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Nebraska, Johnson County, Oct 2018 (BFF Report 1002)

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SSR Team

This is NOT a John Green incident, but the form was used to enter details for an incident revealed during Youtube interviews. It's not a published report, so this page is the link for the SSR entry.

Exact location was not shared, but 40 minutes SE of Lincoln is the middle of Johnson County. A random wooded area in Johnson County was chosen for the SSR location. On first interview he said it was Sunday, and later interview was Friday. Sunday was used for SSR because that 1st interview was only 3 weeks after the sighting, a minor discrepancy.


See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0Crk4xnQKI < William Jevning Interview
See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zp383MjO80 < Kerry Arnold, Scott Owens Interview







SSRID:              8541
Report Score:       7
Sighting Date:      10/28/2018
Sighting Time:      17:45
Moonphase:          Duration (mm:ss):   00:30
Season:             3 - Fall (Sep 20 - Dec 19)
State:              NE
County:             Johnson
Latitude:           40.452630
Longitude:          -96.194540
Altitude:           1175 ft
BFRO Class:         A - Class A
Sighting Type:      S - Single Creature
Witness:            3 - Single, evidence
Witness Activity:   I - Hunting
Witness Gender:     Male
Witness Age:        48
Witness Feeling:    2 - Scared/Fear
Witness Occupation: Unknown
Terrain:            W - Wooded Plain
Zoning:             R - Rural
Photo Evidence:     N - None
Footprint Evidence: TM - Track (2+)
Footprint Length:   20 - 0"
Stride Length:      0 ft 0 in
Height (ft):        6
Height (in):        0
Hair/fur Color:     B - Black
Skin:               G - Gray
Organization:       BFF Bigfoot Forums
Researcher:         William Jevning, Kerry Arnold
Confidence:         Somewhat
Report URL:         https://bigfootforums.com/topic/68076-nebraska-johnson-county-oct-2018-bff-report-1002/
Biological Evidence
Animal Activity
 S - Peeking / Watching
 V - Vocalization
 Z - Other
Animal Disposition
Animal Locomotion


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