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Audio of Recounting of Sighting-chasing bear

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I apologize if this has been posted before. It has a recent date just in the last few weeks so I wasn't sure. It's not a video; it's an audio retelling of a sighting someone named Jack had back in 2012 near St. Mary's Lake, MT.

The audio/video appears to be from someone named Al Truist. I don't know who he is or anything about him but apparently he has a channel with interviews. I don't know if they're always Bigfoot related or not. Maybe someone else knows more. 

This audio appears to be Al recounting what a person named Jack had told him about a sighting Jack had in 2012. 


I'm not trying to promote the audio/video; the title would make you wonder about it. Although there are  a few interesting details in the story so I thought I would go ahead and post it. 







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