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  2. Catmandoo

    Roof top tent project

    Looking good. Next accessory is the annex for showers / changing clothes. We don't want your naked white skin scaring the animals. Solar panel(s) for the battery that runs your fancy LED tent lights. The companies that make these types of tents have images in their ads of a tent set up on level ground. You will have to level the truck and level the ladder feet. Store bought levelers from RV shops can get expensive. A box of various sized lumber works too. Rocks work. The factory mattresses are in the "S" category. They Suck. Depending on the load, you may want 2" to 4", roll up , 'memory foam' mattress. 2" minimum. You may not be able to fold up the tent with the extra mattress(es) inside. Rolled up, they occupy a large volume. Storing them in Christmas tree storage bags works OK. Trays for your footwear? How about tin foil baking pans to corral the dirt etc.? The adventure is just beginning.......................
  3. Madison5716

    Searching For Bigfoot in Oregon - Take 2

    Wow, thanks for the fantastic details! I very much appreciate all that typing! We were knocking around at the beginnings of those creeks, Brice and Sharps. Looks like GREAT squatching area. I've heard from Tobe Johnson that there's lots of sightings up thataway, too. I also want to try gold panning, which my kid woukd like. Thanks, MIB! Going to check out that structure on the lake this weekend in my new kayak. Can't wait, should be fun!
  4. I re-read parts of Thom Powell's The Locals and I see now a clue why some people on this forum are of the belief that gov agencies have an interest in BF. The Locals is not the only reason, just a clue, because of the home break-ins to the homes of investigators. I will also guess some researchers know of other instances of this occurring over the years. I don't claim to have a definitive answer here, just a working theory on that. If you think back, even as recent as 15-20 years ago, tech was much different. We are now living in an unprecedented age of tech evolution. It is frightening how fast the changes occur. The Locals came out in 2003. Thom's research took place in an era when Netscape called its browser Mosaic. He was under the impression the BFRO crappy web site was state of the art and so were rudimentary trail cams his team was using. People used VHS video tapes, landlines. Computer security was not even though of. It's not that long ago. So my theory is people who were active at that time in BF research, being what it is, draws out kooks. I don't think the NFS or any gov agency would have broken into people's homes and been so obvious as to take ONLY BF research when they could have simply asked the investigators to see their research. I think the break-ins were rogue operators who are unhinged. This field of study attracts that type of individual. Just like this forum and every BF forum will draw instant attack, some people take it to extreme. Ever since there has been tech, the field of hacking has been popular, ESPECIALLY hacking of phone systems. You would not believe how easy it is to tap a landline. The info is out there and before geeks had powerful computers to grow their skills, they looked to hack anything they could. So phone tapping is not a big clue for gov involvement because even then they needed a warrant and a person would have to have committed a serious enough crime.
  5. BigTreeWalker

    What turned you on to Bigfoot?

    I was a voracious reader in the 60's. I got interested in cryptozoology. Then Roger Paterson presented his film in the Columbia theater in Longview WA. I was hooked. Then I read everything I could get my hands on about sasquatch. An experience on the east side of Mt St Helens when some large rocks were thrown at us out of the old growth forest kind of topped it off in the early 70's.
  6. markc

    How dangerous is it to be BiGFooting alone?

    No Cat, I have never seen this myself I, am not even from the snow country, I am only going by what I have seen on other BF forums, thank you for sharing this with me.
  7. I made a mistake and was incorrectly thinking of an interview regarding Thom's other book, Shady Neighbors, that is categorized as metaphysical fiction. Taking a look at The Locals, it is QL89 in the Library of Congress Classification system which is the cryptid subsection of Zoology.
  8. Arvedis

    The decline of interest in Sasquatch

    My take on mohawk man is he doesn't have the pressure or oversight that other academics and scientists have to stick to the program. Whatever structure he is in allows him to take on edge work like BF. But, testing does take time and money so maybe that should be part of the BF field manual. In addition to processing valid evidence in a chain of custody format that is acceptable to scientific study, be prepared to pay for testing. Tough times require tough measures.
  9. Folks, bear with me. There are a couple of key thoughts that go along with my theory: IF there is actually a government conspiracy to cover up or suppress the fact that these creatures exist, (1) it must be an international conspiracy likely involving the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgysztan, Tajikistan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and (2) since a cover up requires knowledge of the creatures, would these nations do so without having secretly studied the creatures? This is the aspect that is the most difficult to accept. Would several nations, some of whom don't get along at all, cooperate in such a cover up? I think it's very possible. First of all, several of those nations were Soviet Bloc republics before 1990. They essentially got the issue handed to them in 1990 and they're just carrying it forward. Secondly, most of them likely never had the proof themselves and are simply conferring with the other nations. But these they all have deep experience with; ethnic hatreds, ethnic violence, ethnic struggles, and international pressure. Keeping a primitive native sub-human within their borders officially unproven to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Congo, etc is a good idea, and it doesn't take a genius to know that. If they knew, would they simply leave the creatures alone without studying them? No way, at least not the larger nations like the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, and possibly India. I suspect that "discovery" occurred at different times for different nations. Certainly no study took place before 1950, and probably not before 1970.The modern environmental movement began around the turn of the 20th Century with Muir, Pinchot, etc, but really got politically strong starting in the 1960's. The environmental/political pressure started being exported from the West in the 1970's. The 1950's is also when the yeti/sasquatch media fanfare really started to build. I suspect discussions behind closed doors began in the 1970's and were renewed in the 1990's after the fall of the Soviet Union. By then, the U.S., Canada, or Russia had studied these creatures to a limited degree. The studies must have been quite limited if conducted in North America. They probably just wanted to determine if they'd be taxonomically classed as human, and once the realized that they can interbreed with us, the fix was in. I think it's a passive coverup of feigned ignorance, and I think they all know that it will eventually be revealed. They're just buying time by looking the other way.
  10. Huntster

    Roof top tent project

  11. norseman

    Roof top tent project

    The yahoos told me they needed two hoops to make they tent mount up.... I gave them three. Nada. I came home with one end unsupported. Went back to fab shop and popped tent up and they welded another hoop to bolt other end on. Brought it home and set it up and wet it down per instructions. Suppose to “cure” seams and activate water proofing. We shall see. It’s not a wall tent. But sets up super easy.
  12. I've had 2 sightings, clear and unambiguous, about 35 years apart, plus 1 more I'd rate 98% or more likely. Found one line of tracks in '74. Couple lakes with probably trackways underwater. Many (ish) individual or pairs of tracks. 3-4 knocks that were knocks, not acorns or the like falling. Couple odd vocalizations, some I've recorded. Makes me wonder how much I've missed noticing along the way. I haven't gotten out as much the past 3 years, first because of foot problems, then because of recovering from surgery for those problems, and now a new GF with a sizeable piece of property that needs labor I just happen to know how to do. I'm heading out this weekend for my first "real" trip of the year. More will happen in conjunction with deer and elk seasons though. I'm not done by any means. MIB
  13. Huntster

    How Many Members have had a sighting/experience?

    Welcome to the forum, Dr.! I hope you enjoy the ride!
  14. BC witness

    How Many Members have had a sighting/experience?

    I've been hiking, hunting, camping, prospecting, and just hangin' out in the mountains of B.C for more than 60 years, and had 3 experiences in that time. My teenage son had a sighting about 40 years ago on a camping trip, but I only got a fleeting glimpse of what he saw. I found a trackway in snow a year or so later, and then had a sighting the year after that. Nothing since, and I get out in the woods every chance I can, probably 30 days per year nowadays. I still go hunting and prospecting, and get out a few times each year with other local researchers specifically looking for Sasquatch, but our best efforts so far have been a rock throwing incident, and follow ups to a number of local reports, only one of which produced a castable track.
  15. Actually, the title of both the referenced blog and the thread is "There's No Sasquatch Conspiracy Afoot, Scientists Say", not "when it comes to science". And I believe there is a desire and a tendency to cover up the existence of sasquatches by many in several areas of human activity (government, science, ideology, and politics), this likely includes a conspiracy on the part of governments throughout the northern hemisphere (including but not limited to the U.S., Canada, China, and Russia), and I'm outlining why I think that is the case. Yeah. I linked to some above, including Sykes. And I have many times pointed out that I have no responsibility, right, official interest, government permission, or legal standing to "come up with" the proof that is repeatedly demanded. However, the very scientists quoted by this blogger do have the responsibility, right, official interest, government permission, or legal standing to apply for official permission and even funding, to obtain this proof. Have you ever applied for a special use permit on state or federal lands or navigable waters, Twist? For example, a hunting license is a general permit, but even it comes with very well documented limitations, including species, seasons, mode of access, harvest methods and means, gender and antler restrictions, hunt areas, sometimes even what you must wear, etc. If you're smart, that permit can even be used against government. For example, that hunting license can be used by an individual as a legal means to carry a firearm (even if you have no intent to shoot an animal) when one couldn't do so legally without said license. In California, wild pig is open year round. A non-resident hunting license and pig tag will cost you @ $250. That enables you to carry an AR-15 with 10 round magazines in the trunk of your vehicle anywhere in the state, and carry it on your shoulder whike walking around in the great outdoors in any area not closed to hunting. But a hunting license would not allow you to shoot an undocumented species. For that, you'd need a specific special use permit, and I can tell you that I would not be issued one. I have quite a collection of special use permits. I test government regularly with such requests.......for example, crossing anadromous streams with my motorized vehicle........and I've gotten them. I file them for future use. If they granted them in the past, that strengthens future applications. But an accredited paleoanthropologist might get a sasquatch harvest permit.........if he had the balls to apply for one. But he won't, because he knows that the news would get back to his peers. It's all on paper. Get a clue, Dude. This really ain't rocket science. It's classic government obstructionism, and there's a reason for it. Dude, when it comes to proving the existence of sasquatches, I have been fully defeated. That's the point of the conspiracy. They don't want me or you proving it, they're successful at preventing it, and I'm offering a possible reason why they want it that way. And, frankly, I lean toward supporting government (and whoever else involved) in hiding their existence. I don't want the world to know these things exist. The longer they remain a mystery, the better off they are. But I'm not fully defeated, because I don't need to prove anything to anybody. I'm already confident in my acceptance of these creatures existence. What I'm doing, even without a carcass, is piecing together the puzzle of what they are, where they came from, where they tend to inhabit (and where they don't), etc. And some of these very scientists I love to criticize (thank you, Dr. Sykes) are giving me clues to solve the puzzle.
  16. Yesterday
  17. These are all good talking points Huntster regarding Sasquatch and the government relations but the point of this topic was about how there is not a conspiracy against sasquatch when it comes to science. There is plenty of privatized science that if brought the right evidence would pursue the subject. As a BF proponent I have taken a lot of this dialogue as reasons why we cant come up with proof, blaming the powers that be for our failures. Yes, no one is obligated to bring science the evidence, nor is anyone obligated to hand science the evidence to kickstart the actual research. Yes the government SHOULD be doing something, I think we can all agree to that. BUT, if we sit here on this forum and talk about BF all day as proponents, and we want to make science change their view on something they say does not exist then we should want to pony up. We should not complain and make a plethora of reasons why the government wont do it or why they possibly conspire against it. Your posts make it sound like you are already defeated.
  18. Care to go into detail? I have become fascinated with Bigfoot of late and would love to know if anyone has actually gone out searching for Bigfoot with success? I am in Mass which isnt the best BF sighting territory, but ive been hiking a lot lately hoping in the back of my mind something happens. I am excited to be apart of this community and reading all these posts have only help confirm what I already believe.
  19. https://www.techtimes.com/articles/44347/20150406/dna-test-suggests-russian-apewoman-zana-was-not-human-and-yeti-may-not-be-a-myth.htm We're almost there. This time is similar to the years between when Thomas Savage produced a gorilla skull (1847) and Charles DuChaollu produced a gorilla carcass (1856). Then the real fun starts............
  20. As far as the idea the baby is either a human baby or a doll of some type dressed in a Bigfoot costume, I couldn't find any baby Bigfoot costumes available on the internet. I did a somewhat quick search and the smallest size I found were for young boys; nothing for babies. Maybe I didn't search long enough. If we're seeing a human baby in a fake suit, notice how well the suit fits. This would eliminate some cheap costume, although I didn't find any available for babies, period. A custom made baby Bigfoot costume makes no sense either. Aside from the problem of where would someone get the material and then someone to make it, the baby would soon outgrow the costume and it seems like a waste of money to pay for a custom baby Bigfoot suit just to use it one time for a hoax video that won't bring in any money for the hoaxer.
  21. https://www.ststworld.com/the-story-of-zana-the-ape-woman/ If they can successfully mate and bear young with men, they are human.
  22. https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/opinion/pat-neal-the-backcountrys-sasquatch-people/ What? Sasquatches pay to "exercise their native rights"? They don't even have any money! What do the sasquatch lawyers have to say about this? Oh, and BTW..........who is paying these lawyers if sasquatches have no money or assets?
  23. Is there any wonder why these folks were met with such ferocious opposition?: http://sasquatchgenomeproject.org/sasquatch_genome_project_016.htm
  24. So if they are not ruled "human" (and remember, DNA is here now and will likely play the defining role in the ruling, not such 19th Century Darwinian considerations as tool use), then we have a very rare great ape that immediately gets endangered species listing, and the years and years of study under federal authority begin, because tge creatures obviously migrate back and forth internationally in Canada and the U.S. States lose, especially western states..........again. But if they are ruled of the genus Homo, states lose even BIGGER. All aboriginal relations are with the federal government, not the states. The states don't even get much of a partnership. They just get to help pay with services. So how does Uncle Sam begin a political relationship with such a primitive race of "people"? Well, you have to find the sasquatches some appropriate representatives. Like who, we might ask? Lawyers, of course. Probably the variety who specialize in Indian affairs...........
  25. So what is a "human"? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_taxonomy#Hominina Well, the paleoanthropologists haven't really nailed that down yet, have they? Looks like we need some lawyers, no?.............
  26. Arvedis

    Bigfoot Odyssey - Episode 9, Rez Squatching in Nebraska

    Oh I misheard then. I was actually listening on my phone as I got ready for work. Thought Barry referred to him as Manny. A very funny dude.
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