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Finding Bigfoot Top 6 best evidence list....

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21 hours ago, Squatchy McSquatch said:

At the very least the Crippledfoot should have been the first Beast to have been caught ;)


How you gonna catch a Bigfoot if  you can't even catch a Cripplefoot?


21 hours ago, Squatchy McSquatch said:

Mark my words cripplefoot is the nail in the Logical coffin.


It was, by definition, crippled, and still evaded any and all detection.


You’re confusing the inability to find crippled individuals with the validity of the Bossburg tracks (your inspiration for the actual argument). Faked tracks aren’t supportive of the argument that sasquatch don’t exist. The tracks can only falsify that argument (if they’re authentic)



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Thanks, you're not so bad yourself there friendly giant haha !:drinks:


I appreciate our conversations as well, hope is always good, be it for a scientist, skeptic or proponent. I look at this subject skeptically an scientifically, I think one has to. In doin' so over the years, there are aspects that have lead me to form opinions on the PGF an the subject in general.


Things like the PGF tracks, are extremely compellin', either the subject filmed made them or they were hoaxed by Patterson an Gimlin. Scientists argued the MTB found in the tracks shouldn't exist in a bipedal primate, it was a characteristic found in quadrupedal primates, until only recently that is. That characteristic found in the PGF is scientifically, roughly 40 some years ahead of its time. 


Although not impossible, I find it highly unlikely all reports/sightin's an track finds over the decades are mistaken...or lies. Witness description predate "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch", they simply describe somethin' similar. 











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On 4/23/2018 at 10:37 AM, hiflier said:


Thanks for sharing the link hiflier! Been interested in the subject for many years, and it’s always a pleasure reading something like this that’s new to me :)

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