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Alien Highway/Sasquatch?

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In an effort to entertain myself during this very dark time, I ended up watching some UFO shows.  Anyone see 'Alien Highway' with Chuck Zukowski (Amazon with a free 7 day subscription to Destination Unknown)?  Two shows take place in Missouri, I guess Chuck is sticking with his 37th Parallel theory.  The episode "UFO Terror" addresses the claims made by a man who thinks UFOs are stalking him.  Interestingly enough, they go into the woods by a river and find at least three structures at the bases of trees they claimed were burned.  The structures reminded me of Sasquatch structures and that area (which is close to me) is known for Sasquatch sightings, seems like a white Sasquatch has been reported in this general area.


Chuck mentions the size of the trees piled into the area and gives an approximate weight.  What is seen is a typical tree bend where other trees/limbs have been placed over it.  Most people wouldn't work a smaller tree into such a mess, it is clearly bowed.  We only see a little bit of the structures.


Anyone else make the same connection after seeing that segment?  It appears around the 20:00 mark.

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