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Urban Bigfoot Seriously?(2)

Guest Admin

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Well the topic is still open, boy I would like to hear

some new accounts of the urban variety, I guess I will

have to do some homework and get back..

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Abandoned Houses, Barns, Vehicles Experiences & Encounters


--7 foot tall Bigfoot creature stood up inside an abandoned house scarred men outside*MI

--Bigfoot animal near an old dilapidated barn in thick 5 acre woods next to a cemetery *MI

--Family sees Bigfoot creature crawling out of an abandoned house *MI

--Hears strange noises were heard inside one of several barns on his property at night*MI

--Hears thumping around, sees jet black Bigfoot inside old burned out RV peering at man *MI 

--Large being standing in doorway of abandoned structure in woods staring at man*MI

--Motorist spotted a tall, hairy biped in front of an empty old house and turned to look at him*MI

--Patrol officer sees hairy bipedal ape with flesh colored face near abandoned farm and woods*MI

--Police on call for man injured after encountering Bigfoot around abandoned house*MI

--Sees tall animal with pointy nose standing upright, inside her barn staring at her*MI

--Smells odor heard growls found dog with legs ripped off with big bite marks in abandoned house*MI

--Something tore down his fence and carried boards into woods making a shelter of some sort*MI

--Two-dozen footprints "two feet long and a foot wide" in snow in a vacant lot*MI

Residential Incidents Experiences & Encounters

--Residents heard loud strange howl outside his home at night*MI

--Resident found huge tracks measuring 17.5 inch with 4.5 foot stride leading from woods to his yard*MI

--Residents heard loud screaming outside their home*MI

--Resident places curtains on windows due to overwhelming feelings of being watched at night*MI

--Resident heard heavy foot steps noises on the ground through closed windows followed by loud growl*MI

--Resident heard loud deep growling noise outside then cracking wood noise followed by a tree falling*MI

--3-year-old alone outside house starts screaming "Monster Mommy, Monster it ran awayâ€*MI

--After doing whoops and tree knocks, Bigfoot responds by bangs on trailer scaring his family *MI

--Air was odorous, dogs going crazy, looked outside seen 8 foot human shaped creature in their yard*MI 

--Asleep by screen window smells odor sees Bigfoot looking down at him and roars like a lion*MI

--Awoke sensing gazing eyes hears deep breathing and something brushing against trailer*MI

--Banging on door and wall, deep growls and woofing sounds near driveway *MI

--Banging on house and strong lingering skunk-like smell in the air around *MI

--Big male creature with long arms wide shoulders and big rump walking through backyard*MI

--Bigfoot animal walked by house while homeowners were away *MI

--Bigfoot researcher found unexplained tree snaps and large non-human foot prints by old cabin*MI

--Biped seen twice, on separate occasions and believed living near house*MI

--Bipedal Bigfoot sightings around fish die offs and some lurking around after deer*MI

--Boy sees a very large "man" walking through the yard in same area rife with BF encounters*MI

--Building contractor and builder of new homes found more than two dozen 19-inch tracks*MI

--Children frightened by large black hairy figure watching them in the woods just ahead of them*MI

--Children terrified when they see a large dark figures walking by the basement windows*MI 

--Cleaning mushrooms feels something watching her and hears heavy foot steps running away*MI

--County Sheriff’s called on a bear walking upright on two hind legs across a road and through a yard*MI

--County Sheriff's called to investigate loud growls and howls outside home*MI

--Couple alerted by their dog at dark, went outside seen pair of eyes 7 feet high *MI

--Couple heard "a terrible howling scream" seen a massive bipedal animal in their yard*MI

--Creature standing on two feet and head of a dog and human looking in window *MI 

--Dark green helicopter with no markings hovers low following Bigfoot from yard into woods*MI   

--Famers reported chickens missing from their coop and odd pounding on their homes*MI

--Family awoke abruptly to loud screams from the corn field behind their house early a.m. *MI

--Family bothered by series of Bigfoot encounters near home*MI

--Family experiencing a series of possible Bigfoot activity around their property *MI

--Family fled their home when they heard loud grunts and found huge prints and never returned*MI

--Family found eighteen inch footprints after two night cycles of bloodcurdling screams *MI

--Family gathering on back porch talking interrupted by loud siren type scream forces them indoors *MI

--Family grabs a firearm when something pounded on their house and found huge foot prints*MI

--Family hears long mournful calls and loud screech-like calls in the middle of the night *MI

--Family hears roars and sees huge white hairy bipedal animal heading into woods*MI    

--Family hears strange ear piercing screams from the woods*MI

--Family members see black colored female Bigfoot on fringes of new subdivision*MI 

--Family reported banging on the front stoop at midnight wakes up frightened young child *MI

--Family sat and watched 9.5 ft. male Bigfoot on their 10 acre property*MI 

--Family says they see glowing red eyes of Bigfoot watching from inside the woods*MI

--Family stops eating smells sulfur, felt feelings of being watched, hair rising on their necks*MI

--Family working on cabin hears a noise snapping twigs, sees bipedal figure running*MI

--Farm family heard Bigfoot animals screaming and found carcass of deer ripped apart in yard*MI

--Farm family terrorized by animals screaming like Banchees and eyes watching house at night*MI

--Farmer awakened by screams and howls seen Bigfoot type animal with orange eyes staring at him*MI

--Farmer found large human like tracks in his food plots (wheat) and ground tore up*MI

--Farmer interrupted by a loud, freakish howl, scream, wail in the woods*MI

--Farmer sees biped figure come out of the underbrush thrashing and grunting toward him*MI

--Farmer sees strange tall creature one mile south of where a patrol officer reported a sighting*MI

--Farmer went outside to see why his calf was bellowing and was charged by Bigfoot*MI

--Farmers chased a bear cub until it stood upright on two legs like a man covered in hair*MI

--Feelings of being watched sees Bigfoot animal looking in her living room window growling*MI

--Found an 18 inch human like Bigfoot footprint in his sandy driveway*MI

--Found an elaborate shelter in the woods near home and smelled of a strong odor*MI 

--Found large bipedal footprints in driveway and sees a pair of eyes, really high up in weeds*MI

--Frightened boy sees a large shadow walk past his bedroom window 10 feet off ground*MI  

--Girl home alone hears low guttural growl and knocking noises leaves her house*MI

--Glimpsed something large walking through his backyard leaving 15 inch human like prints*MI

--Grunt, Snort noises follows witness to his house, causes his dog to panic *MI 

--Heard “high pitched, sharp and broken report" sees prints 14" long and 11" long around house*MI

--Heard bone chilling scream of bipedal figure causing nervous stir among horses and pigs*MI

--Heard breathing at his window and seen creatures on all fours across his yard at night and moves *MI

--Heard brush breaking saw large bipedal figure walking on fringe of the swamp near house* MI

--Heard car opening and shutting and 40 lbs rock in middle of driveway*MI

--Heard heavy breathing outside window, and heard bloodcurdling screams outside*MI

--Heard pair of "Bigfoots" dragging something and grunting back and forth at each other*MI

--Heard screams changing from high to low and a ""demonic"" chuckle, scream and laugh outside*MI

--Heard screams upon checking found over 200 footprints in a two acre area around the house*MI

--Heard something looked outside and saw a big hairy animal drinking from the swimming pool*MI

--Heard something very large, and very heavy walking through the dried leaves near home *MI

--Heard strange noises in wooded areas and dogs are barking a lot and extremely nervous*MI

--Heard suspicious noises after midnight and then found huge footprints*MI

--Hearing a noise near the glass plate window, a man looks into the face of a creature *MI

--Hears dogs barking sees huge hairy Bigfoot animal walk into a grain shed and grabbed his gun*MI

--Hears knocking on house sees large bipedal figure peeking around corner finds huge prints*MI

--Hears loud high pitch screams from the woods through his closed bedroom windows*MI

--Hears loud pounding on their house and deep guttural woofing grunts during a.m. *MI

--Hears pounding on outdoor deck, sees large Bigfoot figure crouching stand*MI

--Hears screams, a low growl, odors and sees a big hairy biped stepping over a fence toward him*MI

--Home builder in woods hears growls like a lion and loud bangs against house*MI

--Home owner senses being watched spotted movement and found a 22 inch foot print*MI

--Home surrounded by fields and woods experiences loud pounding on their door early a.m.*MI

--Homeowner detects a strong smells rocks hitting house and guard dogs cower quietly *MI

--Homeowner experiencing a series of Bigfoot activity around their property*MI

--Homeowner finds 17"x 8" prints with a stride of 54" from his yard heading off into swamp*MI  

--Homeowner hears strange chattering voices in her driveway late at night*MI 

--Homeowner hears tree knocking and sees a large shadow figure walking past their window *MI

--Homeowner out near an old shed saw a head peeking out behind a tree at him*MI 

--Homeowner retreats to house when upright Bigfoot animal and it started walking towards him *MI

--Homeowner returns home finds several large heavy rocks blocking his driveway*MI

--Homeowner seen a bipedal animal with chimp face with incisor teeth standing at wood line*MI

--Homeowner was awakened by the strangest screams ever heard by wild creatures *MI

--Huge hairy thing standing on two feet scared a family and spooked their animals*MI

--Huge shaggy Bigfoot blocking out light found peering in bathroom window*MI

--Husband and wife awoke to loud "growling around" their trailer home*MI

--Husband and wife cannot sleep without curtains closed, seen glowing eyes outside *MI

--Husband and wife hear strange howls and screams like a woman in distress from a corn field*MI

--Kids exploring see hairy brown man running through woods*MI

--Kids see a black bipedal figure with bright red eyes and a strong stinking odor in a tree*MI

--Landowner raising deer sees Bigfoot creature from tree stand running on all fours growling*MI 

--Large 15-17 inches long, 6-8 inches wide & 2-3 inches deep found in a sand box*MI

--Large Bigfoot in shadows of brush, and another near a bridge watching man mowing grass*MI

--Large biped figure runs from yard in a loud thumping sound grunting and growling*MI

--Large bipedal creature seen running on two legs taking great strides across a farm field*MI  

--Lets their dog out hears it screaming turns her porch light on and sees a huge Bigfoot creature*MI

--Light taps on windows, howls in the woods and outside house *MI

--Looking out window sees tall black ape walking through his backyard woods*MI

--Looks out upstairs window and sees large Bigfoot with glowing eyes*MI

--Loud howling noises ending in a kind of scream sound coming from the woods behind house *MI 

--Man chases Bigfoot away from house found squatting off his back deck windows peeping*MI

--Man hears dog fussing looks out window sees huge Bigfoot figure standing near his home*MI

--Man mowing grass had feeling of being watched and caught a bipedal animal watching him*MI

--Man reports Bigfoot sightings several times on farm in which objects were thrown at his house *MI

--Man walking his property hears something heavy along the swamp too big to be a dog or deer*MI

--Man walking through the woods behind house and found two non-human Bigfoot tracks*MI

--Mom noticed strong odors terrified son sees a “Monster was looking in his window,†him at night*MI

--Mother and child alone at home heard strange noises outside and seen a large hairy man in yard*MI

--Mother and daughter walking their dogs when something let a loud bellow less than 100 ft *MI

--Motorist spots a brownish black 9 foot female Bigfoot crossing his driveway*MI

--Moved to new property and hears almost nightly howls and strange tee-pee structures*MI

--Mushroom picker sees two large bipedal figures watching him estimated 9 and 7 ft. with breasts*MI

--Neighbors call police a couple of times a year, "something" sneaking around their yards at night*MI

--Noise in the woods and slaps on his van windows and the side of his house scares family*MI

--Noticed something big and brown in the brush and he warned his neighbor to keep kids away*MI

--Numbers of residents reported sightings of a Bigfoot creature not far from town*MI

--People watch Bigfoot on road near their house *MI 

--Pounding on outside house walls in the early morning hours and dogs are unusually quiet*MI

--Property is frequented by Bigfoot animals because of numbers of huge foot print tracks found*MI

--Property owner strongly feels something watching him from the brush*MI

--Property owner’s dog ran out of the woods shivering, staring at point where he ran out of*MI

--Red-haired, "monster" spotted peering into its windows by several residents*MI

--Resident by swampland hears clacking rocks, snapping branches howling and screams*MI

--Resident finds large human like footprints in their yard*MI

--Resident found 16 in tracks around her property*MI
--Two people snapping photos of their wooded property see a pair of glowing red eyes *MI

--Resident found four dead deer covered in leaves*MI

--Resident found their three wire electrical destroyed by apple orchard and blackberry patch*MI

--Resident heard loud crashing in dense thick woods and “Whoop†sounds*MI   

--Resident reported they found rather large footprints in their backyard *MI

--Resident sees large dark shadows walking past window near the swamp*MI

--Resident surrounded by forest hears pounding on his cabin wall finds massive footprints*MI

--Residents experience pounding on the side of their home late at night, see tall black animal *MI

--Residents hear screams, howls, causing animals to act up and get nervous*MI

--Residents see huge man-like creature standing in his driveway*MI

--Residents watch black hairy beast walking upright on hill behind house*MI

--Scared family says Bigfoot animals pushed on a car causing one resident to speed off*MI

--Scream, Crashing through Brush at Woods Edge, Red Eyes Foul odor*MI

--Screams, musty smell in the air getting uneasy feelings of being watched in own backyard*MI

--Screen knocked through a window and large black hairy arm reaches in from outside residence*MI

--See 8 foot tall dark ape run through her yard carrying dead chickens*MI

--Seen a “gorilla†in front yard and heard heavy thuds and screams*MI

--Seen a Bigfoot "thing" with arms below its knees, in the back yard from his upstairs window*MI

--Seen black "enormous thing" 7 ½ ft (compared to height of green corn behind it) Bigfoot*MI

--Seen hairy biped “thing†sprinting across two acre property in very few steps*MI 

--Seen huge 7-8 feet tall ape type thing walking in the yard letting out a loud howl*MI 

--Seen immense 7 ½ foot compared to height of green corn it behind*MI

--Sees Bigfoot creature around her property *MI

--Sees bipedal figure walking across neighbors lawn and walked off in woods behind the home*MI

--Sees large hunched shadow slink away into the wood line when company pulls up in driveway*MI

--Sees massively built bipedal figure briefly as it walked into woods

--Sees tall dark wolf-like with yellow glowing eyes peering back through the window*MI

--Several residents experience foul odor coming from the woods, loud screams, and noisy tree knocks*MI

--Sheriff’s Department called about large bipedal animal striking a house*MI

--Steps from his outhouse sees tall hairy over-sized monkey who runs into woods screaming*MI

--Students flee indoors when they see Bigfoot in the woods near High School *MI 

--Taking trash out sees Bigfoot creature she believed to be a huge black man in a gorilla suit*MI

--Terrified couple awakened by a very high pitched screaming, like a woman or a child's scream*MI

--Three people outside see 9-10 foot tall Bigfoot walking out of their yard and into the woods *MI

--Three teen girls on their porch watched a Bigfoot creature come out of the woods *MI

--Toddler repeatedly wakes up screaming and crying until family covers windows*MI 

--Two Bigfoot chattering back and forth whack side of trailer as they walk past *MI

--Two families sitting around the backyard heard high pitched sounds change to growls for hours*MI

--Two young teenagers find huge unexplained large three toed foot prints behind house*MI    

--Upon arriving home seen glowing red eyes in the brush watching them*MI

--Walking dogs in their backyard seen a 7 foot tall creature sitting on the bank of a pond*MI

--Walks around trailer hears something very large run away through the brush just around the corner*MI

--Watched bipedal figure from the kitchen window until it walked into trees*MI

--Woman complains her sleep is disrupted by loud screams in woods at night *MI 

--Woman doing dishes looks out window sees very large and hairy walking across the road*MI

--Woman frightened by late night very weird moaning and loud mournful howling in the woods*MI

--Woman letting dog outside hears a strange deep moaning sounds like a cow in woods*MI

--Woman reported she heard Bigfoot screams in her backyard *MI

--Woman sitting at breakfast table seen erect biped creature come out of the woods 100 yards away*MI

--Young boy terrified when he sees a Bigfoot peering in through his bedroom window*MI

--Young girls saw large bipedal creature watching them while playing hide and seek*MI

Like the old saying goes, they are hidden in plain sight more than we will ever comprehend, and as long we continue feeding them they will always associate people with food. They learn to survive on the fringes of modern man watching, foraging and always scavenging for food. That is my opinion, what is yours? 

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^^^^And remember, that big list up there - and other big lists Gumshoeye has posted elsewhere - is JUST MICHIGAN.


Dismiss those without discussion as [your pet 'theory' here], and you've dismissed yourself from the conversation.  Which is not what a scientist does.


(For my two cents:  if you are bipedal and generally look from a distance like a giant human - and 'general' would be all that's required - you are much better concealed at a dump or a dumpster than a coyote or a bear would be.)

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Ok i'll chip in where the SSR is concerned.

We have 74/542 WA State reports in the SSR (14%) that occurred with the witness activity being " Normal activity at home ".

Across the country, 269/1635 of all reports in North America that we have in the SSR (16%) so far have occurred with the witness activity being " Normal activity at home ".

27% of those WA State reports are in Winter, 14% of them are in Spring, 34% are in Summer and 26% are in Fall.

Across the Continent, 20% are in Winter, 19% in Spring, 32% are from Summer and 20% from Fall.

When you take into consideration that in WA, Winter reports only make up 11% of reports you might see some significance to these numbers and what they might represent.

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Spring means food from natural resources starting to become more available again after the winter though doesn't it Chele ?

Winter is key, especially if Humans = Food.

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This is a comment I found at that last link I dropped off in UB#1 last week (Cape Cod Wildlife Recording). I found it while looking for sounds of fishers after hearing something a bit screamy in a recording of mine. Cool site, and the comment cracked me up.


Hi, I’m in Lausanne, Switzerland. We have a small garden, that overlooks a river. They’ve tried to make of the river area a sort of natural preserve. Sometimes animals can be spotted. Once I saw a fox, on a neighboring residential street. The reason I write is one night this summer, some frightening animal screams woke me up, not unlike that fisher cat – of which there aren’t any in Europe. Our three animals were standing still when I went to the living room; the two cats sitting up; our chihuahua hardly barking, all three as if mesmerized. There were resonant steps sounds from the soil too, as if the animal were quite heavy and/or muscular. I’d never heard anything like it. I went back to bed yet my imagination started running, until the beast went away! Could it have been a fox?


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Guest lightheart

Wow Gumshoe! That is quite a list.

I find the ones that involve them being seen in abandoned structures interesting, especially the incident describing one using the boards from the abandoned house to make his own shelter in the woods. These kinds of reports highlight just how opportunistic they must be. Not animal behavior....some reasoning skills are obviously at play here.

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Once again, great list Gumshoeye,  I don't know how you do it, but keep it up!!  If I were to

guess I am certain that these creatures have ventured very near to very urban areas, I mean

they will move in the dark of night into those little natural corridors, then retreat back into

deeper cover in daylight.  There is little doubt they have mastered that art, and it seems that

when you study the road crossing sightings, many of them are heading home from their nightly

jaunts.  It would not at all surprise me if a very urban sighting gets documented.  I am not

talking about one riding the bus, but perhaps along a railway or stream, and a lot closer to

downtown than we would ever think possible.

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LCB, I hope for more reports, as well. Your thread has been one of the most educational ones on here. I'm excited to be traveling to a southern city that's known for BF activity this week and will record audio for four nights, in both urban and rural environments. The last time I was there, I was just starting to figure some of this out, so no evidence was gathered. Since then, I've learned so much from you and others. Thank you!

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Thanks JKH I have learned as much or more than anyone from

having started this thread. I am determined to be able to

identify patterns and behavior of these creatures who are

definitely the ultimate in stealth and reclusiveness. I know

that it is a life long investigation, so I am in it for the

long hall. Much of the foundation is already laid by others

wiser than myself, I continue to be a student of those who pursue

the matter to reveal the truth, and nothing else. There is a

nobleness that comes from having no agenda but revealing the

reality, whatever that may be. I am neither pro kill or no kill

only pro science. I desire that we can understand the marvelous

nature of this creature, and to protect it for future generations.

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Ok i'll chip in where the SSR is concerned.

We have 74/542 WA State reports in the SSR (14%) that occurred with the witness activity being " Normal activity at home ".

Across the country, 269/1635 of all reports in North America that we have in the SSR (16%) so far have occurred with the witness activity being " Normal activity at home ".

27% of those WA State reports are in Winter, 14% of them are in Spring, 34% are in Summer and 26% are in Fall.

Across the Continent, 20% are in Winter, 19% in Spring, 32% are from Summer and 20% from Fall.

When you take into consideration that in WA, Winter reports only make up 11% of reports you might see some significance to these numbers and what they might represent.



BobbyO, you have done a Yeoman’s job of tracking Bigfoot migration and are probably the best authority to ask, have you noticed any interesting anomalies with recent droughts of California in so far as migration is concerned?


Secondly, what if any migration patterns do you see in the Michigan Midwest area?



Lake County Bigfoot, you are doing a fine job and are asking all the right questions my friend, thank you .... 

Edited by Gumshoeye
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What we all need is a collaboration of the behavior, I mean we all have these

pieces of the puzzle, but none of us has them all. If we can use this forum

to achieve those ends we have done something substantial. I like the effort

put forth in here by many, like all endeavors perseverance is key, and understanding

that there is no quick fix here. One day, possibly soon, this creature will be

known as factual to the world, and that only begins the journey toward understanding

how they persisted to this day and age basically unknown and unseen, well at least

for 99.999 percent of the population.

Edited by Lake County Bigfooot
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