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Relict Hominiod Theory - Comparison with Russian Scientists

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28 minutes ago, Huntster said:


Indeed. Perhaps the trip was Meldrum's first chance to meet Morehead, and he wanted to ask him why he had never been invited to the camp? 


I remember reading Meldrum express his suspicions when he met Paul Freeman for the first time on a whim of his own, and then have Freeman ask him if he wanted to see some fresh tracks that he had found that very morning. But he found the tracks very convincing. I would have thought that Meldrum would have offered Freeman the moon if he would guide the kind professor to a sasquatch. 


All Meldrum had to do was to tell the organizer or Burtsev to send him photos. Hard to believe but not everyone had smartphones in 2011. Maybe the habit of snapping pics hadn't sunk in yet. Brings to mind another unrelated interaction between Bayanov and Bob Gimlin for some event that turned out to be a waste of Bob's time.


I'm sure Meldrum and Morehead knew each other before that event.



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