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Talmadge Mooseman

Squatchin' Vehicle

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On 5/3/2018 at 1:49 PM, Talmadge Mooseman said:

I'm driving a front-wheel drive car right now, and as I get more into this research thing I realize I need a better vehicle for navigating rugged terrain.


I don't really care if it is an SUV, pickup or other, but any suggestions?  I don't want a real big vehicle, but big enough to lie down in (I'm 6'2").  Thanks.



Any 4x4 truck with a 3-4" lift on 33's would be a good option if you dont mind sleeping in the bed.


I've got an '06 Wrangler on a 3" lift on 33's.  The short wheelbase and small lift makes it pretty capable and its got a tight turning radius although I cant lay down in it. 

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