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What Keeps You Interested In Sasquatch

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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2011 at 0:13 AM, COGrizzly said:

Kind of curious. What exactly keeps someone coming back here to the BFF and being interested in SQ? (I tried looking, thought I saw a thread on this one time B4) I have recently thought what a huge waste of time, yet the thing that keeps me coming back to the BFF is...

1. the people. lots of good people on here still.

2. fun, curious topics...after weeding through the crap.

What about SQ in general? What keeps ya curious?

1. the reports and word of mouth reports no one on the web hears about.

2. just the wonder of mystery in general.

As my "belief" keeps fading, it is still the fact that seemingly sane people keep seeing these things.

Feel free to add any personal sightings...even if you've mentioned them a bazzilion times. Like my track sighting.

It's REAL.  I'd say I also like perusing peculiar Mental Situations.  But those are for the most part on my Ignore list now.

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