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New analysis on Patty's height 2020


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Hello 🤩

I have for a long time been intrigued by the PG film and with the latest use of computers and other technology we can now have a much better understanding of what the film shows. I did my own analysis focusing on the height of Patty using the latest in measuring applications by photo or film to a high level of precision. Given some unknown factors like the exact position of Patty in the film we can only make a pretty good educated guess and assumptions. Still based on eye witness reports over the years BF height has always been reported as of a very tall stature. 

I provide my link to my YouTube channel exploring the height of Patty. I will be making more videos addressing some issues regarding objects of reference in the film and their use for measuring Patty's height soon. Thank you 😁

I had sent my video to Bill Munns for review and comment; thus that is why you hear me say his name.

Link to video: 



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