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Why does the Skunk ape only have 4 toes?

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1 hour ago, NatFoot said:

@BlackRockBigfoot before I finished reading your post with the pics, I was thinking...looks like a bad cartoon and then you mentioned the cartoon look as well.


Almost over exaggerated for a "wow" effect.

Yeah.  That's what I thought.


The tracks that we found looked more like the foot on the right, but broader.  Toes were thicker and splayed a bit. 


Btw, do yourself a favor and don't google 'four toed feet'.




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20 hours ago, BlackRockBigfoot said:



Have you had any experience with 4 toed prints?

I've never found a track unfortunately.
I'm hoping I can move to a more squatchy area once things calm down a bit.

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Not all of the tracks found in places where skunk apes are believed to live have four toes. Over the years, I have seen images and videos of five toed prints from the Southern U.S. states as well. It seems like the majority of images out there regarding four toed prints are all of the same casts. Some of those four toed casts just don't appear as something that came from an actual living creature, though.

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