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Bff Member Sightings/ Please No Questions Or Discussion Of A Members Sightings.


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Dudlow- this picture looks like someone wearing a backpack facing to the left. I am pretty sure that the photo was deemed to be a misidentification years ago. ptangier

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Guest gershake

The Luxembourg bigfoot was a hoax if I recall correctly.

Ing Mi's sighting still excites me because I live in Germany too :) And I could definitely imagine bigfoot in the Bavarian Forest, it's enormous.

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Guest Dudlow

B) Here are the three Luxembourgh videos from which the still photos above derive:


Follow the links from my original post and then view the videos above.

I don't necessarily share the interpretations of the Minnesota & GCBRO researchers who declared this a hoax, although I don't accept it as factual, either. I personally find this sighting undetermined but possible, because I recognize that BF-type sightings do occur throughout Europe and are reported from time to time. We will probably never know the truth of this.

- Dudlow

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Good to see folks using this section of the forum, however THIS thread is

"Bff Member Sightings/ Please No Questions Or Discussion Of A Members Sightings. A place for our members to document their sightings

the following thread is for discussion of Members Sightings-

Bff Member Sightings Discussion Thread A place to discuss the sightings of our members

#1 orangpendeck

Posted 21 October 2010 - 11:55 PM

In order to keep too much post clutter from burying the reports in the BFF member sightings thread I asked everyone to restrain themselves from posting comments and questions. However, I have been meaning to start a place to discuss them. So, here it is.

My thanks to Johncartwright, Dudlow, and Bossburg for being the first members to share their experiences with us.


This post has been edited by orangpendeck: 21 October 2010 - 11:56 PM

The No Questions Theme set up here is straying off course and as the thread was set up as a "safe place" for members to report their sightings with out repercussions It should probably get back to the OP's intent. Thank You Grayjay

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BFF Patron


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Hubby and I left our daughter's home on our way to pick up our new to us rescued dog we named Bucky. We stopped at Walmart and purchased everything that we thought that we would need for a dog on our trip home, and then collected our new rescued pet.Bucky needed reassuring and seemed to enjoy me petting him and talking to him. I essentially spent the whole trip turned to my left petting Bucky when he seemed to wish it, and just being close to him.

Well, Hubby had just gotten a new GPS unit, and had programmed it to take us back home.

Well, The GPS worked, sorta.

It took us onto a dirt road in pretty badly rutted shape and hubby needed to slow way down to not wreak the car.I kept saying we need to turn back, and hubby insisted that it was fine,that it was a real road, even a highway. :rolleyes:

About 5 miles into that road(hubbie's recollection) I was petting Bucky and looking out hubbies window looking for anything that I might see in this very rural area, including a possible BF.

Never did I truly expect to see what I saw about 10 minutes into that rutted nightmare of a road.

We passed no cars, and I do not remember passing any homes, they may have been some, but I don't remember them as I was always looking out of the left side windows of the car while petting and comforting Bucky.

I suddenly noticed a huge black figure standing beside a tall broken off tree stump

As I watched the creature looked towards us, and then it turned to it's left and ducked down behind a thick partial tree stump.

Hubby refused to turn back, so I only had a short sighting, but a fairly clear sighting of a very large black haired creature turning away from the car and ducking behind a tree.

It was tall, heavy,covered in black hair, and I was shocked at how it just disappeared behind the 1/2 of a tree stump that was probably only 4-5 feet tall, but had a very thick wide bottom.

I did not see the animal again as hubby left the area and refused to return. :(

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here's mine,

early june 1983. orange/seminole co. apopka/longwood line. wekiwa river.(river starts at wekiwa spgs, goes to st. johns)

we launched out of wekiwa springs st. park. paddled past the wekiwa marina(now known as wekiwa island. a cool little outdoor bar ;). now i have lived a 10 min bicycle ride from the marina for 31 years and have spent countless hours on the river especially when i was a kid).

about 1 mi past the marina there is an island. just past here my buddy says he has a lefty. the river was crowded so we found a back water on the orange county side. we went until we beached the canoe. a good ways from the river.

he commenced to fire it up and started to cough hard. with that this palmetto bush "exploded" about 20 yrds to our right. this huge 6'+ long reddish-brown nasty matted hair thing RAN on 2 legs, crashing into the swamp.

we were like wtf was that. thought maybe bear or hog? no way it was either one of them they run on all fours. we walked over to the palmetto to check it out. half way there the stench hit us. made me gag(wet dog sprayed by a skunk that rolled in rotten garbage on a hot aug day is the only way i can come close)

when we got to the palmetto we saw 16" long 6" wide 2 1/2" deep 5 toed footprints in the muck headding into the swamp. our prints were only 1/2" deep. we got the hell outta dodge fast. we had a wake going we were paddeling so hard.

i tried to talk to my buddy about it a few of times about it to figure out if he saw what i saw. he never would discuss it. he would always turn white and say i don't want to talk about it. guess it scared him bad. haven't seen or talked to him since he moved in the late 90's.

if you want to see the area google maps wekiwa island, longwood fl. go to the right until you see the island,pass it. than go up from the river a ways. this is the general area.

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See-Te-Cah NC

LOL! Dudeman, that was some good stuff in that lefty!

On a serious note, I bet that scared the poo poo out of you guys.

Thanks for sharing your account... and the excellent laugh! LOL!

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actually i never got to partake on the lefty. as soon as the skunk ape jumped so did he and he dropped it on the wet ground

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My last sighting for several years was on July 3, 2012, about 7:45 PM. I was on my bed and saw a white, vertical man-shaped being walking on top of a rock face at a distance of 700-800 yards(est. only at this time) I "scootched" closer to the window for a better view and watched it walk for about another 5 seconds. I then went outside for non-window view and saw it no more. Total viewing time was probably 10 seconds.

I had a good view of it's right side as it walked. The white hair appeared to be long and jaggedly uneven on its legs. Arm swing was evident.

The air was clear.(Our monsoon has begun.) The bright white sasquatch really stood out against the dark soil, rocks and trees in the background. Nothing obstructed my view. Elevation approx. 4100 ft. Temp. approx. 75 degrees. Environment is heavily eroded foot-hills of the Santa Rita Mountains in Sonoran Desert vegetation; cacti, weeds, grass, mesquite,etc. My trailer is on a bench overlooking the county road and Salero Creek. Beyond the creek is the hillside where the sasquatch walked. Roughly 1.7 miles SE is Hwy. 82. From that point, Patagonia, AZ is 3 miles north. Nogales, AZ is 15 miles south.

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Well, there has also been talk over in the forum discussion about getting this thread going again, so here is mine, posted in the Midwest section above.  Feel free to discuss there:




It is also BFRO report 38155.



It was late September 1980, mid-morning on a Saturday with sunny, calm and cool weather. Perfect for squirrel hunting, so off I went, not telling anyone where I was going (I had a number of different spots). I headed for a small woodlot, maybe 10 acres in size, less than a mile from my house. This woodlot is about 1/3 mile from the nearest road, surrounded by farmland with a small stream on the south side and with several fence rows attached. It had a farmer’s lane that went though it in a rough L shape, with a grass and dirt base and large enough to drive on. Such woodlots are a fairly common feature of the southeastern Michigan farming landscape, if anything the woodlot was smaller than most.

The lane enters the woodlot from the north, about ½ mile from the road I first walked onto the lane from. As I entered the woodlot I noticed something quite odd- there were a large number of birds making a big racquet in the underbrush in the woods just to the right of the lane. I noticed redwings, robins, jays and cardinals in particular, and they were flirting about the underbrush in a somewhat frenzied fashion. Many times I had seen redwings gather in large noisy flocks this time of year (pre-migration or corn field raids), but gather high up – this was different and struck me as strange. I continued my way, after 50 yards or so into the woodlot I approached a small bend in the lane where it veers perhaps 20 degrees or so to my right. My rifle was still slung over my shoulder with a sling, since the hunting spot was on the other side of woodlot near the lane exit on the west side.

At the bend in the lane I was still glancing back at the bird commotion, and when I turned my head forward again I froze in shock and terror. Standing about 25 yards away was a huge furry creature, towering 7 feet into the air and standing just like a man. It was staring seemly straight through me, and our eyes locked. It stood in the underbrush just off the left side of trail. I could not see it below the waist, but could see everything else. It could see me from head to toe. We just stared at one another.

It was massive, three feet wide at the shoulders, incredibly stocky and strong looking. Reddish brown hair was everywhere, shorter on the face but perhaps 3-5 inches long on the head and shoulders. The hair was quite unkempt and mop like especially on the top of the head. The head was large, seemingly flat on top. I could not make out any ears. Eyes a simple black, no whites, and a lying flat nose without many discernable features – there was even some hair there in the middle of the face. The mouth was large with a bit more hair there, giving the appearance of a sort of mustache. It did not have much expression, pretty much straight lipped, it really seemed almost relaxed. Its arms hung at its sides, with the hands in the underbrush. There were no signs of aggression. 

Perhaps that is what kept me from panicking, and neither it nor I moved a muscle. That eerie stare seemed to last forever. My mind raced, desperate to escape. I felt that turning and running might encourage it to chase me, and I knew I could never outpace it. I did not attempt to unsling my rifle, fearing that it might consider such a move aggressive. Also, it was only a single shot .22, obviously of little use for something this size. The rifle was chambered but un-cocked, and if the creature charged I would probably not even have the time to **** it. I did not want to shoot this creature, but would in self-defense. So, barely moving my hand that was at my side I could reach back to the bolt knob and try to **** the gun while it was still slung on my shoulder. I could move the spring a little, trying several times, but from there I could just not get enough leverage to pull it all the way back. I will never forget how hopeless I felt at that moment. I had no idea what to do next, and just stood there.

Then the creature made its move – its large hairy right hand came up, and swiped at a red berried shrub right in front of it. It moved the hand to its mouth and casually chewed. It repeated these motions- glancing down to the shrub, swiping up berries and eating, then glancing back up to me. The arm motion was very fluid and un-human like, no jerking motions, very deft flowing movement. The left hand remained at the creature’s side. It was not picking berries like a person would, it was raking them up. Also, during the entire encounter I never heard any vocalizations or smelled any odors.

Watching it eat, I started to feel better. I was no longer this creature’s only concern, so I took this as an invite to leave. I slowly began to walk backwards, and the creature continued to eat and keep an eye on me. I slipped around the bend, and lost sight of the creature after a few feet. I turned around and quickened my pace into a fast walk, not wanting to alert the creature that I was running or in panic. I continued to look back to the bend in the lane, fearing it would follow. Soon I was at the woodlot’s edge, and broke into a full run. Finally, only to run faster, did I unsling my rifle.

I was 15 years old, and it probably did not take me two weeks afterwards to clam up about this for obvious reasons. In the mid 1990s I told my future wife, and now am reporting it here. It just feels like it is time.


Here is the exact location:

41.831172, -83.468725

If you take away about 1/4 of the homes in the general area, and turn the ATV trailed areas near the woodlot back into farmland, it would look close to how it was in 1980. 

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