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Bigfoot Timeline 1990-2020

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SSR Team
On 6/2/2020 at 4:49 PM, gigantor said:


I could be wrong...  @BobbyO says that reports take a few years to get posted on the BFRO site, I don't know.


BFRO received reports in 2020.


Of course they have to be both sifted through then investigated and if deemed good enough, then get uploaded. That takes time.


They're average adding around 12 per month right now.


Week 1 - 10

Week 2 - 17

Week 3 - 6

Week 4 - 8

Week 5 - 25

Week 6 - 12

Week 7 - 17

Week 8 - 11

Week 9 - 21

Week 10 - 19

Week 11 - 14

Week 12 - 15

Week 13 - 17

Week 14 - 15

Week 15 - 25

Week 16 - 19

Week 17 - 19

Week 18 - 18

Week 19 - 16

Week 20 -15

Week 21 -18

Week 22 - 18




On 6/3/2020 at 1:22 AM, MIB said:

I don't think it is possible to deduce anything based on report numbers.    There are simply too many moving parts.    Social media has fostered the formation of MANY small, local groups and individuals so you don't have to go to the big names that publish reports anymore to talk to someone and you don't have to face the interrogation that was characteristic of BFRO when I made my report.   It is more socially acceptable now, too, to talk about bigfoot so there are likely fewer people who report just to have a sanity check.    Moreover ... go to BFRO's site and look at the recently published reports list, look at the dates.    Now, think about that chart previously shown.    It simply takes some amount of time for reports to be investigated and published, so the recent gap may show nothing about reports, only about investigation and publication.    We have to wait 10 years to see what has been published about now to know about the number of reports now.   


May not be what you want to hear, but it is truth.    Deal with truth or deal with wishful thinking.   It's up to you.



Absolutely spot on.

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Totally random comment - and not worthy of the scholarship many in the post have demonstrated...but I have always found the Jack LInk's ads annoying. Poor Sasquatch ends up looking like a reactionary jerk. In my mind I don't see Bigfoot as chasing people for beef jerky. I realize the ads are for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with scientific scholarship - but still, when I read the great list and this excellent commentary I am just disappointed that many folks only experience with Sasquatch is those commercials.

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Posted (edited)

Area51 and ufology seemed to reach its zenith in the 90’s too


i remember coast to coast was all the rage in the 90’s


There was a video from like 1997 where area51 scientists were examining a gray 

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On 6/1/2020 at 5:35 PM, gigantor said:


The internet me thinks.


I wonder what the curve would look like if the internet were available in the 70s and 80s.

I can say that in criminal matters (in the case of serial offenders), reality is best described by the reporting behavior of victims. 

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Doc Holliday

Might be interesting to compare those report  charts ebb& flow (timing wise )to the rise and fall of TV shows on the subject.

Leonard nemoy / " in search of" , Finding BF, heck, maybe even Harry and the Hendersons could either put the thought in people's head or at least make them keep a more wary eye out for the unusual, resulting in sighting increases ,if there is a correlation between the two.

As someone mentioned, I also figure the internet has been a big factor.

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On 5/24/2020 at 2:53 PM, Mendoza said:

Below is my attempt at a timeline of developments in the Bigfoot world for the past 30 years.  I've tried to include significant events including research conducted, evidence gathered, hoaxes, and media phenomena.  Let me know what I've missed.



First broadcast of the TV series "Harry and the Hendersons."



Klamath Screams recorded.

"Harry and the Hendersons" cancelled.



Freeman Footage recorded.

Ohio Howl recorded.  (The Ohio Howl is later used in many "call blasting" experiments.)



Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization founded.

Redwoods Footage recorded.



Memorial Day Footage recorded.

New York Baby Footage recorded.

Snow Walker Footage (hoax) recorded.



Doerr Skunk Ape Photo taken.

Landis publicly claims that Chambers made an ape suit for the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



International Society of Cryptozoology disbands.

Glickman publishes "Toward a Resolution of the Bigfoot Phenomenon."

Fahrenbach publishes "Sasquatch:  Size, Scaling, and Statistics."

Shealy Skunk Ape Photos taken.

BBC series "X-Creatures" attempts to replicate the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



Skookum Cast discovered.

Chilcutt studies dermal ridges in footprint casts.

Shealy Skunk Ape Footage recorded.



Ray Wallace dies; afterwards family members claim he was involved in hoaxing the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



Davis begins work on the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



Greg Long publishes "The Making of Bigfoot," promoting the claims of Bob Heironimus and Philip Morris regarding their involvement in hoaxing the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



Davis releases a stabilized version of the Patterson-Gimlin Film.

Sonoma Footage hoaxed by Penn and Teller.

Biscardi promotes a "captured Bigfoot" hoax.



Davis claims that the Patterson-Gimlin Film subject is a "Digger Indian."

Jack Link's begins the popular "Messin' with Sasquatch" ad campaign.



Davis claims that the Patterson-Gimlin Film documents a "Bigfoot massacre."

Dyer and Whitton perpetrate a "frozen Bigfoot" hoax.



Lozier et al. publish an ecological niche modeling study concluding that black bear misidentification is the source of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Munns releases "The Munns Report" on his analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin Film.



Nelson publishes "Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard" based on his analysis of the 1971 Berry-Morehead Tapes.



Relict Hominid Inquiry established.

First broadcast of "Finding Bigfoot."



Ketchum issues a press release stating that her DNA analysis had identified Bigfoot as a hybrid of Homo sapiens and an unknown primate species.



University of Oxford and Cantonal Museum of Zoology publish a DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair samples, none of which were validated as Bigfoot in origin.

Dyer hoaxes a shooting of Bigfoot.



"Finding Bigfoot" cancelled.


It would be a ton of work to fill in a complete timeline of events. It depends on your BF interests and what types of reading you do.  I think everyone's timeline of events would look different. It's a good idea though.

Next time, leave out all references to MK Davis. Thanks.


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