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Texas, Bosque County, Summer 1981 (Reports 992896, 992897)

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SSR Team

John Green listed these events as two separate reports, but there is only 1 SSR Entry that combines the events into a single Class B report.

See also: http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=1631

See also: http://woodape.org/reports/report/detail/118






SSRID:              5517
Report Score:       5
Sighting Date:      10/28/1978
Sighting Time:      21:30
Moonphase:          Duration (mm:ss):   
Season:             3 - Fall (Sep 20 - Dec 19)
State:              TX
County:             Bowie
Latitude:           33.390766
Longitude:          -94.077010
Altitude:           272.00 ft
BFRO Class:         B - Class B
Sighting Type:      N - Non Visual
Witness:            1 - Single, no evidence
Witness Activity:   N - Normal Activity at Home
Witness Gender:     Male
Witness Age:        14
Witness Feeling:    2 - Scared/Fear
Witness Occupation: NAWAC 118
Terrain:            W - Wooded Plain
Zoning:             R - Rural
Photo Evidence:     N - None
Footprint Evidence: TM - Track (2+)
Footprint Length:   15 - 0"
Stride Length:      0 ft 0 in
Height (ft):        0
Height (in):        0
Hair/fur Color:     U - Unknown
Skin:               U - Unknown
Organization:       BFRO NAWAC John Green 992896
Researcher:         Craig Woolheater
Confidence:         Low
Report URL:         http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=1631
 Biological Evidence
 Animal Activity
 V - Vocalization
 Y - Tree Breaking
 Animal Disposition
 Animal Locomotion
 C - Clear Skies



(second related report)


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