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VOTE - 2020 Researcher of the Year Contest - 1/14/2020 Deadline

2020 Researcher of the Year Contest - $2,000 prize  

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The Judges have selected three contest finalists. The prize is $2,000, good luck to all the contestants.


Thank You judges for your work!





Entry #1 - @BlackRockBigfoot - Foot Prints


From the Chattahoochee National Forest.  We have previously found large 4 toed prints in this area, as well as other enigmatic traces.  This is the same area where we found the tree structure and the turtle shells which I discussed in other threads.  We have observed strange balls of orange light in this area... larger, brighter, more mobile, and more continuous than the fireflies which are found in here.  


This past outing we actually found and heard what could be described as stereotypical 'Bigfoot' signs of sounds.


This was found shortly after a passing storm, with further nasty weather inbound. It looked like something had crossed the trail and then heading up a sharp incline.  The soil was disturbed going up that incline, but no further clear tracks were found. 


With my pack on, I weigh about 260 or 270.  Jumping up and down next to this print I could leave a faint depression of my boots, but could not make an imprint anywhere near as deep in the wet but still firm soil.


The final photo was put through a filter to try and give a bit more detail.  Unfortunately the filter cut off the top of the print.








I shared with a couple of you the strange experiences that I had 2 weeks ago.  I returned to the area this past weekend and found some more defined tracks in an area near a creek.  There was what looked to be a track line paralleling the creek (with a small detour into an area with elderberries). This area has had lots of rain lately, so like on the previous trip, many of the prints were degraded.  


The first set of prints was around 11 or 12 inches, but broad.  There was a second smaller, less defined set between the larger and the creek.  These prints were around 7 or 8 inches. 


Normally, I would have discounted the smaller prints since they were not as defined as the larger, but given the fact that they followed the larger and seemed to have been made around the same time frame...I am going to include this smaller one as well.  


It was difficult to figure out a step length, due to the fact that the rain had washed much of the prints away.  Also, there seemed to be evidence of even older more degraded tracks as well, which muddied up (pun intended) my examination.  My best guess was approximately 32 to 34 inches for the large and 26 to 28 inches for the smaller.  These lengths are guesstimations at best.


These are the best example of each size.  Not the most stellar  prints ever found...the toe definition especially was hit hard by the rain.  








These prints were found within about 10 to 15 miles from where we found the previous print that I posted on here.





This one was partially over some harder rocky ground, but the toe impressions were more defined than the others.  It didn't come out great on camera, but in person it looked decent.  The harder earth in the middle of the print did not seem to allow an impression like the softer ground did.


It seemed to be also made before the storm and was under tree cover, which I believe accounts for the needles and twigs that are on the track but not compressed.  Those fell on the track after it was made due to the weather


The tape measure shows it as 14 inches, but I believe that it was closer to 12.  The heel starts about 2 inches up from the beginning of the tape.


This was in the same area as the two track lines, but was perpendicular to them. It came directly to the stream from the heavier wooded area nearby.  


In of itself, I wouldn't be overly impressed.  But, given its proximity to the other tracks,we recorded it.






I found this in the North Carolina mountains right outside of Smoky Mountain national park.  Found it in a moss bed  near an area where we had rocks thrown at us. 


It could have been made by someone walking around up there barefoot and they just stepped into their own track, but there are only toe depressions at the end and none in the middle.  They weren't bear prints. 


I honestly don't think that it's Bigfoot related, because the length is totally out of wack with the width...but it was weird.  When you mentioned skinny prints it came to mind.  I tried and failed to make an impression in the moss, even wearing a pack.  


We call this area The White Rocks because of the exposed quartz in the area.


Hopefully, the outline of the print shows up here.  








Hopefully you can make out the toe prints in this picture. The water made it difficult to capture on film.  It has the same shape and size as the print I posted above from the track line.  


On top of that, the reflection of the trees above in the water filling the is beautiful.  







We did find an odd print this past weekend.  The ground was sodden, but I was unable to leave a similar depression into the ground, even with Jessi's weight added to my own. There were toe impressions...more visible to the big toe side and slightly washed out as the toes got smaller.  The red clay is pretty hard through here, so the impression that it made was unusual.


Not a huge print, but like I have said before...that seems to be the case with this part of the South.  Roughly 15 long.  


The weight and toe prints made this one pique my interest...along with the location.  As with everything else, I hesitate to call it evidence...more like the suggestion of a possibility.









Entry #10 - Lane County Bigfooters - @Madison5716 @NorthWind


Hi, I’m Kerry aka Madison5716. I got into this whole world of bigfootery mischief in 2010, when I traded whistles and knocks with something in the woods while picking up my kid at summer camp. I began a thread here, Searching for Bigfoot in Oregon, which is on the BFF 1.0. You can go read it if you like. I maintained an interested in all things sasquatch, but for several years afterwards, I had plantar fasciitis, and I was unable to get into the woods. But in 2018, my feet improved, and I was back to day hiking and camping and generally bumbling around in the forest. When I found suspicious prints on a lake in the fall, I was back into the mystery. I rambled around that lake in my spare time until I got yelled at by a presumed bigfoot while walking with my dog; I was obsessively hooked.


Here's Kerry's story:


(54) 4.27.19 - A New Lake and My Story - YouTube


Hello, my name is Mark aka NorthWind, and I got into bigfoot research after finding a print in the Oregon Cascades. It was approximately 15 inches long, and I found it on a hillside while hiking – one clear print and several more less distinct impressions as it went uphill as the ground cover increased. Then, I teamed up with a friend and we had an experience in September 2018 where we heard wood knocks, and then several rock clacking sounds; we ran towards the sound and found two rocks sitting on top of a log out in the woods and the place on the forest floor where they were from. Then we collaborated on a few more trips and I found the Bigfoot Forums.


Here's Mark's story:


(56) Mark's Story - YouTube


Here's the rocks on the log and his video of the event:  (61) Squatch Hunting near Dorena - YouTube




In 2019, Mark and I began researching together. It has proved a fruitful collaboration. We apparently are blessed with living in the middle of Sasquatch Ground Zero and have multiple research sites within a few hours drive in most directions from our homes in Oregon.  We go out nearly every weekend and research our known sites, scout for new sites and check out locations of Class A and Class B reports that we find online or are referred to us by friends who know of our interests in all things sasquatch related. All of our evidence that we are submitting is of multiple evidence from each site, plus reports from other researchers and our own experiences. Anything else is in the “Miscellaneous” section, last. These are out-of-place oddities, singular bits of evidence etc. that aren’t at one of our main sites, but were interesting enough to add, and that we think could be sasquatch related. Some are in places where others have had experiences.


Let’s start with our Site A aka “the Charmed Lake”.


Site A became our main research site, though it was the third site on our research timeline. Located at a lake high up in the Oregon Cascades, it is remote but has a rec site, so there’s some human activity in the area. We call it “the Charmed Lake” because it’s been lucky for us!


We have found the same prints from three individuals 7 times since I initially discovered it on Sept 26, 2019. We have come to think it’s an adult female sasquatch and two juveniles, rather arbitrarily called the boy and the girl juvies to tell them apart. The mother’s feet are 11-12 inches long, and skinny, with a big toe. The “boy” has 8 inch long prints. They look exactly like what you’d think bigfoot prints look like, just smaller. The “girl” prints are only 6 inches long and look like the adult females’ prints. The adult female strides across the sandy and muddy areas; the littles go in circles and make messes. We think they play on the beach and spy on the campers across the lake. We can’t wait to camp there with FLIR cameras and see if we can find them on FLIR. I returned on Sept. 27 to cast the prints that I’d found, by myself. Since then, we’ve cast prints on several different days – and it’s always the same three prints, in the same sizes. All prints have been found between fall and spring, none in the summer when the reservoir is full (we think they leave for high ground when people are active in the area in the summer months, for the most part).


We also have friend researchers (and their sons; they were doing a father-son campout) who have had experiences within 10 miles of this location, too, including Class A sightings (we speculate that this is where they go in summer; it’s much further in the woods and much more isolated).


These are the initial print lines that I discovered at "The Charmed Lake".  Here's the link to the discovery : (61) 9.26.19 - Lakebed Footprint Tracks - YouTube






Here's another video of track lines at this location (61) 10.6.19 - One of the 7" Track Lines - YouTube





We have found these same prints at THREE different locations at this lake. It's always the same three sizes. This double 6 inch print is my favorite.  Here's a link and you can see the prints and the area (61) 11.16.19 - Same Lake, Similar Prints! - YouTube






The adult female apparently has a big toe.








More of the same three, different day (I will try to insert actual dates later). The frosty little toes are the 6 inchers. No one, not even Oregon hippies, would let their little play barefoot in this weather. That day was very cold and miserable.  Here's a link to our cold day of exploring and discovery. (61) 11.30.19 A Return to the Charmed Lake - YouTube









And I'll be adding a few more of the tracklines. Here's Mark trying to walk the trackline and having difficulties doing so.


Screenshot_20200125-232727_Video Player.jpg



We have a dozen videos between LCB and S.H.I.T. on location at “The Charmed Lake”. One of the best days was when we were out on November 30th and had newly purchased casting materials. It was very cold that day, and icy. The adult female left a 10-print track line, with an average stride of 54 inches – HUGE! She might have been running, but we don’t know, it didn't look sloppy like when we run. Simply amazing… and not human. We simply do NOT have strides like this. This was December 3, 2019. 


So, from #1 to #2, the step length was 53 inches.

Step #2 to #3 = 52",

#3 to #4 = 54 inches

#4 - #5 =58 inches and we cast this one.

#5 - #6 = 55 inches,

#6 - #7 = 57 inches,

#7 - #8= 54 inches

#8 - #9 = 54 inches

#9 - #10 = 54 inches.


Here's the link to the video where we measured the average 54" strides: 


(61) 11.30.19 A Return to the Charmed Lake - YouTube



The photo here is 47 inches heel to heel. 


47 inches heel to heel 11 inch print.jpg


Here's a screenshot of the 54 inch track line.





Some more images. 


In conclusion, we have seven instances of finding the same set of barefoot prints at this site, and Class A sightings within 10 miles of this location by other researchers, and one huge tree twist. I also have a friend who camped here as a teen who had something stalk their campsite and yell at them (he thinks it was a sasquatch). Nearby this site, we found a huge, unnatural looking tree twist.


More lakeside adventuring video: (61) Two Trips to Two Lake Shores - YouTube






Screenshot_20200125-232740_Video Player.jpg


As a preschool teacher, I find this fascinating. I think they are playing.






The 11 incher is above (assumed adult female), the 8 incher below (assumed male juvenile).




The little 6 or 6 1/2 incher prints below (assumed juvenile female). Since I'm a preschool teacher, I measured my kid footprints at work and this is the equivalent of a 2-4 year old human child. 





“The South Mountain” aka Site B.


Site B, aka “South Mountain”, up in the Cascades in the southern part of our county, is an area where researcher friends of ours have had dozens experiences and we’ve been fortunate enough to get in on a bit of that action, too. They pointed us in the right direction, and we’ve explored this very active area (and THANK YOU SO MUCH!). We have found both large and small branch and tree twists in the area along paths that were about 5 feet high. The other branches were undisturbed.


On July 5, 2020, we were fortunate to have a visual sighting using the FLIR late at night at Site B! VERY EXCITING! You bet we’re back there all the time! It was amazing, and made me a knower. We returned the next evening to do follow up videos and measurements. It's all documented on our YouTube channels, of course. I still have the raw (very raw lol) audio.


In conclusion, at this site, we have our night FLIR visual, physical evidence in tree twists and encounters of other local researchers (including Class A and vocals).


The first picture is a screen cap of the FLIR sighting. Because I was running an audio recorder at the same time, we were able to match the audio to the video. Thanks, Mark!


Here's the video link to our sighting!  (61) Two Creatures Recorded with the Thermal Imager - A Joint Effort! - YouTube


Here's the link to the follow up video: (61) 7.6.20 - Follow Up on Our FLIR Sighting! - YouTube




Here's Mark's video of finding these tree branch twists and some other adventuring in this area.  (61) Scouting Out a New Location - YouTube






Sorry these look bad, I literally photographed a freeze frame of the video. But you can clearly see there's two of them, and that they look like they have heads on top of shoulders (because the did, lol), and those are not deer. 




Here you can see it's standing up and partially behind the trees, taller rather than wider. If I can freeze the video at any better spots, I might add more. 




Site C aka “Barking Beach”


My first experiences in 2018 began at Site C, with the footprint discovery. I still think they are bigfoot prints, but I’m not including them as evidence because they were in an area with humans, and it’s less certain. However, there are other well documented sightings and prints in the area that you can find online. In the winter 2018, I found “The Jumper” Prints – a set of prints that came to the edge of a 6 foot bank and creek. It jumped off on one foot, landed on the bottom on one foot and jumped most of the way back up the opposite bank on the first foot – and then it ran and merged with a whole bunch of elk prints. The green photos below show the Jumper prints and creek. 


My friend Carrie and I also found what we refer to as the “Statue Structure”. It was 6 feet high at the knotted middle and trailers went up another 5 feet. It was on the floodplain and gone within a month of being built. I found one barefoot deep print next to it, which I cast. It was created after a HUGE snowstorm, what we all called Snowpocalypse, blew through the area and destroyed the forests. We found it the first time we were able to get there after the roads had been cleared of trees and debris and downed power lines. It was an amazing structure, and I am sure it was sasquatch created, though I could only speculate as to why. We found another “typical” structure in the same isolated bay a few weeks ago. It’s a very busy sasquatch area, though again, there ia a rural community of humans nearby. Honestly, I think sometimes their curiosity gets the better of them and they screw up and leave traces of their presence, or maybe they do it deliberately; IDK.


“Barking Beach” is also were I believe I was yelled at by a presumptive bigfoot who was spying on some men working on fixing a hiking path. I was tired of finding beautiful barefoot prints in an area where people were walking, so we tried an isolated cove on the other side of the lake. I was walking my old dog along the rocky, tree stumped shoreline, and he suddenly refused to go further, and began growling. I’d never heard him growl before. A weird yell sounded from the tree line, the hackles rose on his neck and we immediately turned around and returned to my truck. My photos later showed what I believe is a sasquatch, but it’s a nice blobsquatch! Barking Beach is behind the Statue Structure in the picture below. 


Up in the mountains above Barking Beach is where we found these two twists with Tobe Johnson, while on a hike. the twists were unlike anything else in the area. We also found cement hands balanced off of the side of the road – it was very odd. Can't say that the hands are sasquatch related but it's definitely suspect. 


In conclusion at this site, we have had two structures, twisted trees, footprints, and a vocalization.


Newest structure video link (61) 10.24.20 A Hidden Structure - YouTube


Statue Structure video link (61) 3.23.19 - A Statue Structure and a print - YouTube


Hands in the woods video link (61) 1.21.19 - Finding Hands in the Woods - Part 1 - YouTube


This is the road that we found the hands up, it's above Barking Beach. Ignore me talking about leaners, I've learned a lot in a year's time. (61) 1.12.19. Up a dirt road - YouTube


1.29.18 the trackline jumper.jpg




Barking Beach and the Statue Structure. Unique. 


3.24.19 .jpg




2.2.19 CG dog butt mtn.jpg


The hands were so precariouly balanced, that barely touching them tipped them over. Oops.


1.13.19 the hands CG.jpg


You can see how deep the creek gully is - about 6 feet. Behind my son and friend, you can see the elk prints that it met up with. The guys got across but I couldn't do it.




Truly spectacular. Finding the structure link:  (61) 3.23.19 - LCB Finds Something - YouTube


3.24.19 money shot.jpg



Site D we call “the Meadow”.


The Meadow is 75 miles out from our hometown and way up a winding road, near a small pond. We returned there numerous times, and on one instance, we thought we had a stalking – I could hear something walking behind b rambles and bushes. Another time we returned to our cars for lunch and I took a photo of the pond because it was pretty. In the photo, it looks like we have a creature in the trees watching us. We returned a week later to do comparison photos.


While we were looking off path, around the area, NorthWind found a bone asterisk. The bones appeared to have been placed in that arrangement deliberately, and not a natural fall. 


We also found a twisted sapling that was covering a game trail. Any game coming down the trail would have had to stop. It was obviously twisted and tucked around a small tree on the other side.


In conclusion, at this site, we have had physical evidence and a possible sasquatch in a photo.


Here's a link to a Meadow visit video for the full impact of the remoteness, and beauty, of the area. (61) 7.28.19 - Adventures at the Meadow Part 1 - YouTube


20190511_134900 (1).jpg


Here she is (arbitrary gendering, she looks like she has long hair).


20190511_134900 (2).jpg


Here is the video of us exploring all the way around The Meadow and finding lots of bones. (61) Meadow - YouTube






Site E – “The Hairy Creek”


Site E is a new discovery. Initially I found a small teepee structure across the river that I couldn’t reach. Later, Mark and I returned to the site, but it was gone with the rising waters. We went a few miles upstream and found an interesting area. While exploring the creek, I found one 10-inch bare footprint. In addition, we also found berries contained in a shallow part of a rock in the middle of the creek, muddy and greasy black hand swipes on one of the creek side rocks and rock stacks in the middle of the creek. It is an intriguing area where there was a Class A even higher up the creek on one of the bigfoot websites. 


In conclusion, at this area, we have found evidence of storing food (which no animal in the wild does), physical evidence of handprints and a possible hair stuck in a fallen tree that they game trail went under. In addition, there is a Class A sighting report from further up the creek.


Here's a link to the Hairy Creek exploration: (61) Up The Hairy Creek - YouTube


The muddy and greasy finger prints. There was no firepit anywhere, so I don't know why the prints were black and greasy.




Where Mark found the hair snagged on those hanging branches. 




Rock stacks in the creek. Usually they are not very persuasive evidence, but it does add to the total of oddities in that location. 




The berries saved on a rock in the middle of the creek. Very odd. No idea what kind they were. 




The 10 inch print. It was the only one.





Here's a photo of the hair Mark pulled off the branch. Unfortunately, the only baggie that we had held my migraine meds. We now carry empty baggies for evidence like this.


20201227_130027 (1).jpg





We have had several other odd experiences and finds while exploring our county and the ones above and below Lane.


On a “Lonely Forest Road” location, we were investigating a place where acquaintances had a Class B encounter, we found this strange Y along the side of the road within a half mile of their experience. There was also a bent tree held down under a log, and X/break and a nice bend. There appeared to be no reason for it, but it was definitely a constructed item; it didn’t fall that way. The Class B encounter in the area also included seeing lights in the woods. Much strangeness. We camped here and had absolutely nothing happen. You can see the video on my channel. It is waaayyy out there, a couple of hours, and while we hope to get back, it’s almost an overnight trip.


Here is a link. (61) 8.21.20 Camping and Bad News - YouTube


Here's a link to finding the X and the other tree oddities. (61) 7.26.20 - Exploring the X Area - YouTube











Miscellaneous Continued


At “The Campground”, we found this very odd thing in the middle of the path. It looks just like a finger swiping things off the trail. The campground was closed for the season and we hiked in to explore. Big fingers!  Other area researchers tell us that separate friends (who don’t know each other) reported Class  A sightings within 2 months of us exploring the area - which is of course why we were there. 


For whatever reason I didn't run a video of finding this finger swipe, but here's a video of the campground area where we found it :  (61) 1.11.20 - What Did This? - YouTube


Here's Mark's video of the same day, with more details. Finger swipe at 8:57 or so. (61) Examining A Squatchy Campground - YouTube




In conclusion, we live in an area that is apparently supporting a number of sasquatch. We have activity all around us that is consistent with what other researchers and interested people are finding all over the world. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and look forward to many more years of both increasing our researching skills and finding bigfoot 😊




Entry #5 - @Skinwalker13 - Sighting report with on-site investigation and print casts





The day of April 12, 2020 had weather conditions shaping up to be perfect for my favorite hobby, amateur herpetology. So like every spring night when the rain is falling heavy I decided it would be a great night to cruise the roads and document the species of reptiles and amphibians crawling on the floor of a local state forest, and like normal an unnamed passenger (at this time) opted to cruise the backroads with me on the search.


We arrived at the state forest a little after 8pm, the sun not yet fallen, and the skies not quite dark enough for the animals I was searching for to be emerging from their hiding places yet. So, we took a drive through the park to kill time, look for other interesting animals and wait for the sun to fully set. Nothing unusual was happening. The frogs were starting to call as the sun fell behind the mountain and night began to fall. The birds chirping fell quiet with the sunset. The deer were retreating from the wet valley I was intending to search that night. Absolutely nothing unusual for the area I frequent on a regular basis. In an average week I visit this same location 5-6 times to document any new egg masses, the species I observe, or anything else I may find interesting at the given time. I have observed and heard coyotes and owls in this valley on several occasions, and have become familiar with their behavior and noises as a result.


This average night was about to take a terrifying turn I never imagined. In this particular forest I have a handful of areas that host great habitats for documenting a wide variety of species. I made my way to the first vernal pool area I wanted to check in the flooded valley wetland that night. I exited my vehicle, the time now approaching 9pm, and I observed a toad on the gravel parking area. I decided to document the first species of the night. I stopped, got my phone out of my pocket and snapped the first picture of the adventure.


That would end up being the only explainable thing I encountered in that valley that night… as I took two to three more steps, just passed the giant rocks that prevent vehicles from driving into the open area of the woods, towards the first vernal pool I was intending to shine with my flashlight, I heard a groan that I have never heard in these woods before. This groan was deep, almost sounding human or at least primate in nature, clearly agitated, and extremely too close to where I was currently standing. I had clearly interrupted something, and it was furious about it.


Something was in this valley with me, and I had no identification for the sounds it was expressing towards my presence. The chills that shot down my spin and covered my body was like nothing I have experienced in my life. I looked back to see the unnamed person with me void of color with eyes as large as I have ever seen on anyone. My first reaction was get back in the vehicle and try to make sense of what we clearly both just witnessed.


What was a short distance back to the vehicle felt like an eternity carrying the fear that had consumed my body at this point. Merely thinking about that groan is enough to spark those same chills through my body. As we sat in the vehicle for what in reality was likely only a few seconds, but felt like minutes, asking each other what that noise was, a second, now closer, groan rang through that valley and the fear struck every molecule of my body again.


This thing, whatever it was, was literally on top of us. My only mission at this point was to get the hell out of that valley, and my unnamed passenger expressed the same mission aloud. People often ask why there was no video, or picture, or recording of some kind in the age of everyone having a phone in their pocket, but after experiencing that sound, in near complete darkness minus my own lights, I can definitely understand why people just bolt. I lost all the preconceived ideas we all have that we would be the one with the guts to stick around to find out what just made that sound.


I drove over an hour to search a completely different forest and wetland area for species that night because I no longer wanted to be in that area and sleep was sure to elude me for days after this unexplainable experience. After returning home that night and the following day I attempted to make sense of the sounds we witnessed. I messaged friends avid in the outdoors to jokingly tell them I heard a murder or a bigfoot last night, hoping for identification suggestions from anyone close to me that could give me an answer more reasonable than either of those ideas. Nothing. I researched large cats that are not supposed to be here, and those that are, nothing resembling that groan in felines I listened to. I researched coyote and wolf chatter, again nothing in the Canine world. I researched owls, raptors, bears, and once more nothing matched that bone chilling sound.


I honestly hoped and waited for the news to report a body, seriously, I was just seeking answers at this point. I was admittedly becoming desperate for answers. Someone has heard this noise in these woods before. I couldn’t possibly be the only one. So I desperately contacted a friend of mine (he will be making his own posts about this event) highly interested and invested in the fields of cryptozoology, and the paranormal.


Admittedly I made this contact in hopes to get an answer something along the lines of “that’s not a sound I’m aware of” much to my surprise he wanted to know more.


Where did this happen? When did this happen? Can you tell me what you recall?


I gave him the details of what I recalled, the above event, with the location in more detail, and the investigation was on. The details of his investigation are heavily documented in photograph and video. What he found matches almost too unbelievably perfect to the experience I described to him. I don’t want to go into detail of his side of documenting this event since he will do that better than I can. However, the evidence I received after he visited the site of my experience literally made my heart drop, I could feel the color once again leave my face. I’m still not sure what we heard in that valley that night, but what he uncovered leaves me completely unsettled about where the evidence appears to point.


The only thing I’m sure of is whatever it was didn’t want to share that valley with us and it still gives me chills when I think about it. You can be the judge of the evidence for yourself. I won’t tell you what to believe, because I’m still unsure what to make of this myself." - Jon Tinney



Field notes :


Weather conditions have been in perfect to preserve physical evidence between now and the the sighting. Once I arrived on site, I located the vernal pool and immediatly noticed 2 footprints that were very deep in the substrate on the edge of the pool. As I navigated the game trail that lead around the pool I noticed a sapling broken at chest height, and twisted with a second break 18 inches above the first.


Moving along the game trail I located a smaller game trail that made its way toward the area where i saw the initial prints. On this trail i found another foot print in the mixed soil and leaf litter. I marked that print with a glove and continued to the original set of prints that i noticed off the bat. As I nelt by the first two prints I heard a series of tree knocks from above me higher up the mountian. The series was in this pattern ***----** i find this inconsequential yet noteworthy.


The first two prints were full of water, I documentdd them with pictures and video and moved toward the secondary track. While I was moving debris from the print to verify that it was castable I noticed an accompanying print that was the other foot completing a left and right set. I prepared the area as  per Dr. Jeff Meldrum instructions in his Sasquatch field guide and poured the plaster casts using creek water and plaster of Paris.


While i waited for these to dry i discovered additional 2 prints but didnt have enough plaster to cast these, they were also very shallow and would not have yeilded much of a cast sample. I documented them in photographs. There is about 7 miniutes of video footage that accompanies the investigation. The casts are now cleaned and pictures will be included, midtarsle breaks are present in both casts, the heels and midtarsle break are the most impressive features to these casts as the ground is very hard and the toes were not clear but were disernable . I tried to leave impressions by jumping up and down but was unable to make impressions that were as deep as the footprints. No hair samples to be found.


When I showed the results to the witness they could not believe that the evidence corroborated their encounter. The subject was actually much closer to him durring the encounter after I showed him pictures of the area and where I was finding the trace evidence. The footprints were pointed in such a way by a tree that it would have been watching him and was actually within 50-75ft most of the encounter.


The recovered casts measured at 14 1/2 inches long.


A follow up site walk through was preformed with Dr. Russ Jones, he reviewed the casts as well. The exact location of the site will not be exposed as it is an active investigation area.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow as I've reached a post/response limit for today 😆




































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This was extremely difficult for me, but my vote has been cast. 


Good luck everyone - very cool!

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21 minutes ago, Patterson-Gimlin said:

Congrats to all the finalists.

Hats off to the judges whoever you are for not including phantom creatures .:thumbsup:


The paranormal entry IS there. You just can't see it.

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There is no winner or loser from a performance perspective. All three are fantastic, dedicated, hard-working sasquatchers in the field. My hat is off to each of them.  You set the standard by which we're all judged.

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Come on, gigantor, fix the thread title spelling error! :banghead:


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  • masterbarber changed the title to VOTE - 2020 Researcher of the Year Contest - 1/14/2020 Deadline
41 minutes ago, Believer57 said:

Come on, gigantor, fix the thread title spelling error! :banghead:



Relax Youngster, It's Fixed!

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3 hours ago, Believer57 said:

Come on, gigantor, fix the thread title spelling error! :banghead:



Sorry, I'm in a cabin in WV posting from my phone and I have fat fingers...

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I'm getting crushed here.


Did we hire Dominion to count these votes?


Seriously.  I feel like the Washington Generals of Bigfoot research right now.  :lol:

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BRB, you guys have done a terrific job and are more than worthy! 


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2 minutes ago, NorthWind said:

BRB, you guys have done a terrific job and are more than worthy! 


I don't need your pity, NW 



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1 hour ago, gigantor said:


Sorry, I'm in a cabin in WV posting from my phone and I have fat fingers...

Finally,someone else .

I don't like typing because of having such big hands and fingers.

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15 minutes ago, BlackRockBigfoot said:

I don't need your pity, NW 



Pity? Really? Look where you are. Look at what you've found. Heck, look at Jessi! :)


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