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The Scoop on the Washington Highway Photos

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My friend Gene Baade, who is a retired minister living near Seattle, has a long interest in Our Barefoot Friends.  He inquired to the Washington Department of Transportation about the two "snow walker" photographs just yesterday morning.  


The reply was most interesting.  Gene gave me permission to post it here this morning.  


Regards, Joe


Ps:  I identified both as bad fakes after about 10 seconds of study, but was advised I might have been too hasty in judgement .... hahahaha .... in the first, next to the tree, there are no imprints in the snow.  In the second, the very human like figure, and walker, walks on top of the "snow" making no indent, or slips.  Those were my reasons.  Enjoy.


From:        Gene Baade:  email:  bookwest@q.com

To:             Joe Beelart & Others

January 28, 2020

Permission to forward:  January 29,2020


Regarding:  The two Washington State “Bigfoot” caught on highway cameras.


“Upon the suggestion of a sasquatch researcher in California, this morning I sent an email  inquiry to WSDOT (Wash St Dept of Trans).  Surprisingly quickly, this afternoon I received a cordial and lengthy email response from an employee in the department who was assigned to do so.


 In brief, the Sherman Pass figure is a cut out made of ¾” wood “nailed into the tree by someone.”  The responder said that over the last 15 years someone “has been placing different items in front of the camera.”  The cut out has been there for “at least the last year, but due to lighting /shadows and other weather elements, I have never been able to get a good picture of it.”  “My reason for posting the photo was just to have a little fun with it but didn’t think people would take it as seriously as they did, or receive this much attention.”


 The Snoqualmie Pass video is, he believed, most likely a construction worker or someone else.  The WSDOT responder said the video was taken at the relatively new wildlife overpass over I-90.  Initially of course, because the video is b/w and was released here in the winter, it looked like snow.  But it was actually taken last August and there is no snow on that overpass at all.  The responder wrote, “We do plan to do a ‘reveal’ video once the camera is more accessible this spring.”  He was referring to recording the passage of wildlife over the structure.


 I suppose someone could have some residual thoughts that the video is of a sasquatch, and not a human.  After all, a sasquatch is perfectly free to walk wherever he wishes, including a wildlife overpass, but there is not enough detail to provide strength for such a conclusion, in my opinion.


So, mysteries essentially solved; for sure on the Sherman Pass photo, and mostly if not entirely on the Snoqualmie Pass video.



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