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Suggestion for a camera

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Not only is a DSLR big but the longer telephoto lenses are heavy and bulky too.       Unless I am camped on a ridge line and drove right there to get there,  I would not bring a DSLR.    Where you have inserted into a known active area and want to play Jane Goodall then you might want that much camera available.     I got mine out the other day and charged the battery since I had not used it in a couple of years.       Other than lugging it around,   I just cannot get over the feeling that something as large as a DSLR would make BF even more wary of humans.     While people swear that BF knows what cameras are,   I just don't think we have definitive evidence of that.       It could be that something unknown or strange outside of their experience makes them wary?       The other thought I have had on the subject, since most deer hunters have scopes on their rifles,  perhaps BF associates looking through a lens with someone who is hunting and likely to shoot?      They might not know the difference between a rifle scope and a camera.       Their lack of cultural artifacts seems to indicate their brain might not be wired to understand too much in the way of gadgetry.    Otherwise they would be using spears etc for hunting.    Mankind and his immediate ancestors have been using cultural constructs, tools, and weapons for a million years.      There is little evidence of that other than what can be grabbed and discarded in the immediate area used by BF.   

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