Not sure. People reportedly find deer with their heads bent back to their spines. John Mionczynski thinks these kinds of kills are Sasquatch related but who knows. What else it could be is unknown to me so if anyone can shed more light on it then please do. The Sasquatch mind in the meantime is there just like other animals'. The mentality of predation is in all creatures whether they 'prey' be other animals with different skill sets or plants. I mean could one even see plants as victim of a predator species? Technically the answer may be 'yes'.   So what about the Sasquatch mind and body? One way of thinking about this would be to look at the opposite of putting a rats mind into a the body of a primate. Take instead a primate mind and put it into a rat's body. The issue of behavior then becomes a bit clearer. I may very well be that ANY animal mentality that gets placed into a Sasquatch has the same result- a Sasquatch, with its behavior and its mentality. Even in the purest example, that of putting a Human's mind into a Sasquatch. What would be the result?   The point being made is that when a Human mind goes into a Sasquatch body with the Sasquatch brain, it my contention, (and speculation!) that the Human will lose it's ability to create and imagine situational outcomes before they happen. Therefore the 'new' Human will not invent the wheel, or create fire, or build a computer. The Human will have its intelligence along with the Sasquatch skill set due to its physiology but essentially the Human will be little more than an animal- like a bear- but it's physical make up will allow a skill set that is more versatile. It might be a better-equipped hunter and forager but really no different than a bear in mentality. Different behavior and ability because of its primate body even though its mentality and intelligence will be the same. And I think this to be truly the case.   Sasquatch isn't ape and it isn't Human. It really seems to be it's own species although still more entrenched in the animal kingdom. It's brain chemistry and structure has simply not allowed it to turn the corner on being Human. So I would never mistake anything Humans do- like walking, running, throwing rocks, tree peeping, or picking berries with their hands- as any kind of indication that Sasquatch is Human. Its body allows for those kinds of activities and that's where the similarity ends. My Opinion. And nothing in any of the thousands of reports says or shows otherwise.