
 Animal Locomotion


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