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    Thermal Imagers In Bigfoot Country

    In the past 50 years, we've had film cameras and movie cameras. We then had, and still have, digital cameras and cell phones that also do movies. There is a concurrent thread going on about the best/clearest picture of a sasquatch. I think most will agree there are limited ones floating around in the public domain. FLIR has been around but out of reach for all but the wealthy or TV-show related. It's only in the past few years that good thermal imagers have been affordable but they're still only in the hands of sasquatchers in limited numbers. In contrast, every sasquatcher has a camera or cellphone. Only a very limited number have a good thermal imager. I know exactly where I was when I shot those thermals above as I marked the spot I took a thermal whenever something looks promising. I think determining the height of the subject in a thermal in a wooded environment will be significantly easier than determining Patty's height traveling in an open area with limited benchmarks to measure against. Look at my two thermals...they are rich in trees. That's the environment I sasquatch in. If the only option any of us will have is something peeking 3" above a downed log, then no technology we readily have at our disposal will work other than a drone. I think as more thermals are out in the field, we'll start seeing more upright movement from tree to tree caught on thermals. I have one video I recorded right out of the gate. I recorded something bipedal moving about then reaching down to pick up something on the ground, and finally moving on. The muscularity was absolutely ridiculous and reminded me of some of the close up shots of Patty showing her triceps and back muscles. That night, I was so thunderstruck with what I was seeing and recording, I didn't think to mark the spot. I learned the hard way from this experience. I have not yet been able to reenact the movement using a friend but will continue with it until, hopefully, I can find the correct spot from which all measurements will flow. Whatever I recorded that night was upright and moving about so I am absolutely convinced there are many others scenarios happening all the time all over the country just like this.
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  4. Huntster

    Searching For Bigfoot in Oregon - Take 2

    LOL........"Do I look fat in this pfd?"
  5. They tracked a bigfoot for ten months with a microchipped homemade cockleburr? I haven't read the pdf, but did it say there was any kind of pattern to the movement to indicate territory? I can't imagine not going to look for physical evidence if you tracked something for that long.
  6. Madison5716

    Searching For Bigfoot in Oregon - Take 2

    Date & Time - August 24, 2019; 7:30 - 9:00pm; dusk and moonless nightfall. Weather - 75°F and gorgeous Location - McKenzie River What Happened - Went out along the river last night where I had my first experiences 7 years ago. Didn't see anything or hear anything unusual. Thankfully, that included cougars; I've seen their prints there before. Did see numerous "No Trespassing" signs (which we respected) and at least one trail cam, though. Those weren't there before. If the bigfoots were once there, they aren't now. You can watch on my YouTube channel, Lane County Bigfooters.
  7. CallyCat

    Implications of Hybridization - v1.1

    We need to find one first before we go off on ethical tangents. I thought the Zana DNA analysis was very interesting. I remember the discussion about Zana being from a more ancient line than could be explained if she was a descendant of an ottoman slave. However, it's a far stretch to call her a potential sasquatch as a result of that, she could have had genetic disorders to explain the behavior and some of her physical characteristics like hirsutism. Her descendants looked like regular biracial human beings to me.
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  9. Madison5716

    Searching For Bigfoot in Oregon - Take 2

    I took off the life jacket for the pix. It added another foot and i looked as wide as the kayak, lol. Oh, and the water is about 3 feet deep and fairly warm. The sides of the slough are just out of frame on either side. I wore it otherwise I'll check out the gold panning info, thanks!
  10. What's with the music . Where are the breast on the adult ? Why can we not hear the witnesses on the camera and their reaction to their sighting if it was so real. Where is the rest of the video after the event and what was discovered by where the infant was hidden. It does not make sense and it sure is not convincing.
  11. spacemonkeymafia

    What's the best Bigfoot photo or video you've seen recently?

    Regarding the mother and baby video, Moms walk is very smooth with hardly any up and down head movement you would expect if it were a human hoarding. Just an observation on my part, first time seeing this video.
  12. This thread is so titled because there has already been a thread titled "Implications of a Human Hybrid" that has been closed (why are such threads closed if there is no open warfare in them?). However, the points I hope to present were not discussed in detail there. That thread was likely inspired by the theories of the Sasquatch Genome Project, specifically that sasquatches were themselves hybrids of humans and an unknown ape. I'm coming from a different direction, based upon Bryan Sykes theory which he bases on his work on the DNA of Zana's progeny. His DNA analysis resulted in Zana being 100% sub-Saharan African, which means no hybridization with Neanderthals or Denisovans. Most people responded with, "Aha! See, she was human!" Well, no s**t, Sherlock. "Human", or of the genus Homo, includes several species, including Homo sapiens (us), Neanderthals, Denisovans, and several others. This doesn't mean that sasquatches don't exist. Another common escape avenue was the claim that Zana was was simply a former African slave imported during the Ottoman Empire who went feral. This doesn't meet the smell test for several reasons, and Sykes also pointed out that her DNA differed from any African models known today, indicating hers as a "ghost" population that likely left Africa thousands of years ago. Moreover, looking at the description of Zana herself (collected @ 1962 (5 years before the PG film was shot) by zoologist Prof Alexander Mashkovtsev) was a spitting image of Patty, the subject of the PG film: https://sites.google.com/site/noxgigasstudy/home/zana-and-the-black-plague Here's the key: This is not the only testimony of sasquatch creatures mating with humans, but it is the only testimony coming from multiple individuals and supported with the DNA of surviving progeny. Perhaps the most important biological results are that: There is a unique DNA signature that can be compared to other purported sasquatch DNA samples, and This testimony and resulting DNA analysis essentially confirms that sasquatches are "human", but not necessarily Homo sapien. I want to repeat that: This testimony and resulting DNA analysis essentially confirms that sasquatches are "human", but not necessarily Homo sapien I want to point out just how critical this possibility is: Biological: This is likely why we repeatedly see DNA tests coming back as "human" and being thrown away as "contaminated". I suggest that both Bryan Sykes and the Sasquatch Genome Project may have isolated specific markers that might be found in future samples, and thus enormously strengthening sasquatchery evidence. Secondly, understanding this possibility enables debaters to deal with arguments like this: https://bigfootforums.com/topic/25077-russian-alma-zana/ And if a donkey and a horse successfully mated then the offspring is a horse?? Don't think soo that is how we get the hybrid thing called a mule. All it proves is what ever Zana was she was from a family that genetically was close to a human and allowed her to mate with a human. That does not mean Zana was a real human but rather a species that share close genetic material. "Human" is a genus (Homo), not a species. It is now (and in 2009 when this genius wrote the above) well accepted science that Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), are human, but of a different species than us, and now it is recognized that the same is true of Denisovans and at least two other "ghost" species. Legal: If sasquatches are human, one cannot kill one without committing a felonious crime, the least of which would be willful manslaughter. This is black letter law. This is a HUGE consideration for sasquatch "hunters". I, for one, refuse to go through any legal examination that might result in such a conviction. This makes the acquisition of a carcass, which is absolutely required to put sasquatches in the family of known and accepted species and confirm/correct any and all theories, extremely more difficult. Also, this will change much more than biology after discovery. For example, sasquatches/Zana demonstrated no spiritual awareness, tool manufacturing, or control/use of fire whatsoever, and tool use was similar to chimps (sticks and unmanipulated stones). This means that humanity might not necessarily include tool/fire use or spirituality as factors in the taxonomic requirements for humanity. Remember, our genetics are so close that not only hybridization possible, but the offspring are also fertile. Are sasquatches, human but not spiritually or mechanically aware, subject to the same human rights as Homo sapiens? Is a whole new body of law (or chapter) now required for the entire world to ratify and recognize? We're just looking at a tip of this iceberg. This is way, way bigger than new insect species being discovered.
  13. TWA 800: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Flight_800 The Alaskan events were both due to the aircraft veering into Soviet airspace over or near Kamchatka, which U.S. spy planes (based upon the same airframes as civilian airliners) routinely test. That is no excuse for the Soviet attacks, but at least the Soviets had excuse material to use. I can't imagine how a U.S. navel vessel could have mistaken TWA 800 for a foreign spyplane, or in the case of the U.S.S. Vincennes downing that Iranian airliner, a foreign warbird.

    Thermal Imagers In Bigfoot Country

    Wiiawiwb "I think you have a much better chance at getting the good video at night than getting the good picture during the day." I cannot disagree more. How many P/G film quality thermal videos have we been arguing over for 50 years? If there was a far better chance of getting them, we would have some to look at for as long as FLIR gear has existed. Night photography of any kind is difficult. Illuminators, if used, have limited range. Flash bulbs do too. FLIR has to deal with poor resolution, masking plants, thermal differences and a creature that peeks out from behind trees even in the dark. Long time forum members have to remember the "flying cow" FLIR images which were argued over for months. Derek Randles is not here because of that episode. The knowledge gained from reenactments was very arguable during those forum exchanges. Night especially, is subject to a lot of interpretation, most of which is trying to determine the location from which the image was taken. Or if a tree or bush is in front of or behind the subject. I have never heard of anyone pounding a stake in the ground where they have taken a video or a picture. If that was done, I might have more faith in the results of the reenactment. The exact camera location is critical to determine anything from sight angles.
  15. At last count the Russians have shot down several airliners. One fairly recently over one of the "Stans" Of course I think our Navy downed one off New York too. Flight 660. I don't recall the carrier. Now there is a real coverup. Multiple witnesses saw a missile rise from the ocean off the coast of New York and hit the aircraft. But the official explanation was that it was debris falling from the exploding aircraft. People were let into the hangar with all the debris during the night and they carried off a lot of evidence. Multiple federal agencies were involved in the coverup. Those that think our government is a benign Santa Claus are very wrong. Give them single payer government healthcare and they will pick and choose who lives and dies.
  16. Good question. I doubt it. And the "games" between Soviets and Americans were sometimes deadly. Two civilian airliners flying between Alaska and Japan/Korea were attacked over the years; one strafed, and one shot down with all killed.
  17. wiiawiwb

    Thermal Imagers In Bigfoot Country

    I have to respectfully disagree. For an investment of $2,000 you can have a very nice thermal imager. Mine clearly catches chipmunks running up trees and hopping on the forest floor. It will never be as crisp as a 24MP picture but it doesn't need to be. That's not its purpose. You can capture a video in the forest that can then be reconstructed with humans in the same spot/trackway to compare relative height, weight, movement, and maybe even stride length if you're lucky. I think you have a much better chance at getting the good video at night than getting the good picture during the day. Here are two videos from my Pulsar Helion imager. If something stepped out from behind a tree in one of these videos, it wouldn't be that difficult to do a reenactment to determine height. That's what my game plan is all about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbca0qjPIFY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLtaIbiS9qM
  18. Do, or will, Chinese pilots / sailors understand as well as their European / American counterparts?
  19. Incorrigible1

    Theory On How Sasquatch Travel Unnoticed...

    They leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  20. Wow , great points there. I also have heard that they look like spiders as they have the ability to crawl along the ground with great speed and agility. I have also heard that they can be standing very close to you and it is very hard to see them, they blend into the landscape, and look like stumps or trees. Those super large eyes give them almost perfect night vision, I think they are night time stalkers. They stalk their pray by altering their footsteps, like taking one step and waiting 3 minutes and then another and waiting 30 seconds and then another and waiting 1 minute, before the next. etc. and then travel very quietly through a few trees, before taking another step, on the ground. I believe that their sense of smell is as good as a blood hound, and can tell when someone is near, and where they are by smell alone. I don't know anything about their hearing, maybe someone can post something about that. Then their is that sense of just knowing when someone is in the area without seeing or hearing them, the same way that sometimes we can sense their presence, that feeling we get that we are being watched. I also believe that they can travel 250-300 miles without stopping for water or food.
  21. BC witness

    Searching For Bigfoot in Oregon - Take 2

    Ditto on the PFD, they're a nuisance to wear, but quite literally a life saver. Gotcha on the slave labour, I had 3 teenagers and my wife along when I worked my claim. They usually got more gold than me, too!!
  22. BC witness

    How dangerous is it to be BiGFooting alone?

    Exactly this /\ The trackway I came across 40 odd years ago was all alone along the old logging road, nothing else had made any tracks there. When I went back with John Green the next day, the only additional tracks were my own, paralleling the large tracks for the first 20 yards into the snow; the rest of the tracks continued up the road for as far as we could see, probably 400 yards till they disappeared around a curve in the slight uphill grade. Who the heck would fake that, not knowing if anyone would see them before all the snow melted?
  23. ShadowBorn

    The Genetic Markers Of A Sasquatch

    This statement means a lot does it not. Since mtDNA in a way is declaring these creatures as a species " Humans " as long as one can decontaminate hair samples. Now am I hearing this right. That means that means that these so called researchers that are searching for an Ape are not really looking for their so called woodape/ ape. But are actually looking for some sort of Human that might not be on or in the GenBank yet. Am I reading this right. Why would this not be cleared right in the first place and why would they hide this fact. I have read about this research about testing hair and how contamination might not be possible . But I was not sure about it at the time. How could there be so many DNA testing of these creatures be contaminated as Humans . It is just not possible for them to keep coming back contaminated as humans and have to be thrown out. I am not sure if I am even thinking this right but there does seem to be some thing strange about your statement.
  24. Last week
  25. I watched the sequence trying to see more details of the baby. What has not been mentioned is that the first part of the video Mom does not seem to be carrying anything. She makes a beeline for some large rocks then raises up holding the baby after a few seconds staring at the person doing the video. Then the baby is visible most of the time. She does not withdraw away from the camera but at about 90 degrees to the camera holder. Most likely because of the huge boulders directly away from the camera. Which she could not navigate holding a baby. I have always contended that Patty was on a mission. She could have withdrawn directly away from Roger and Bob but proceeded along the creek in the direction Roger and Bob were traveling. That and her prominent breasts suggests to me Patty was lactating and had a baby stashed someplace. Her mission was to get to baby before Roger and Bob did. Just like this Mom single mindedly proceeded to her baby, and retrieved it, when it could have just gone into a crouch and not been seen at all. In both cases getting to baby first was priority.
  26. Reminds me of the stories (photos, of course, were classified and well controlled, unlike "leaks") of Soviet Bear bombers with cruise missiles openly carried on wing pylons being intercepted over the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean by U.S. fighters. These are instances of unofficial language that are well understood...........
  27. Other than this one, the only video or picture of a young juvenile I have seen was in New York playing in a tree. Juvenile pictures are very rare. I do not think the New York video clear enough to show the head crest which is mostly hair. I may be wrong. So unless a hoaxer is a member of this forum, the mohawk like hair crest on juveniles would be an unknown. In my photo it is even more pronounced than the picture here. It is almost like the baby had been bathed and the wet hair was sticking straight up. That is possible because the time of year was July but they were traveling up a year round flowing creek. Maybe Mom decided to give junior a bath because it was a very warm day.
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