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Can we corroborate the stride length seen in the film with the length measured onesite?


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2 hours ago, OkieFoot said:


The last sentence in the write up that you bolded in my other post, about the numbers having been verified by others, is a big reason why this write up stuck in my mind. They weren't just estimates or educated guesses but were said to be verified, and by more than one person. 

Something I still don't know is how the smiley face got in that last sentence. It wasn't intentional and I waited too long to edit.


Bob Gimlin sounds credible but when he offers some pretty precise measurements I get a little uneasy.   Luckily they were independently verified.  Thank you again for the information.  To me, that independent verification and impressions of stride length is extremely important.   The meaning of any number only becomes potentially important if we can know the numbers are accurate.


Now I have more confidence the numbers Bob Gimlin mentions are accurate.  Now I can try to  move on to what the numbers might mean for or against the PGF's being real. 



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