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Michigan, Livingston County, 1910 (Report 992924)

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SSR Team

The area description (White Lake Road) is in Livingston County, but White Lake itself is in Oakland County. It is presumed that some other lake was the location and there are a few lakes to choose from.


See also: http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=807






SSRID:              1012
Report Score:       1
Sighting Date:      07/01/1910
Sighting Time:      12:00
Moonphase:          Duration (mm:ss):   
Season:             2 - Summer (Jun 20 - Sep 19)
State:              MI
County:             Livingston
Latitude:           42.770674
Longitude:          -83.736557
Altitude:           906 ft
BFRO Class:         C - Class C
Sighting Type:      M - Multiple Creature
Witness:            2 - Multiple, no evidence
Witness Activity:   N - Normal Activity at Home
Witness Gender:     Both
Witness Age:        7
Witness Feeling:    0 - Unknown
Witness Occupation: 
Terrain:            L - Lake
Zoning:             R - Rural
Photo Evidence:     N - None
Footprint Evidence: N - None
Footprint Length:   0 - 0"
Stride Length:      0 ft 0 in
Height (ft):        0
Height (in):        0
Hair/fur Color:     U - Unknown
Skin:               U - Unknown
Organization:       BFRO John Green 992924
Researcher:         BFRO Curators
Confidence:         Low
Report URL:         http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_article.asp?id=141
 Biological Evidence
 Animal Activity
 X - Swimming
 Animal Disposition
 Animal Locomotion


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BFF Donor

Interesting one!

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