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The Tar Pit

Welcome To The Tar Pit! This Category is NOT for the Thin-Skinned, Faint-of Heart, Casual Reader who is easily offended. There is a High Probability that engaging others in this area will result in personal attacks and name calling. If you choose to engage, you do so at your own risk. 

SNOWFLAKE WARNING: This forum will be lightly Moderated. Offensive Language and occasional Personal Attacks may be encountered. You may discuss research organizations, individuals, blogs, current events, content from other forums and websites, other informational outlets, etc... Most of the civility language in the BFF Rules and Guidelines are waived in this area- only! 

Anyone found to be threatening, harassing, stalking, or otherwise engaging in criminal or potential criminal activity against another member(s) of the Bigfoot forums at large, in any form including personal messages; will find their account immediately suspended, pending investigation. Copies of harassing messages and or communications, along with the usernames of the involved parties forwarded to a member of staff, shall serve as prima facie evidence of the violation. The BFF will comply with all requests for records by Law Enforcement agencies.


  1. Politics, Current Events

    Politics, Current Events, History

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  2. Lifestyles, Humor

    Jokes, Perspectives on Life, Miscellaneous

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  3. Sports and Entertainment

    Sports and the failure of the Dallas Cowboys

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