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  2. Okay, when I posted my comment I was thinking more of other animals not so much Bigfoot ,Four and Two legged . I understand your reasoning now when it comes to a Bigfoot . I also only carry for self defense unless I'm out in the field hunting and no round is chambered in my rifle until I get in my stand or in my blind but my sidearms which ever I have at the time are always condition one . You just never know . As to the .50 it is a hoot to shoot but no it's not a hard rifle to fire at all . The muzzle break takes most of the recoil and it's more of a long steady shove against your shoulder .I've owned shotguns before that had a more punishing recoil . At 28 pounds it's not light but believe it or not with that drag bag I have pictured , it has shoulder straps and it doesn't feel that heavy if I had to hump this thing . But I'm glad I only hump it from my truck a few feet away to my firing range
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  4. 7.62 I never chambered a round in the Kimber always want to be safe with it. Reason being always thinking that if a bigfoot would pop up on me might be a person in a suit so I wanted it have a chance for it to yell out to me and say stop. The same thing would be if I carried my shot gun and was looking for these creatures. I have always used these guns as a safety while in the field . Your BMG looks great and must be hard to shoot since it carries distance as well as power. You could cut a person up pretty good with just one round so I can just imagine what it can do with one of these creatures. My shotguns have always been my backup if they ever got in close. Rifles are for those long distance and are worthless if they come rushing in on you and you have a bolt action. Very rare that I will carry my rifle. I will not carry a M4 style rifle in the field since I have no need for the DNR asking me questions why I am doing so. This why I will carry my certain pistols in certain areas with maybe two mags. But I do love that BMG and it must have cost a lot and I am sure the ammo is not cheap either. I do have a G20 but I do not trust it since the slide stop lever w/spring keeps failing on me and locks the slide on every other shot. I bought as a used gun and it failed after around five hundred rounds.
  5. wiiawiwb

    Thermal Images

    Where it go the forest is dense too which is one of the reasons why a thermal imager is helpful. Under the canopy of trees, even during daytime, the forest is darkened and a thermal imager helps to see something the naked eye might have trouble seeing much less identifying.
  6. Any way to get a legit copy of that show? Seems to have came and went and I can't track down a copy anywhere, all the YouTube versions got deleted for copyright issues but one new upload remains but likely won't last long but it won't allow download due to copyright but they won't release a dvd set of the program, I bet they'd sell lots of them if they did!
  7. Something to consider... The Bigfoot Books Guy is telling everyone about this probable Hoax of Biscardi's buddy getting the original PG Film... Biscardi has a huge grudge against the Patterson Film and is also hooked up with the Bigfoot Books Guy! In emails with the Bigfoot Books Guy he told me he was friends with Biscardi and carries all of his videos in his store! Think about that, his only Bigfoot DVD Collection for sale in his store (according to him) is Biscardi's Documentaries!!! I have his entire documentary collection, it consists of 2 Hoax Documentaries and the rest is him and his son investigating bogus Bigfoot reports and finding perfect Bigfoot prints all over the place at every location they show up at complete with perfect toes and midtarsal breaks of course! His other crap DVD's are Ivan Marx garbage of his wife running around in a goofy Bigfoot outfit!!! Ivan Marx is Biscardi's mentor, he admits this in his Documentaries but he trashes the Patterson Film every chance he gets!
  8. If Trex is attacking the bunker your in?
  9. Absolutely this. When I carried my Colt Officer's Model 1911 in the woods, it was always condition one. Trust in the mechanics of the gun, do your part as far as obeying the rules of firearm safety, and you will be ok.
  10. It takes some getting used to but they perfectly safe to carry in condition one if that's what you mean
  11. Well I'm pretty jealous of you American fellas who can carry pistols in the bush. No such luck for us subjugated Canadians - though there are RARE circumstances to be allowed to carry in the bush (some trappers, prospectors, etc.). Even New Hampshire has granted me permission to carry in their state (and other states with reciprocity agreements for non-resident license holders). I don't know if I'll ever travel to NH but it's still nice to have, just on principle. I have several USGI 1911's but I'd probably buy a G20 SF for the bush. I love the idea of my AR-10 as the rifle option, just not the 11+ lbs it weighs. Usually just take an 870 with me, sometimes an 18.5" M1A.
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  13. Always. I carry a .357 because it's what I have. 17x7
  14. hiflier

    Why Don't We Have a Bigfoot Body Yet?

  15. BlackRockBigfoot

    High End Research Gear And Equipment

    Getting my HAM license is something that I have had on the back burner for years. I am going to try and get my license by the end of the year, schedule permitting.
  16. I carry a Gen 4 Glock 20 with an Olight Baldr Pro since my of my woods time is at night nowadays. I keep a mixture of Underwood 140 grain Xtreme Penetrator and 200 grain hardcast rounds. I will usually keep a long arm in the truck if I will be out for several nights.
  17. georgerm

    Why Don't We Have a Bigfoot Body Yet?

    Can you get ground penetrating radar to check out the possible grave?
  18. Catmandoo


    ^^^ Maybe the Skinwalker ranch area. Take silver bullets.
  19. SackScratch

    Munns Research Status

    Can anyone shoot me a link or info on how I could get ahold of a complete copy of John Greens Films he did at Bluff Creek, complete and clear copies on dvd!? The dvd's Blevins sent me were burned from his crappy copies he got off YouTube and converted them to dvd but I'd already done that myself! Can anyone shoot me a link or info on how I could get ahold of a complete copy of John Greens Films he did at Bluff Creek, complete and clear copies on dvd!? The dvd's Blevins sent me were burned from his crappy copies he got off YouTube and converted them to dvd but I'd already done that myself!
  20. 52 years on the 20th and nobody can replicate the Patty Film... Even the Independence Day Bigfoot Momma running with her baby was circulated all over the internet as a Leroy Blevins Production because it looks so Goofy! But it's one of the best videos since Patty!! Blevins told me he had nothing to do with the Independence Day Bigfoot/Baby video but with Blevins having connections to Biscardi he could have loaned out his suit for some $$$!! Blevins has had $$$ flow problems ever since I first met him in 2003! His wife was always pregnant and he was usually unemployed getting public assistance and they lived right next door to me for years in public housing! They'd be broke most of the time then all of a sudden they'd have a bunch of $$$ and be buying lots of stuff and noone ever knew where the $$$ came from! Don't mean to beat a dead horse but his trashing of the PG Film started in 2004 when he came by to get a dvd I transfered for him from his VHS Copy of a Noah's Ark Documentary, I was watching the show called "Sasquatch Legend Meets Science" and he told me that Bigfoot was an Abomination and not real!!! Which doesn't jive with his videos and books he did later saying he had a long Bigfoot encounter in 2002!!! I told him the Patterson Bigfoot Film was real and couldn't be fabricated that well in 1967 and I even pulled out my Planet of the Apes originals showing him the Gorillas in the Sauna scenes made around 1972-73 and how ridiculous they looked and that was Hollywood doing it! The rest is history, he tried proving me wrong right into the grave and bare in mind Blevins had zero interest in Bigfoot up until that day, all he ever talked to me about was Noah's Ark and his obsession with Halloween and sometimes his WWE Wrestling fetish!!! Bigfoot never came up in a conversation and he never told me about his Bigfoot Encounters even after we had our disagreement about the Patty Film! This was when I lived next to them in New Richmond, Ohio before they moved to Kentucky years later! New Richmond is on the Ohio River, you can throw a rock and hit Kentucky from New Richmond! I have about 10 DVD's full of crap of us together making Dummies, Monsters and assorted Halloween props to scare the neighborhood brats! He was so religious I couldn't believe he was so fascinated with the Night of the Devil or Day of the Dead that some call it!
  21. Could be a good candidate for contact. I read that article a while back but it was before I began my outreach and so had forgotten about it. Thanks for the refresher. She should be getting a nice email from me within the hour. I'll let you know how things go
  22. Norseman That's nice and all and it is well ported ,not bad. I have a few guns that I take with me when I go out into the field. It all depends on the day and the place I will be going to which gun I will be taking. The one gun I usually carry with me is my Kimber .45 but this is a single action and not good in case I need it in a emergency. So now I might carry a S&W .45 Shield striker which is a lot lighter and more concealable. My other good action gun that I like that has good penetration is my sig 2022 .40 cal double action. My next choice that I use which I mostly carry is my taurus .9 cal since it is so easy to handle and shoot and you can place your shots right on target. My shotguns I only carry them when I go hunting and the same goes with my rifles. Also I have always wanted a lever action rifle and some time in the near future plan on buying a 45/70 gov. I have always wanted a nice brush gun and some of these big deer here in Michigan like to hide in this rough stuff.. Plus you never know if that big guy ever decides to make his move on me I just want to be well prepared since my legs are not that great at running. I sure as heck plan on holding my ground if it ever come down to that with these big guys. I would like to also pick up a Benelli M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotgun just to be on a safe side of things with these guys though. But I do not see my self as a gun guy. It is all self defense for me and that is all.
  23. SackScratch

    Leroy Blevins R.I.P.

    52 years and nobody can replicate the Patterson Bigfoot Film yet?
  24. SackScratch

    Leroy Blevins R.I.P.

    In "Hoax of the Century" dvd Heironimus gets contradicted by the others in the documentary on several points... One of which is Heironimus said Patterson gave him the film and he drove it to Eureka and mailed it to Yakima but the investigators on the dvd said it was mailed to Seattle to be developed (3 Patterson Debunkers say this) making Heironimus' story bogus including the timeline he states! Heironimus also says that the Patty Bigfoot Suit was given to him to place in the truck of his car because Roger and Bob didn't want someone to find it in their truck while they were running around Willow Creek telling everyone they filmed the Bigfoot! Now Heironimus said he slept in the sleeper up in the top of the truck at Bluff Creek the night before they filmed him in the suit, why couldn't they have thrown the suit up there and locked it? It had a latch on the door into it! Why would you hand over the Bigfoot Film and the Suit to Heironimus not knowing if you could trust him to keep quiet about it, Heironimus could have stashed the suit somewhere and demanded half the money Patterson made off the film or else he'd show the press the suit and ruin it all!!!
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