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Estimate Height by measuring step length.

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SSR Team
16 hours ago, OkieFoot said:

Using a 41" stride gives you a height of 99+ in., which is still over 8ft.

Patty Full Stride.jpg

a 41" Step = an 82" stride

Here is an image showing one full stride at 169 pixels = 82"

She's walking slightly away from the camera so 191 pixels tall in fist step and 186 pixels one stride later.

Average height in pixels = (191+186)/2 = 188.5


if 169 pixels - 82" the 188.5 px = (188.5/169) x 82 = 91" tall or 7' 7"

Since she is moving away, 169 pixels probably indicates  less than 82" (guessing 80")


(188.5/169) x 80 = 89" or 7' 5"


I'm still guessing a bit on height because I can the bottom of the left foot.

80 or 82 inch stride is an assumption. It could be larger, but probably not much smaller.


My problem is that to my eyes she appears closer than McClaren. At this height she must be further back. This may have something to do with focal length of the lenses. I don't know how to resolve that.


These numbers put that stick at just under 24". I think Perez called it 26" but I don't believe it's straight. It will appear shorter that it actually is. An appearance of 24" is  probably pretty accurate


Difficult to measure but I estimate foot size based on these numbers at this spot to be 15-16 inches,

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