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New Bindernagel presentation on Alert Bay Vocalization

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35 minutes ago, TritonTr196 said:



Do you mean a "spectrogram" ? I can easily have a very thorough spectrogram analysis done of any sound you might have. Our group specializes in this procedure. Would help if sound wise they are decently recorded and clearly audible. Very far off faint sounds do not lend to a very good spectrogram analysis.


In the video, Dr. Bindernagel looks at sonograms (sound spectograms of some type I suppose) and indicates that he does not have the expertise to analyze them. At least that was my understanding. I took it as a request for help from fellow scientists. His phone number is public so someone could phone him and offer assistance. He is John Bindernagel Courtenay, BC.


I would think that this stuff involves some sort of Fourier analysis of wave forms, but have not looked into that sort of thing since the 1980s.


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