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    BFFers, I'd like to address the "tracks" reported to Cliff Barackman and the BFRO near Elbe, WA. I afforded the individual involved a lengthy period of time (five months) to do the right thing, and fully disclose his involvement with the event. That hasn't happened yet. Moreover, the individual involved has continued to insist (privately) that he had absolutely no involvement with the event in question. His denial of involvement has driven people to question my initial statements and assertions. Initially, I granted the person involved a chance to admit his involvement privately to the people who were the most affected by his actions; the people who invested personal time and resources to his claims. The guilty party never did so, and still continues to insinuate that I had no real evidence against him. Here's the deal, folks: The first report regarding the track line was submitted in email form to Cliff Barackman, which was forwarded to the BFRO six hours later by the same source. The email address was "davepmorrison@...", but curiously the name signed to the email was "David Morris"; a small (but interesting) discrepancy. I immediately started "sleuthing" this individual in an effort to find out more about them via their online presence. Essentially, the vast majority of the people who submit reports, emails, and phone calls to the organization have an online presence. Some people have left huge amounts of information online, and some very little; but in the vast majority of instances it's very easy to verify who a person is, where they live, their means of employment, etc. I quickly found that the email address provided wasn't linked to any social media or website whatsoever; no Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc., etc. Moreover, there were no "Dave Morrison", "Dave P Morrison", "David Morrison", "Dave Morris", "David Morris" matches which in any way "fit the bill" (geographically and otherwise) for this individual. Hitting that dead end was fairly concerning, because I can almost always find corroborating information about a person in a short amount of time. When I couldn't locate any information about this person, a huge red flag was raised. A few days later, I logged into FLATS (the internal BFRO reports database) and saw that the individual had also submitted a report via the BFRO Report Form. He included that his name was "Dave Morrison" (as opposed to "Morris" and included the same email address. Luckily for us, FLATS records the IP address of every report submission. That gave me a new clue to go on, and I immediately cross-referenced it with the IP address that the original email to Cliff was sent from. It was a match, which means that the same person submitted the initial email and the report three days later. Cliff also sent me another email that the reporting party had sent him, and it came from the same IP address as well. Unfortunately, you can't just Google the owner of an IP address. Various places online will display user's IP addresses (like certain forums, online email lists, etc.), but you'd really have to know where to look, and who you're looking for. Luckily, one of the places that I looked into displayed the IP addresses of the posters. It provided me with the poster's real name and username, and gave me a whole new lead to follow. A few minutes on Google revealed that this person was very involved in the online bigfoot community, and was an ardent skeptic. I recognized his username immediately, and knew that if he was the one who submitted the first reports that something was VERY wrong with the track line. I immediately called Cliff and Scott to fill them in. Derek called within minutes, and I brought him up to speed as well. I enlisted the help of a BFRO member that I work with often with locating information online and asked him to help me find more instances online of this same IP connected to the same individual (username/real name, etc.). Within a few hours, we had collected multiple examples of this person's IP address from various locations on the web. I also contacted veteran researcher Daniel Perez, who had corresponded with this individual before, and asked him if he would forward me the raw source data from the emails that the individual had sent him. He did, and the source data of the two emails matched the IP address. Daniel helped me tremendously by sending me those emails, and I am very thankful that he did. In other words, we now had irrefutable proof that the original email and FLATS report were sent in by a guy who is a borderline fanatical skeptic, and who is a very active member of the online bigfoot community. That, and the guy only lives 47 miles from Elbe. An exhaustive reading of his online posts revealed more information. This guy has been working on creating a life-sized Patty replica in his workshop in an effort to demonstrate that the PGF is fake. He describes (in detail) multiple pairs of fake feet that he has fabricated as part of this experiment. Here are a few quotes from him: June 2012 - "By the way, footprints are easy to fake, require little commitment in time and materials and effort. Which might account for their continued popularity, who knows. Footprints are an easy hoax." August 2012 - "Why spend hours looking for online videos when any one of us can test it simply and easily. It does mean going outside for a while, but it's summer and not too hostile out doors right now. Make a set of fake feet, 14-15 inches long, strap them on so that the toes stick out a ways in the front, and then walk around a bit, walk fast, see how well you adapt and lift your feet. To match the challenge, I'll do the same thing here in a few minutes. Again. Reason I say "again" is because I have already done this experiment. I'm not just sitting here at the keyboard speculating about how people walk barefoot, or with big shoes on or any of that. I like to have fun, play a bit, and enjoy experimentation to test out various ideas. Which is why I say that people lift their feet higher with big shoes on, because that's just what they (we) (I) do." And the most incriminating quote of all: March 2012 - "So how would one explain spayed toes in some faked bigfoot prints? Non-wooden stompers. I'm not going to say right now that there are no bigfoots, or that all prints are fake. However, I will say that making pliable, naturally behaving fake feet is not some rocket science... I have a pair of bigfoot feet I made from dock flotation foam, a sort of shiny plastic closed cell foam that is flexible, firm, easily carved with a knife and shaped with a scraper. Paint them with latex or acrylic paint, and they do everything a real foot would do in terms of print making." Once I had all of that information, it was undeniable that this individual was responsible for the Elbe tracks. After numerous attempts to get the perpetrator to cooperate, I sent him this email on October 3rd: "Axxxx, I've tried to avoid writing you this email, but given your last few posts on the BFF and JREF, I suppose it's time that I contact you about your claims. Here's the bottom line: I have irrefutable proof that you sent the first email to Cliff Barackman, the secondary email to the BFRO, and also submitted a report to the BFRO database. Myself and others compiled this proof and shared it with several researchers (12 to be exact, including Derek) on September 26th. I know that you're very worried about people finding out that you were involved (in any capacity), and you'd prefer not to have your name associated with this. Truthfully, it was never my intention to publicly "out" you. If I had wanted to, I could've done that immediately on the BFRO website and the BFF. It would've looked something like this: 'The investigation of the initial report led us to irrefutable proof that Axxxx Sxxxxxxx AKA "Tontar" was responsible for using a pseudonym and submitting the initial reports regarding the trackway. That evidence has cast doubt over the entire event, and as such, we can't endorse its legitimacy." There would be nothing ethically wrong with releasing that statement either, as it is completely true (unlike the majority of the things you've been posting since the "tracks" were discovered). Obviously, I don't know if you were responsible for faking the tracks themselves, or if you had help from other individuals, etc. What I do know is that you were behind those emails and the BFRO report. Anyone who researches your public claims would also be convinced that you fabricated those tracks. Whether you faked those tracks, or merely reported them for someone else, people will see those statements and assume with certainty that you did it, and that you've been experimenting with fake tracks since March of this year. Many people will also interpret the act as malicious. Maybe you were conducting a legitimate experiment with stompers for your PG recreation. Perhaps you took those things out on a test drive and realized that they looked pretty good. Whatever the reason, things certainly changed when you created an email address and a pseudonym and sent reports and emails to Cliff and the BFRO. That's the part that people will undoubtedly get the most upset with; your desire to deceive others. You lied, plain and simple. You are continuing to lie. You are trying to insinuate that others are responsible, when you know exactly who is truly responsible. Derek Randles is a friend of mine, and I refrained from handing over information to others about your involvement because Derek thought that you would cooperate with him based on good faith. He told me that the two of you had communicated, and had intended to meet. Meanwhile, I continue to see the things that you post in public venues about the researchers' "inabilities" to identify who "did the deed". We've known who "did the deed" for over a week. Every day that we have kept your name confidential should be viewed as a gift. Every day that we haven't done our due diligence and released that information has been an opportunity for you to be honest with the people who deserve to know the truth about this. Derek thought you would. For a moment, I thought you would, too. Instead, you're continuing to lie about the incident, and constantly trying to shift the focus (and the blame) back on to the "researchers"; the very people whom you had hoped to fool. I gave you the chance to admit it on the BFF when I insinuated that you knew exactly where those tracks were before anyone else found them. Instead, you tried to divert attention away from you by concocting a sarcastic response, and then followed it up with a response implying that it was probably a bigfoot proponent who did it! I am tired of giving you opportunities to do the right thing. I am pretty sure the other researchers and investigators are, too. Matt Pruitt" After sending that email, I had a lengthy phone conversation with Tontar about "doing the right thing" and working directly with the people that were affected. It was a nice conversation, and one that left me feeling that Tontar would do the responsible thing and be honest. That still hasn't happened, and since then, many people have questioned my investigative integrity for pointing a finger at Tontar. I have many, many screenshots of all of this information. I can release all of that information if need be. I am hoping (once again) that Tontar will fully disclose the extent of his involvement with this event. His posts about Bill Munns' recent violation of trust related to a different event were what prompted me to finally post this. Tontar's words were the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. It's pretty clear that he never intended to disclose the truth to anyone. Disclosing the truth was always my intention. I only delayed it because I truly felt that I was doing the right thing by allowing him to divulge his side of the story in a way that allowed him some sort of control over the way his story was presented. He sent the emails and the initial report. Do the math, folks. Tontar is responsible for the fabricated tracks at Elbe.
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    I know that this has been discussed ad nauseam here, but I wanted to give my thoughts on the subject... For quite some time now I've been considering if I truly have a place here and whether I should end my participation on the BFF. My two main sticking points are the fanatical "Bigfoot exists", "No they don't", "Yuh-huh!", "Nuh-uh!" echo chamber and the insistence by both sides that the issue must be proven one way or another. There has been much debate recently about the participation of the skeptic/scofftic/denialist (referred to hereafter as SSD's) on the forum. Often quoted is this paragraph from the intro to the forum's Rules & Guidelines: None of this is given as a binding rule, but the principle that if one comes here with "preconceived and immovable notions about bigfoot" then there can be no expectation of "thought-provoking debate" is quite clear. The two viewpoints are mutually exclusive. Without conceding the possibility, no matter how small, that bigfoot might, might exist, then any "discussion" will inevitability devolve into a grade school ***-for-tat that stifles discussion and frustrates a significant portion of the membership who simply want to talk about bigfoot.What is also vital to the debate is the idea that the above principle applies not only to the SSD, but to the True Believer (TB), those who are 100% certain of bigfoot's existence without a sighting of their own. If the TB's cannot bring themselves to admit that someone might have a legitimate reason for not believing that bigfoot exists, we are at loggerheads again. That leaves us with the Knowers, those who claim clear, unambiguous, unmistakable sightings of an unknown large hairy biped. There is no respectable way to deny these claims, and not being present at the time of their encounter, I am happy to accept their claim barring other facts which come to light to contradict it. For the sake of argument, the Knowers exist as an entity unto themselves, and have no real bearing on the endless SSD/TB vicious circle. It seems to me that the FMT, the other administrators, and the Steering Committee here need to decide if we can allow those on both sides of the debate (who staunchly refuse to give any quarter to the other side) to continue their blind-arguing-the-blind antics. The fact we must all face (Knowers excluded. They have their personal proof) is that there is no proof either way. I am a proponent who tries to remain skeptical in the truest sense, and respect those who have thoughtfully reached a different conclusion. What I can't abide is the disrespectful and dismissive dogmatism of both the SSD and the TB, as well as their ongoing feud which serves only to derail many otherwise reasonable discussions, and poison the well here on the BFF. I understand that more rules here would further burden the good folks who volunteer their time as moderators, but unfortunately see no other alternative. Please understand that I am not advocating a stifling of debate. The behavior I am describing, and arguing for the banning of such, is not debate or discussion in any reasonable sense, but is instead merely a peeing contest between two immovable and closed-minded factions who refuse to give one inch to the other side. I am interested in any respectful discussion or views on the subject.
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    During the past few decades of investigating reports and conducting research concerning the presence of Bigfoot in the Southern and Southeastern states, I routinely receive information and see evidence that clearly indicates that the primates relish fruits, berries and vegetables from any source. A recent contact with an older gentleman who lives in Southern Missouri who is aware that a group of Bigfoot have foraged on his and a neighbor’s property for years, told me about Bigfoot taking his entire grape crop. The man was not as upset about the overnight theft of his crop of fruit as he was about the Bigfoot’s antics with his two-piece, concrete bird bath. During the hot weather the man filled the birdbath with cold water each afternoon. Every few mornings he would discover the concrete bowl had been removed from its pedestal and brought and set down on the ground near the home’s back door. The first time that occurred he was not sure that someone was not “playing a prank” on him. The man stated the act was not funny to him because he had to carry the heavy bowl and re-install on the pedestal. He complained the he was, “Too danged old to be lifting and carrying the thing and set it back in place every few days.” He had known a group of Bigfoot came onto to his property every few night because he had heard them “hollering, whooping and beating on trees after dark”. He had no problem with them doing that, and had left apples out for them in the back yard in the area of the bird bath. When he continued to find the birdbath bowl on the ground by the back door for a “refill” he became frustrated by the animals’ antics. He didn’t discuss the situation with anyone until his whole crop of grapes – he said a few bushel – disappeared overnight and he found wide, 18” long bare foot prints in the vineyard. At that time he decided to talk to a neighbor who lived about one-quarter mile away. He approached the man by asking him if he had heard any strange animals sound at night. The man told him he had not only heard them many times at night but at times they were close enough to his home that he had determined there were at least five in the group. He told the man that the animals were those called MO-Mo in that state and Bigfoot in other place. During their discussion the neighbor also told him that he had a peach tree that had such an abundance of fruit this season he cut small forked trees from his property to prop up the heavy loads of fruit on the peach tree limbs to keep the limbs from breaking. The neighbor stated that when the fruit ripened he discover that all of the peaches were picked or shaken loose from the tree and carried off during one night. There was no evidence that a human or wild animal had climbed the tree. Both men realized that typical wild animals would eat their fill at the site, and evidence of that would have been obvious on the ground under the tree. There have been numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings from that county in Missouri that have been submitted to well known Bigfoot research groups. The writer has conducted field work in that area, and recorded reports from several respected area residents. This man’s report is typical of many others that I have investigated in various states– except for the birdbath aspect - that is a new wrinkle for me. The other slight differences in the other reports were that the cultivated fruits stolen were usually apples, pears, plums and, in one instance, figs. The most well known case of a Bigfoot foraging on cultivated fruit occurred in a large peach orchard in Chilton near Clanton, Alabama in the 1960s. The orchard’s owner called the county sheriff’s office and reported the routine theft of peaches on the back side of the orchard near the wood line.. An investigator from that office went to the scene. He saw and photographed very large, human-like tracks in the sandy soil. He followed the tracks into the woods and was convinced it was not a human that stole the peaches and left the tracks. The investigator did not mince words. He told the local newspaper reporters what he saw and gave them his opinions. The story was widely covered by TV stations and other newspapers. There have been several cases that I’ve investigated that involve the theft of garden produce by one or more Bigfoot. During the summer months reports of Bigfoot swiping tomatoes, corn in the roasting ear stage, water melons and cantaloupes from gardens in rural areas of the S & SE are fairly common. During the winter they often take turnips and winter onions. In a majority of such cases, the evidence that it was Bigfoot that raided the gardens was their footprints left in the tilled ground. The primary reason for this post is to alert younger Bigfoot “hunters” that their quarry routinely forages on wild fruits and berries, and very often leaves distinctive evidence of the act. Many years ago I first heard one of the animals vocalize about eleven PM on a very cold night in December. For five years I devoted my spare time to try to determine for sure what made that sound. Although I had seen unusual sign and smelled odd and rank odors that I now know were Bigfoot related, it was not until I saw their huge tracks in the thick grass around the perimeter of an “island” of fruit laden blackberry vines that disclosed their identity. In closely examining that blackberry thicket it was obvious the thicket of vines were undisturbed and that for a distance of over three feet inside the perimeter of the thicket nearly all of the ripe berries had been picked. The tracks in the grass closely adjoining the perimeter showed the Bigfoot had taken steps of about four feet, stopped, brought both feet together and reached over the six to seven feet high vines to gather the ripest berries. His tracks showed that the animal approached the exposed blackberry patch from a nearby creek bottom, and returned to the creek bottom when he had eaten the berries within his reach around the edge of the patch. As a point of fact, had it been a black bear that found the berry thicket first, the thicket of vines would have looked as if an ATV had been driven through the entire patch. I have found many good blackberry patches and kept track of the berries’ growth with the intention of harvesting them to make jelly when they were ripe. The black bears beat me to them most of the time. One large patch I was watching was growing in an old clear-cut area near the top of a mountain. The road up the mountain was rough, rutted and in places covered with silt washed off the mountainside. When I knew the berries would be ripe I made rough drive up the mountain. Just before I reached the berry thicket I passed over a layer of red clay. I knew I was wasting my time. I stopped to look at the tracks of a sow bear and her two cubs that were headed toward the patch. I drove to the berry patch as that was the nearest place to turn around. The pristine berry patch looked as if a tornado had flattened it. Many times I have seen medium to large size black cherry trees with the limbs broken off when the fruit was ripe. I always stop to see for sure if it had been a bear, as is usually the case, did the damage. If so, the limbs will have been pulled across the ground to form somewhat of a circle, with the center of the circle showing a large impression of the bear’s butt. A bear will sit on the ground and gorge itself on the fruit. There always seems to be enough berries left for the coyotes. The cherries are a laxative of sorts because the animal trails, roads or open woods near the site are speckled with runny coyote and bear scat. A bear will always leave the marks of its claws on any tree it climbs; but a Bigfoot seldom leaves toe or fingernail marks when they do that. When a Bigfoot climbs a large wild fruit tree they will seat themselves and bend the fruit bearing limbs close enough to strip the fruit from the limbs and branches with their mouth. The evidence on the ground will be a sprinkling of mashed cherries, fruit stems and lacerated leaves. When smaller cherry trees are found with fruit, and they want it, they will break the tree several feet from the ground. Usually the tree top is drug to a more concealed spot if it was growing in an open area. Many animals forage on the several varieties of wild grapes that grow in this part of the country. Muscadine grapes will mature and bear fruit when the small vines grow along the ground without support. The fruit from such vines is easy pickings for all animals, including humans. (The fruit makes excellent jelly and wine.) Large muscadine vines that grow up alongside or wrapped around the sides of large trees may reach a height of a hundred feet or more, with multiple branches from the ground upwards. Coyote, fox, raccoon, opossum, black bear, and feral hogs forage heavily on the fruit. Bigfoot does as well, although because of the relatively small population of these animals and the vast and widespread growth of the vines it is rare to find compelling evidence of those animals foraging on muscadine fruit. It is not unusual to find a muscadine vine when the fruit is ripening and see that the vine has been manipulated to cause a lot of both the ripe and green fruit to fall to the ground. Several times I have noticed this situation and spent time determining the cause, Most of the time I could plainly see teeth marks on the lower parts of the vines. Tracks and scat in the area confirmed that a coyote had actually jumped off the ground to grasp the vines with its teeth, and no doubt shook its body to cause fruit to fall. The mature fruit was obviously eaten, but the green, hard fruit was left on the ground. Their teeth marks showed they had grasped the vine, shook it and simply turned loose of it; in other words the teeth did not slip down the vine. In other such cases it was obvious that bear had pulled and shook the vines with both their teeth and paws. In one case a bear had clawed, chewed and pulled on a huge vine for some time without dislodging much fruit because the vine was tightly wrapped around a huge pine tree. Only once have I seen a wild grape vine from which appeared a Bigfoot had removed the fruit, and the fruit was summer grapes. The vine was growing up a small maple tree (about six or eight inches in diameter) near the top of steep ridge which was capped by a sheer sandstone cliff. Below the face of the cliff was a small natural clearing covered by rocks and boulders with some grass and small brush. The tree had been near the center of the small clearing, and was covered by the vines of a summer grape. When I found it in September a few years ago, it had been broken off about five feet from the ground. The top part, with the vine and its roots attached, had been taken about twenty yards and placed against the base of the cliff. At that location there was a flat, protruding ledge that was about five or six feet above the cliff base. It was obvious the tree and vine had been moved fairly recently as there were still some dried leaves attached to both the tree and vine. There were a few dried grapes still attached to the vine, and some on the ground rocks below the ledge. Below the ledge was also a localized mixture of grape stems, leaves small broken limbs from both the maple tree and the summer grape vine. Along the base and sides of that cliff, which extends nearly one half mile, there are numerous ledges that are similar to the one described. All of those ledges are covered by the duff from northern red oak and pine trees that grow in broken gaps along the top of the cliff. It was noted that most of the accumulated duff on the ledge near which the tree top was placed was nearly gone, and what was left had been disturbed. The ironic thing to me was in this very area, nearly fifty years ago, I walked the length of the top of that cliff for the first time, at times having to walk on tree limbs to get across the gaps. It was only a few hundred yards from this natural clearing that I climbed down to the base of the cliff and on my way to the base of the ridge. When I reached the base of the cliff I immediately smelled the most disgusting and obnoxious odor I had ever encountered in the woods at that time. I thought the smell might have originated from a coyote den, but when I began looking around for one, the odor became fainter and fainter until it was gone. Just memories and observation I wanted to share while I still can. Kindest regards to all.
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    Give it a rest Crow, you're becoming real nauseating and that's not a good thing. You don't think they exist, we get that, and that's cool. There is NOTHING you can ever say or do however that can ever change what many of us have seen. Hopefully you can accept that one of these days and go and enjoy your life.
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    I spoke with Thomas Steenburg yesterday, to enquire how Bill Miller was doing, and heard that he had phoned Thomas to arrange closing his tour business for the winter, so he obviously has the breathing tube removed, and is alert enough to be concerned with his future, so that's a good sign. I have no details on the problems that put him in the hospital, but he seems to be on the way to a recovery. Thank you all for your concern and prayers.
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    He was my mentor. He was one of my best friends. I will miss him. Thomas Steenburg
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    Yowie as above stated several have been shot and a lot have been "drawn down" on and the people decided not to shoot. A hunter here in my state was in that position. He was a State trooper out hunting and never even pointed the gun at the Sasquatch and stated that it was to human looking. You have already figured out the gun ownership is a touchy subject. If you get your info from mainstream media in the US then there probably is nothing to talk about because you have fallen for the propaganda. They keep trying to ban what they call "assault" weapons. The semiautomatic "assault weapon" (fully auto is illegal without the right permit and very few are given) is classed as a rifle in the FBI tracking of shootings. Rifles are second up from the bottom (above shotguns) for number of people killed. On average there are almost 2 times the people killed with knives, 2 times the number of people killed with blunt objects (hammer, ballbat), almost 3 times the number of people killed each year using no weapon other than hands, feet, pushing. now the most people in at almost 30 times the number killed with rifles are killed with handguns! Why is the government trying to get rid of the "assault" weapon because if you had one of them it would not be near as easy to take you in a tactical assault type of situation. They should be going after what kills almost 16 times as many Americans every year than all murders combined and that is medical malpractice at 225,000 per year. I would feel less afraid of running into gun owner than I am going to the doctor.
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    I was in the woods when I received a text telling me about Ray's hospitalization several days ago. I returned home last night, and today was the first opportunity I had to visit Ray. I just walked in the door from doing so. Ray is in good spirits, and for a dying man, he looks great. He is ready for the impending transition. We spent our hour and a half together talking about bigfoot, astronomy, interesting people, his rich and unique life, and other stuff. He told me about his books, some of which have yet to be published. He shared insights and stories. It was great. Back in 1997, I was road tripping with my soon-to-be (and now ex-) wife. I subscribed to the WBS newsletter, the Track Record, at the time, so I took a chance and called Ray Crowe when we were in Portland, OR. I was hoping to see the bookstore and some of his sasquatch artifacts kept in his bookstore's basement where the WBS met every month. Ray told me on the phone that all that stuff was over at Larry Lund's home because of a flood or something or other in the bookstore. Ray gave me Larry's number, which I called, and my ex and I spent four or five hours with Larry that night. The evening blew my mind. The thought that there were actually people into this stuff I guess hadn't really occurred to me at that point. I credit (or perhaps "blame" would be a better word) that night with accelerating me to wherever I find myself today. It started with that phone call. It started with Ray. Today, I thanked Ray for this. I'd be lying if I said I did this with dry eyes. I feel like we in the PNW all owe Ray a lot. He started the monthly meetings here in Portland, of which echoes can now be seen in HopsSquatch. He carried on the tradition of newsletters pioneered by the Bay Area Group and the Bigfoot Co-op (am I showing my age now?). He suggested to us that we always wear our "skepticals" while reading his newsletter, as it was raw data, no filters added, which is good advice for all bigfooters. He's not dead yet, but he is on his way to check out. He is/was not only a catalyst for my life path, I am happy to call him a friend. Think positive thoughts for friend of the 'squatch, Ray Crowe.
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    I have three {3} of Rene Dahindan's Sasquatch brochures left. After these are gone, they are only in personal collections. And, these brochures, which are "Mad Magazine" humorous, rarely show for auction. I traded some things to Larry Lund, the owner of of Rene's last box, for the ones I have, maybe 10 years ago. So, if you donate $100 to the forum's fund raising, you will get a copy. Please note, I have attached these brochures to a copy of my book "The Oregon Bigfoot Highway" on an auction house for about $25 plus shipping. So, I guess I'll include a copy of the book But again, when this last one is gone, it is gone. Next, I will cancel the auction. And, if sold, I will keep the last two copies for my purposes. Joe here Oh, forgot: I'll add a signed copy of Dr. R. Jones book, Tracking the Stoneman, West Virginia's BF. Let's meet our goal. This is a great site, let's keep it that way. { In memory of Bobbie Short and her site, "Bigfoot Encounters."} Long live Dear Bobbie in the here after.
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    Technically, a scientist is anyone who applies the scientific method when investigating a hypothesis. There were scientists long before there were scientific organizations, degrees, and scientific awards. Is an amateur astronomer who discovers an asteroid barreling toward Earth any less an astronomer than someone with a PhD in the science? The amateur is probably using a better telescope than Galileo had. On the other hand, is Bill Nye, the "Science Guy", really a climate scientist? After all, he only has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. The real question is: "What does society currently accept as reasonable qualifications for a "Scientist"? And the answer may vary from field to field, subject to subject, and political viewpoint to political viewpoint. Unfortunately; advanced degrees, experience, and resources are accompanied by a healthy portion of hubris.
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    I think this thread is just another opportunity for you to tell us what folly the subject matter is. Maybe you should save us all the trouble and answer your own questions. To stay on topic... The Giants are in New York and San Francisco
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    The BFF is open to anyone who can follow the rules and conduct themselves in a respectful manner. If you feel a member(s) is personally annoying, use the ignore feature. If you feel someone is violating a rule, use the report feature at the bottom of each post. The staff on this forum do an outstanding job but they are not mind readers. And let me say this- If you are an individual who believes that Bigfoot does not and cannot exist, you log on for the sole purpose of reading the content and mocking the membership here and elsewhere....I can tell you that there is a growing intolerance to that mindset on this forum.
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    Truth? In the time I've been here I haven't seen you add anything to a conversation, all I see is your snarky one line quips and comments taking away, distracting and derailing topics ... ending discussions I would like to see continue because I might learn something. Are you here for any reason other than to stroke your ego by intellectually bullying others? That's a serious question, not the insult it probably looks like. I'm trying to solve the puzzle, not just talk about it as a form of entertainment. I don't care about your faux-intellectual wrangling. I want to hear from the witnesses. Y' know what? Some are indeed full of crap. My ego is not wrapped up in abusing people just because I don't believe them. I listen, I judge, I move on. Nowhere on that list is pronouncing my judgment. Maybe I don't belong here. Folks here have chased most of the witnesses off and gagged the rest. If you think about it, without the witnesses, a bigfoot discussion is pretty much a mental masturbation exercise. That's not what I came here for. People wonder why BF hasn't been proven. The conduct right here on BFF illustrates the answer. Ego ahead of understanding. MIB
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    No issue with honest skeptics here. I have an issue with dishonest scoffers who call themselves skeptics and masquerade outright abuse of witnesses as "honest questions." MIB
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    Dear BFF Members, The Steering Committee, the Forum Administration Team and I want to thank you for supporting the BFF. Your generosity has put us in a very good financial situation and we want to give the surplus back to the community in a way that encourages research. I am proud to announce the first ever Bigfoot Forums Researcher of the Year contest. With your continued support, we hope to make this an annual event. You should know that this forum is entirely funded by you and nobody makes a profit, all funds go to run the BFF. Thank You Again -gigantor 2020 Researcher of the Year Contest Prize: $1,000 $1,500 Contest Purpose: To encourage Bigfoot research by awarding a $1000 $1,500 prize to the researcher (or group) who provides the best evidence that Bigfoot exists. Rules 1 ) Contestants must be BFF members. Researchers who are not BFF members and want to participate must join the BFF. 2 ) The winner must have a PayPal account in order to receive the prize. 3 ) Contestants must post a picture, audio or video of the evidence in this thread. If the evidence is in a different form, please explain how you will make it available for consideration. 4 ) The evidence you submit must have been collected by you or your group. Please be prepared to answer questions about the evidence you submit. 5 ) Evidence will be accepted until December 31, 2020 6 ) The Steering Committee will have a secret vote to nominate three finalists no later than January 7, 2021. 7 ) The BFF membership will have a public vote to choose the winner from the finalists January 8-16, 2021. 8 ) The winner will be announced January 17, 2021. 9 ) The BFF Director will decide any ties, disqualifications, misunderstanding, etc. Good Luck!
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    "But knowing an area is active is very valuable information becauseit can lead to all othet associated research". Yep. Over the year and a half I've been involved in this bigfoot adventure, I've gotten to know some of the local knowers, experiencers and researchers. It's a strange little community LOL, and it's been a journey getting connected and I feel like an Apprentice Bigfooter all the time, LOL. AFTER we began finding prints and such at these various lakes and rivers, it was like "oh yeah, let me tell you what happened to us there/near there/within a few miles". We're getting some independent confirmation that stuff had a history of happening around our several different hotspots. We're working on some collaborations while keeping our own research our primary focus. As NorthWind and I gain experience and knowledge of all sorts of things bigfoot related, it'll be exciting to see where this goes. I've learned a lot. I've learned how to cast prints, identify tracks of all sorts of critters, how to find and follow game trails and paths, even orient myself in the woods to a minimal degree (I have no sense of direction, thank goodness NorthWind has an excellent sense of direction - and humor). There's a lot to learn, it's a steep learning curve and most if it's done while your getting rained on, in freezing mud, or while you're spooked or just plain tired. It's not just the bigfooting, it's the hiking and outdoors stuff, too. It's going up trails looking for 9 foot tall primates and the trails give bear and cougar warnings. It's keeping your wits about you after being rained on for three hours in 40 degree weather in the middle of no where, and hoping the truck starts when you return to it. It's an adventure into the unknown, and a personal growth opportunity for sure!
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    Want to see what I've accomplished sitting in my armchair? I long for your approval so that I can go back to being critical of others. Here is the result of YEARS of effort, classifying encounters into the SSR database. Notice that big open spot in Oregon? As of today there are 7190 classified reports in our database, and most (outside of Washington) were entered by me. Along with that, I've been putting John Green reports on this site since they no longer had a public web location. I did this while adding them to SSR. Feel free to read through the 1000 plus John Green reports that I've placed here, while sitting in my armchair. (Follow this link to see them all) Of course sometimes I need a break from all that time in the armchair, providing nothing, so I get out from time to time. Here is one of my encounters - 2018 Here is another: Oh, and then there is all that audio I've collected. Now if it's ok with you, I can get back to pointing out some of the problems I see with this tv program. I have already admitted its not all bad. I actually like Dr. Mayor and Russell Acord. Those are the kind of people I'd like to hang in the woods with. I'd just prefer to do it without fake drama and lies about how far they have to walk. Edit to add: If they need help trying to figure out how tall the eyes were, I made tool for that.
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    Norse - that is a sweet setup. Just got back this week from the BWCA in northern MN. Fishing was spectacular for the first two day. Between my buddy and I we caught 80+ fish. Last 2 days were slow, 15-20 mph wind with gusts up to 30 out of the SE which really fouls up fishing from a canoe. Saw a family of otters one day. Highlight of the trip was actually seeing what I believe was a wolf. From about 100 yards, it came out of the woods to drink from the lake at dusk. Soon as it saw us it ran back into the woods. Looked too big and dark colored for a coyote. Wasn’t able to snap a pic. I’ve heard them howling many times but first I’ve actually laid eyes on one.
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    But you wouldnt say a word. Which is your right to do so. Most habituators love the lime light and notoriety of being "experts" right up until you ask for evidence and then they act like you punched them in the mouth.
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    I missed this earlier. And I will give credit where credit is due. Dmaker is speaking the truth. As for the rest of it? I dont play Dungeons and Dragons. I dont hang out on Dungeons and Dragons forums and tell them how dumb they are wasting their lives playing it. And I dont belong to a anti Dungeons and Dragons forum where we talk about Dungeons and Dragons players and how dumb they are to waste their time playing the game..... Why? Because its an even dumber waste of time....... And I will say this. Anytime your in the back country for any reason? Its not role play.... No matter if I’m scouting for Elk tracks or Bigfoot tracks? The trails are just as narrow, the cliffs are just as tall, and the rivers are just as wide. I dont care if your scouting for pink unicorns and leprachauns? One slip may be the end. No joke. Its no game. I’ve had horses roll over me and crack ribs, Mules upside down in creeks, bucked off, hypothermia at 10,000 feet in the Bighorns of Idaho in late October. This isnt a “game” for pot smoking, cheetos munching, kids rolling fantasy dice in their parents basement. Bgfoot may be a myth. I dont know for myself. But the rest of it? Is stark reality. I dont even know if you dont live in western north America? If you really even comprehend it. And no that one summer trip to Yellowstone doesnt count. And I guess thats why I bristle at the notion that this is just a role playing game. It may be for some? Sitting around the campfire at some state park campsite in Ohio and tell spooky Bigfoot stories while eating smores, do some wood knocks and whoops, listen to forest sounds and get freaked out together and convince each other that Coyote howl isnt really a Coyote at all...... yah I get the comparison. Thats not me. Try rolling out of your bed roll at 2am in the morning 50 miles from the trail head because the Stock are going ape shit on the highline. You know Griz are in the area as well as Blacks, Wolves, Cougars......because you have seen their tracks, or them. Your out there in your long johns with a rifle and a flashlight...... by yourself. I dont care how skeptical you are..... in the back of your mind? Bigfoot may just be a myth to you sleeping in your warm bed. But out there in the vast wilderness, in the pitch black, when you know something is out there? He haunts the recesses of your mind. He does mine. And I dont have any problem admitting it. When I crawl out of that tent I am ready to face anything with a metallic taste in my dry mouth. I can control my fear but I will not lie and tell you its not there. Its always there. Maybe its because of some ancient artifact in my DNA. Maybe its the experience I had as a child. Maybe its because I too ate smores and listened to stories around the campfire as a kid. Illogical or not? Its there. I would be lying otherwise. And I bet you my bottom dollar? That these scofftic JREFers? Deep down, way down inside, in the pitch black on that camping trip when a heavy branch snaps close to camp? Its there as well. Its visceral. And its probably why they hang around here..... Its like a morbid fascination that they just cannot tear themselves away from. Or maybe its just because they like to make fun of us weak minded folks that cannot 86 it like they can!
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    There seems to be a common theme among researchers that any circumstantial evidence they present will be "torn to shreds" by skeptics and made fun of. I think this is incorrect. It happens when people present their findings as a fact that it was BF related. I think the presentation has a lot to do with how it is received by the community. For example. When people say: "We got a recording of BF howling and we've eliminated every other possibility" and take it personally when somebody objects, it won't go well. On the other hand, if one presents the same recording as "we recorded something interesting, it could be a BF, but we're not sure", it will get a much better reception and respect. Objectivity in your own data is key. Frankly, you should be the harshest critic of your data, because you collected it and know more about it than anyone else. You should be looking to poke holes into it and look for holes other people identify instead of trying to defend it. You may end up dismissing the objections, but they are valuable feedback. You want the greatest number of eyeballs on it. If you're straight up about it, people will recognize you are just presenting what you got. Instead of making claims about it, just lay it out there, it is what it is. Everyone benefits by learning from it. It's certainly been the case in my experience.
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    Crow . What does the Manhattan project and the Germans have to do with the title of this thread other than you are doing your usual trolling and arguing about everything, even the off topic stuff?.
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    Where is the difference? We have hoaxers producing fake bigfoot which leave no real bigfoot in the wake of the hoax and we have said to be genuine bigfoot encounters that leave behind the same wake of no real bigfoot. The bottom line is no real bigfoot in the equation after the hoax has been outed and after the said to be genuine reportage has been made. If there is such a thing as a government shill, Crow, on this forum, I am convinced that you are not one. I perceive the government to be more competent.
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    Some facts: 1. None of those who insist that the PGF is someone in a suit have been able to recreate a video like it using only materials (photographic equipment and costume creation) that were available in 1967. It has not been done because it cannot be done. If you're a skeptic and disagree with me, then do it and prove it. 2. Modern Forensic Analysis of the physical subject in the film by National Geographic has determined that the subject is not human. They're not the only ones to have reached this conclusion by actually analyzing the subject in the film rather than simply dismissing it out of hand based on the premise that "bigfoot cannot exist, therefore the film has to be faked". 3. No one has ever been able to provide any physical evidence that the film was faked. Several people have claimed to have made "the suit" and several people have claimed to have worn "the suit", but only one person could have made it and only one person could have worn it. Skeptics who point to any one of these "accounts" are the same people who claim that any eyewitness report of bigfoot has to be discarded for any variety of reasons. Note the double standard. Also note that the "fake suit" has never been produced. 4. Many people cannot accept the fact that something like bigfoot can exist. It is abhorrent and monstrous to us. I, myself, went through this process after my first face to face encounter. It shouldn't be, it mustn't be, it cannot be. The world, my world, cannot support the existence of such a creature, a bonafide, real life monster. But I was forced to accept it, and that was before I ever saw the PGF or had heard the name "bigfoot". Skeptics who have only viewed the PGF and other evidence second hand have never been in a situation where they have been "forced" to accept bigfoot as a reality, and they will quibble about it until the day they are, dismissing, denouncing, and even personally attacking those who offer personal accounts. 5. We have a particular world view regarding our position in the cosmos and our mastery thereof. For skeptics it does not support bigfoot, therefore bigfoot cannot be allowed to exist. It offends their beliefs, therefore any other belief must be eradicated. Proceed with the Inquisition!
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    I haven't been out of the business for 30 years. I'm still in it, although not working regularly full time. But Squatchy doesn't really care about facts, just fabricated talking points.
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    Read it. I can't say I followed each of those imbedded links though...time does not allow. I get the reviewers issues with Bill inserting his opinions about the probability of it being hoaxed. I've no great urge to explain Bill's motivations for doing that, I must confess. If I had to suppose, I'd say that Bill wanted to put a little more meat on the bone than just a technical discussion of the film qualities alone. I'll leave it to him to say, or not. But look, Bill doesn't end with the back story discussion of who Roger Patterson was, or why he may/may not have wanted to hoax the film. It is only his point of departure for (and not a crucial part of) the more objective stuff. Granted, no matter Bill's level of expertise on special effects and film techniques, that will always be just one guy's opinion. (I think it is certainly reasonable that Bill wished to share his bona fides with the reader. How many words he takes to do that, on comparison to how many he chooses to spend on the film itself is not real crucial for me to know, I don't think) Your discussion seems to want to end there though. Bill has opinions PLUS an analysis that strikes me as pretty compelling. As an unanswered position, it still is out there to be rebutted, point by point. We still see no takers on that chore. One subjective point I can't let pass though. The reviewer takes the remarkable stance of proposing to say what a Sasquatch "should" do when confronted by two men on horses, one running toward him with a camera. When somebody tells me they know how an unlisted, unconfirmed animal is "supposed" to act/look/sound/behave, I just double over holding my sides. We've got plenty of KNOWN animals who apparently don't know how they are supposed to behave. I'm willing to bet Patty didn't get the memo either.
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    I feel frustrated about the direction that the research aspect of the subject seems to have taken. People making outlandish claims, some researchers (term used loosely) presenting findings that cannot be substantiated, and the shows used to entertain do nothing for the seriously interested enthusiast. They all seem to discredit and make light of both the creature and the study of them. There's no shortage of serious research efforts, though. All you have to do is find that niche' among the muck and mire. Personally, I tend to shy away from outlandish claims like mind speak, telepathy, teleportation, association with orbs, and habituation claims with spiritual implications for the humans. It seems that if any of this stuff were true, these "knowers" would present proof of such claims, but, rather conveniently, they claim to choose not to do so because of their desire to protect the creature, or because they feel "special" to have been selected by the creature because of some purity or goodness that they themselves posses. To listen to some of these descriptions of the creature, you'd think they are bullet-proof and clad in a cape. Fortunately, there are more grounded claims and efforts to disseminate more logical and realistic information without all of the anthropomorphic and paranormal associations. These outlandish claims make the topic a target of ridicule and make anyone with a serious interest in the creature look like a lunatic to the majority of the populace. Personally, I think the warm, fuzzy, flute playing, supernatural, wise and benevolent forest hippy persona of the creature has done more to deflect from serious research by the scientific community than anything else.
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    It seems to me that this “infamous†Matilda is causing a lot of confusion and frankly, I’m tired of confusion and really would like to see progress toward clarity and truths we can rely upon. So after considerable thought on the matter, I thought it’s time to try and make an effort to help clear up the confusion. The images I’m showing you are a few sample video frames I was given to analyze, and my conclusion was that the images shows a simple commercial Chewbacca mask with the hair modified to a different color and texture. The frames are each side-by-side with a picture of Chewie in about the same pose, for comparison. With this posting, I cordially suggest the following: 1. If anyone wishes to publicly acknowledge that this is their footage, I invite them to do so, and if they are correct, I’ll acknowledge it to be true. 2. If anyone feels the video frames show a real creature and not a Chewbacca mask, I welcome their analysis of why we should consider that to be so. 3. If anyone has seen the “Matilda†footage, I invite you to let us know if this is or is not the footage you call “Matildaâ€, because maybe what I’m looking at isn’t her, and I welcome being corrected if that is so. 4. If my display of this chart causes anyone to feel that they should file some type of civil action against me, please have your lawyer contact me at wmunns@gte.net so we can set an appointment for my receiving the service of papers, and we can discuss the matter on the public record, in a court. For the record, I will confidently and clearly offer an appraisal of evidence as being something real, if I truly find the evidence leads to that conclusion, and my appraisal of the PGF as being real supports that position. But as much as we must support what we find to be real or valid, we must also reject or discount what we find to be false or fake. Our obligation is to find the truth, and I think it’s time we all knew the truth about this “Matilda†thing. I finally decided it’s time I did my share to get the truth out. So hopefully, someone who has seen the “Matilda†footage will tell us the truth. Is this her (pictured below), and is she real? Bill
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    I'm 2 weeks late getting this posted but ive been swimming in busy work and follow ups. Below is the report as it was sent in to us at the West Virginia High Strangeness Collective. The gentlemen who has this encounter is a friend of mine from one of my other hobbies, field herpetology, and up until this point had joked on occasion about bigfoot. His words are in "--" and the investigation notes follow. I'll attach pictures of the findings velow as well, this was by far one of the most exciting days of my life. "I share this event completely aware of the backlash, and ridicule I will receive. The day of April 12, 2020 had weather conditions shaping up to be perfect for my favorite hobby, amateur herpetology. So like every spring night when the rain is falling heavy I decided it would be a great night to cruise the roads and document the species of reptiles and amphibians crawling on the floor of a local state forest, and like normal an unnamed passenger (at this time) opted to cruise the backroads with me on the search. We arrived at the state forest a little after 8pm, the sun not yet fallen, and the skies not quite dark enough for the animals I was searching for to be emerging from their hiding places yet. So, we took a drive through the park to kill time, look for other interesting animals and wait for the sun to fully set. Nothing unusual was happening. The frogs were starting to call as the sun fell behind the mountain and night began to fall. The birds chirping fell quiet with the sunset. The deer were retreating from the wet valley I was intending to search that night. Absolutely nothing unusual for the area I frequent on a regular basis. In an average week I visit this same location 5-6 times to document any new egg masses, the species I observe, or anything else I may find interesting at the given time. I have observed and heard coyotes and owls in this valley on several occasions, and have become familiar with their behavior and noises as a result. This average night was about to take a terrifying turn I never imagined. In this particular forest I have a handful of areas that host great habitats for documenting a wide variety of species. I made my way to the first vernal pool area I wanted to check in the flooded valley wetland that night. I exited my vehicle, the time now approaching 9pm, and I observed a toad on the gravel parking area. I decided to document the first species of the night. I stopped, got my phone out of my pocket and snapped the first picture of the adventure. That would end up being the only explainable thing I encountered in that valley that night… as I took two to three more steps, just passed the giant rocks that prevent vehicles from driving into the open area of the woods, towards the first vernal pool I was intending to shine with my flashlight, I heard a groan that I have never heard in these woods before. This groan was deep, almost sounding human or at least primate in nature, clearly agitated, and extremely too close to where I was currently standing. I had clearly interrupted something, and it was furious about it. Something was in this valley with me, and I had no identification for the sounds it was expressing towards my presence. The chills that shot down my spin and covered my body was like nothing I have experienced in my life. I looked back to see the unnamed person with me void of color with eyes as large as I have ever seen on anyone. My first reaction was get back in the vehicle and try to make sense of what we clearly both just witnessed. What was a short distance back to the vehicle felt like an eternity carrying the fear that had consumed my body at this point. Merely thinking about that groan is enough to spark those same chills through my body. As we sat in the vehicle for what in reality was likely only a few seconds, but felt like minutes, asking each other what that noise was, a second, now closer, groan rang through that valley and the fear struck every molecule of my body again. This thing, whatever it was, was literally on top of us. My only mission at this point was to get the hell out of that valley, and my unnamed passenger expressed the same mission aloud. People often ask why there was no video, or picture, or recording of some kind in the age of everyone having a phone in their pocket, but after experiencing that sound, in near complete darkness minus my own lights, I can definitely understand why people just bolt. I lost all the preconceived ideas we all have that we would be the one with the guts to stick around to find out what just made that sound. I drove over an hour to search a completely different forest and wetland area for species that night because I no longer wanted to be in that area and sleep was sure to elude me for days after this unexplainable experience. After returning home that night and the following day I attempted to make sense of the sounds we witnessed. I messaged friends avid in the outdoors to jokingly tell them I heard a murder or a bigfoot last night, hoping for identification suggestions from anyone close to me that could give me an answer more reasonable than either of those ideas. Nothing. I researched large cats that are not supposed to be here, and those that are, nothing resembling that groan in felines I listened to. I researched coyote and wolf chatter, again nothing in the Canine world. I researched owls, raptors, bears, and once more nothing matched that bone chilling sound. I honestly hoped and waited for the news to report a body, seriously, I was just seeking answers at this point. I was admittedly becoming desperate for answers. Someone has heard this noise in these woods before. I couldn’t possibly be the only one. So I desperately contacted a friend of mine (he will be making his own posts about this event) highly interested and invested in the fields of cryptozoology, and the paranormal. Admittedly I made this contact in hopes to get an answer something along the lines of “that’s not a sound I’m aware of” much to my surprise he wanted to know more. Where did this happen? When did this happen? Can you tell me what you recall? I gave him the details of what I recalled, the above event, with the location in more detail, and the investigation was on. The details of his investigation are heavily documented in photograph and video. What he found matches almost too unbelievably perfect to the experience I described to him. I don’t want to go into detail of his side of documenting this event since he will do that better than I can. However, the evidence I received after he visited the site of my experience literally made my heart drop, I could feel the color once again leave my face. I’m still not sure what we heard in that valley that night, but what he uncovered leaves me completely unsettled about where the evidence appears to point. The only thing I’m sure of is whatever it was didn’t want to share that valley with us and it still gives me chills when I think about it. You can be the judge of the evidence for yourself. I won’t tell you what to believe, because I’m still unsure what to make of this myself." - Jon Tinney Field notes : Weather conditions have been in perfect to preserve physical evidence between now and the the sighting. Once I arrived on site, I located the vernal pool and immediatly noticed 2 footprints that were very deep in the substrate on the edge of the pool. As I navigated the game trail that lead around the pool I noticed a sapling broken at chest height, and twisted with a second break 18 inches above the first. Moving along the game trail I located a smaller game trail that made its way toward the area where i saw the initial prints. On this trail i found another foot print in the mixed soil and leaf litter. I marked that print with a glove and continued to the original set of prints that i noticed off the bat. As I nelt by the first two prints I heard a series of tree knocks from above me higher up the mountian. The series was in this pattern ***----** i find this inconsequential yet noteworthy. The first two prints were full of water, I documentdd them with pictures and video and moved toward the secondary track. While I was moving debris from the print to verify that it was castable I noticed an accompanying print that was the other foot completing a left and right set. I prepared the area as per Dr. Jeff Meldrum instructions in his Sasquatch field guide and poured the plaster casts using creek water and plaster of Paris. While i waited for these to dry i discovered additional 2 prints but didnt have enough plaster to cast these, they were also very shallow and would not have yeilded much of a cast sample. I documented them in photographs. There is about 7 miniutes of video footage that accompanies the investigation. The casts are now cleaned and pictures will be included, midtarsle breaks are present in both casts, the heels and midtarsle break are the most impressive features to these casts as the ground is very hard and the toes were not clear but were disernable . I tried to leave impressions by jumping up and down but was unable to make impressions that were as deep as the footprints. No hair samples to be found. When I showed the results to the witness they could not believe that the evidence corroborated their encounter. The subject was actually much closer to him durring the encounter after I showed him pictures of the area and where I was finding the trace evidence. The footprints were pointed in such a way by a tree that it would have been watching him and was actually within 50-75ft most of the encounter. The recovered casts measured at 14 1/2 inches long. A follow up site walk through was preformed with Dr. Russ Jones, he reviewed the casts as well. The exact location of the site will not be exposed as it is an active investigation area. I'll post more pictures tomorrow as I've reached a post/response limit for today 😆
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    Headed out to the Deep Creek Mountains along the border between UT and NV. Some 12,000' peaks there, it's a remote range with little human presence. Access via the Pony Express trail, a long dusty washboarded affair. With wild horses: And squatchless salt flats: Up into here: Set up camp with much needed shade. Possible cougar scat in the pinyons behind Rover but no sightings: Scrambled up the peak behind for a looksee, tired old mountain top: Cooked up some grub at dusk and went for a stroll down the "trail." Poorwills and nighthawks overhead, crickets and katydids providing soundtrack. Nothing anomalous throughout the night. Following day we made 1300' of bushwhacked gain up through pinyon/sagebrush and 2 steps up, 1 back rottenrock scree to the various peaks S of camp. Saw jackrabbits and a golden eagle who met us at the summit, outside of indeterminate tracks, no other wildlife. Camp down there somewhere: Intended peak but after 1300' up at 8200' we retreated: Down through a slide/tumble scrapefest that often looked like this: Beautiful area with a little water flowing downstream but maybe still too dry...idk
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    I’m just back from 2 months or so out West. A month of that spent on Cedar Mesa in SE Utah, wandering down rarely traveled side canyons and up over mesas. It’s not exactly prime Sasquatch habitat but it was a trip afield and my eyes were always out for the anomalous. I saw no signs of our big footed quarry, not surprisingly, nor much sign of less cryptid critters, no rattlers, no cougar tracks, though I did see bobcat and coyote prints, and heard the latter sometimes at night. Bighorn sheep were seen a few times down those seldom visited canyons and Pronghorn and Mule deer up top but pleasantly, no indication of human presence. None of the ubiquitous bud lite cans and no trails, not even footprints, just wilderness **** near the way it was a thousand years ago. On setting out from coastal Maine, my intention was to camp somewhere each night along the way as travelers used to—finding a spot that looked good where one wouldn’t be harassed or attacked by marauding bands of any sort of law, out or otherwise and that was not atop asphalt or concrete. I knew this would be easier once I crossed the Mississippi but I didn't suspect Iowa and Nebraska would be so difficult to hide in. it sure is along the I-80 corridor. With the exception of being awoken one morning by tribal police down a heavily rutted and water-holed two-track just South of Lake Erie on the border of the Cattaraugus reservation (They were concerned I was dumping tires or some such.) and the asphalt that 2 of my tires were parked on outside of Moab, Ut, I managed that for 45 nights or so. It was a trip filled with amazing vistas and long eye stretches not to be had in the thickly forested geography of home. Many nights spent perched along canyon rims looking 1000’ down to the wash or river below and not another soul incarnate for miles around, just the ghosts of the ancestors and the mute yet intelligent silence of stone. Segments of that stone had interesting glyphs pecked into it, somewhat representative of a familiar figure. At the end of my journey, after a sojourn in SLC, UT and along with a fellow conspirator we made the trip out to Skinwalker Ranch, a place I’d heard of but not really known much about. After a wee bit of research we decided to check it out. It is still gated and surveilled by cameras with large no trespassing signs at the entrance to the property. It is also guarded by savage skinwalkers in the form of Owls ( we watched a Great Horned for 10 minutes as it hunted the pasture from telephone pole tops) and dogs, one of which attacked the front tire of the vehicle we were in then assumed such a friendly demeanor so as to lure us out of the car and most assuredly claw our hearts out. We weren’t fooled, though later that night we did return to feed him a blueberry muffin:) Skinwalker ridge, above the ranch was our chosen vantage point and is probably accessible had we been in the Rover but we weren’t at the time so we settled for walking across the sagebrush pasture to the South under cover of darkness. After covering maybe a third of the way, my companion began feeling a sense of dread over not what was ahead but what was behind and suggested we leave. I know to trust that intuition and put up no resistance, so back we headed through the scrub and over the barbed wire into town and a somewhat less dangerous venue--Taco Time for fried empenadas…And that’s about all folks.
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    Let's just number the predicted...ahem....rebuttals, shall we? Will cut down on a lot of extra typing on their part, and allow me to more efficiently ignore them: 1. The shoulder width doesn't matter because BF has never been proven so Patty isn't real. 2. If the shoulder width matters, it doesn't look like a real animal to me, so it doesn't matter. 3. Roger's camera rental return was overdue, so the width of the shoulders doesn't matter. 4. Hiflier has bigger shoulders than he is willing to admit (or longer arms, one) so Patty's shoulder width doesn't matter. 5. WAIT!!! LOOK OVER THERE>>>> 6. (See #1) 7. People hoax Bigfoot sightings, so the shoulder width doesn't matter. 8. I see a zipper across the shoulder, so the width of the shoulders doesn't matter. 9. Meldrum took money once to talk about Bigfoot, so the shoulder width doesn't mater. 10. Everyone is wasting their time, and their lives, so the width of the shoulders REALLY doesn't matter. Troll Bingo rules: First one to score 21 or higher (and you have to win by 2) wins one the fabulous prizes, up to (but not including) one THOUSAND dollars!!
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    Well, comments like that will help to ensure a one sided conversation. I can't believe you actually just said to the entire membership here that if you don't agree with me, your opinion does not count. Your arrogance has reached a new height. I'd say congratulations, but you're probably already patting your own back.
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    As part of the agreements between myself and witnesses who have asked that I personally investigate their enigmatic animal encounters, the locations of the events are not publicly disclosed for all the reasons you have listed plus others. Those four BF research groups that have requested that I investigate reports they receive bind me by a confidentially agreement from releasing information about the name of the witnesses, their addresses and the locations of the encounters if they occurred on private property, primarily for the same reasons you so clearly described. In response to Gig's "easy to track them" question; yes, it would be easy if the witnesses actually wanted to do that quickly after the theft of the fruits/berries. Not so surprisingly, danged few of them that were aware of what had swiped the food stuff cared to follow fresh tracks and encounter a family group of big hairy primates and interrupt the their hard earned meal. In most cases the investigators don't reach the scene for weeks or more after the event, and the trail of tracks and dropped produce may be hard to find and follow. Most folks that have these experiences could care less about "providing evidence" of BF's existence to skeptics who like to pile and heap their meaningless opinions that BF is a myth all over the internet. Those "all knowing folks" with little or no experience with real. day-and night 'boots on the ground" fieldwork are simply like pesky gnats; not much you can do but listen and watch them buzz. Thanks for your spot on post NCBFr.
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    The problem is you are offering a story. We are knee deep in stories. Bear in mind I'm not personally asking anyone to show me anything. I'm requesting a certain segment of the question who are claiming a kind of special dispensation by having to kind of contacts they claim have and take it out of story telling and rendering something solid to science since everything else has failed. Surely that can't be asking too much. Long post warning! Not sure exactly where to go with this because I'm not exactly sure in which camp I reside. I asked Cliff Barackman what his definition of a habituator was. He collected himself and said, "a long term witness." I was trying to figure out if that's what I was. There was a discussion about collecting evidence, and that's when I decided to get an audio recorder. I was witness to lots of stuff in 2013 that freaked me out and I came here to try and find answers. I got a big education about the science, the woo, the believers and the doubters. I learned that there are rival groups, and posers. I had just found out that there were sightings close to me, and that bigfoots lived in Ohio? What? Others saw what I saw nearby. Then I went into a tailspin, much of which is documented here and in the tar pit. Music was my only escape and I irritated a lot of people by posting links to the music that could say more than I could at the time. After feeling burned out here, I closed my circle, and have my "core" crew helping me and advising me. I have the most respected people that are so dear to me now. The Woo part tugged at my soul because I felt through my experiences that there was a gray area there with these beings, that was beyond science, but the science is what kept me grounded and sane. So I started collecting sound on my Sony px333 recorder. It was wild listening to our property at night. Then I heard some weird stuff. I was always happy when a knock hit and it got recorded. Usually, the knock didn't sound as well on tape as it did live. I live in a valley surrounded 360 by, hills in the biggest blocks of Holmes County, Ohio. I backed off of the forums here, as the obsession about what it was, took up too much of my life and I felt overexposed, by my own trust. It's always easy to hide anonymously behind a post, but I wasn't shy about saying who I was and where I lived. I just felt free to put it all out there. Well, you know what happens to people that say they have seen a bigfoot. I don't need the **** attention, I need the **** answers. I heard strange footfalls approach my recorder on the second night that I put it out. To me, the newbie second time recording sounded like BIG HEAVY SLOW DELIBERATE steps coming toward the recorder. I'm pretty sure that I posted that sound here. I was just learning how to download it and use Audacity. Freaked me out hearing it on tape! Being new, I had to guess that it was deer, but I think not, and believe that more now, especially having since recorded many deer moving through. The point is, that I have shared knocks, and sounds that I have recorded, and it doesn't make a hill of beans difference. Like an investigator friend just told me, "Everything you are trying to do, has already been done." I shared my recordings with the best in the business, and to go with the good science guys, it's interesting, but unless it's unlike anything that anyone has ever heard, it's just a knock or something else that may not be a bigfoot. The only thing that matters, is having fun and being out there when it happens, if it ever does. Shadowborn is right in my opinion. If the Locals are around, I believe that they are comfortable with those that they know. Interaction usually happens when it's just me out here late at night when they may be roaming by. My greatest wish in the world is that my husband experiences something, but he's on sensible successful people's hours, and he works as an independent contractor from home. He is very disciplined. I like to stay up all night and watch the sun rise, then sleep for two days. We do not have children, just us having fun now for 23 years married. For better or worse, the bigfoot stuff hit me, and us 21 years into our union. He has been AWESOME! He tells me that, "not everything is a bigfoot" and "did you see the creature hit the tree with the big log?" He keeps me grounded, but I'm like, uh uh, stuff is going on. In 2013 I woke him up every time something did. He's just happy that things have calmed down and I'm not talking about selling the house. We have met a lot of great new people, have them camp here, and go to Ohio conferences. Our lives have changed because of my sighting. We're still having fun though, and my husband is building us a camper with lots of windows and we're going roaming like we did in our 20s. FUN! No recorders, just fun. If big friends show up, then I'll know more than I do now. Each experience is another clue. Then again, it just makes you think about more questions and you think about how vast the universe is with all its energy. I'm just here, playing tunes and enjoying nature. My idea of what is nature, had expanded now. Going into my 4th season aware of it, I'm going old school with no recorders. Taking the pressure off and just having fun like we always used to do. If you have experienced possible bigfoot encounters, you never forget it. After that comes the, "could it have been...do I have the fever?" Then something else happens, and you have no doubt. But you go back and forth a million times. It's like an onion. The more answers you look for, only result in more questions. I had to tune out a lot of noise, and listen to my own voice. I'm not on facebook, gave up Twitter, and haven't been back to the BFF for some time. The love and friendship and family that surrounded me, were, and are, awesome. I have learned a lot. I am grateful for a lot, most especially their slack. Thank you to the BFF for helping start this journey. Your kindness, frankness, and ideas / theories were so helpful. I want to help anyone that needs it or wants to know, if I can. Here's the deal. People that have stuff happening at home, on their property, learn to close it down, and only share things with the trusted and experienced. How can you say that anyone has had my experience? I have no idea what someone else is experiencing on their property. How can that possibly be the same? Maybe we could compare notes and could find similarities. That's always cool. It's always cool to talk to someone that has had similar experiences. I am no investigator. I'll listen and for me, I'll know it's true by the way they react and the look in their eyes. "Doctor calls me crazy, some says I am, some says I ain't." New Minglewood Blues, Grateful Dead (sorry couldn't resist, timing was perfect) But how can you prove any of it? Except for Roger and Bob, and the great prints, it's a hard thing to do for a newbie in her back yard. How can I document what has changed here? "It goes to show, that you never know." Recently, I was grateful to sit next to Thom Powell at a special dinner. He filled in, and confirmed for me, a line of thinking that I had been pondering. Disclaimer, I don't even go down the UFO path because I can't handle that, I have enough to think about with bf. I don't know what's going on underground. Just focused on what is here. I think Thom is on to the idea that they have telepathy. I have had some strange things that happened, that could be attributed to that. I look at it from a logical, scientific point of view from my German half, then the Irish half takes over, and I feel it in my gut. Thom is over trying to record it. He's moving on to the next thought about what they are and how they operate. I agree with him. We know they're there, just why do they do what they do? Whatever, it's a lot to explain to people that want evidence. I tried for over a year to record. I wanted that evidence. I chased it. I wanted everyone to hear and experience what I had in 2013. I begged people to camp out here when it was going on. People I know and love thought at the time that I had lost my mind one day on a back road May 14, 2013. Maybe I did lose my mind that day, and everything else that has happened since, has been a dream or whatever. And you want people like me, if I am in fact a habituator - not sure that I am, to tell you what I think about stuff and not expect me to be shy about getting shot down? At least in the tar pit I can swear for intensity. It's like training a puppy to come, then swatting it with a newspaper that he didn't come sooner. Good dog, whack. I don't know what is / was going on. I have my ideas. Everything dropped off here for activity in 2014 and 15 with a few exceptions. I wanted it to go away. Someone wise here on the BFF told me that I should speak to them, make my stand, because I was telling my husband for two weeks that we have to sell the house because it's not fun here anymore. I told "them" to stop scaring me, and that the word here was "Peace." They live as they wish, and so will we, with mutual respect. Maybe it is just what I needed to do for my own piece in quiet hours. "I'll do what I have to do to stay here in Johnny's Garden." And "Ill listen to my singing call" "And tell my brothers what I saw" Stephen Stills That seemed to work and everything died down. It slowed down so much that after I got over the stress of it all, was happy for the peace, I got thinking about it with some distance. There's a lot to think about. We have been here for 17 years, moved here from Cleveland. Our house is very old. The Indian artifacts found on this property and the neighbors, are many. We just learned from a reliable local source, that "The Knoll" less than a mile from here may be an Indian burial mound. Some educated people are interested in it. So we're just here now, where many others were before us. Coming from the city, we were at peace here, such a good feeling here, and it is our property, 18 acres, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds. My foolishness thinking that I owned this and and it was ours, came crashing down when I found that the Locals were here many many years before us. Let it be. No pressure. No recorders. A leap of faith. With risks. Not trying to prove it. Just want to live in peace. So I don't record the knock and send it to someone. Been there, done that. Got some good stuff though, but things have been quiet. I'm "Just moving right along" as Michael Stanley sings. What else is there? I think I can find it without recorders. I was getting into a repeating loop with the recordings. It was going nowhere. Talking about this stuff with anyone other than trusted people, can sometimes be a drag. What good comes from it? You don't want people to think that your nuts, or fantasizing about something, or needing attention, or having a mid-life crisis. I have a wonderful husband and great great support group of friends and investigators. I love them. I loved my life before bigfoot showed up. Now that I have had some distance, I do miss the action, as it were. I gave up the recorder this past week, and heard a power knock that night from an area where I hadn't heard a **** thing in 2015. It would have recorded. I may have made a mistake, or I may have made the connection. I have heard enough knocks here to feel VERY confident about that one. I was so excited for days, still am. I think that's the way to go. Just let it flow, no recordings, no pressure, be cool, don't be stupid, and if they're around, and you are interesting enough, and you have an open mind, and you are in a peaceful state, without a lot of clutter in your head, and no distractions...maybe you will hear or experience something. One thing I can say for sure, is when you least expect it! Maybe it's just best that I chill out, and listen, and enjoy like we always used to do, before all this happened. That's where I I have learned what is helpful in this situation, and what is not. I'm like Star Trek's VGer. I require the information. If I can pass some along too, then it works. You have to be smart about it. Maybe this is dumb telling you all this, but hey, you helped me, and eventually checked out the BFF, and saw this question. So I am unloading a couple years in one long post. There are good people involved with this phenomenon for reasons other than promoting true research and good theory. I have found it useful to stick with my core of experts who know me, and welcome me to speak freely. They give me a lot of great perspectives and approaches. Not recording is of concern to two of my core investigators, and welcome to two others. The unanimous thought is that I should do what feels right for me. I trust my gut. I test high for pattern recognition. As I approach season #4 of SSQ, thinking about where I'm at with it. It's going to be with no recorders, just free, like it has been for hundreds and thousands of years in this valley. I'm just a witness to it for our little time here. Saying all that, to get to your point about sharing things, I want to give back to this community that helped me when I was just learning about things. I agreed to help on a couple of media projects as a favor to the investigators who helped me. It takes guts to put the story out there, and if it wasn't for the people near here that posted their account on BFRO, and those investigators who answered my call, I would have still been wondering what the I saw that day. Sorry if this sounds self serving, all I can say is how it was / is for me. What other people experience, or believe, is theirs. This is mine. There is a lot of Idiot Wind out there, so I don't blame you for thinking whatever you think. There is no wrong answer except for hoaxers and lairs. Their idiot wind, as Bob Dylan sings, messes a lot of stuff up. Let me be one to buck the perception that habituators don't share, (yeah I didn't do that on this post). I would love to get answers, if you have a thought about it. I'll tell you what I know, if you tell me what you know. Together we should be able to figure something out, no? To move the ball forward, I will offer this theory I am embracing for the 2016 season, which is leaving the recorder behind. I'm taking pressure off the whole place. That's how it was when it all started. I'm just going to enjoy our place and not worry about the Boogie Man. Easier said than done. That first night without recorders, guess what happened? YEP, a power knock from the back field. I hadn't heard anything there at all in 2015. Coincidence or confirmation? Just back off and let it happen. In my opinion, if you try and play games with it, you will come up short. I also am entertaining the telepathy idea. See Minerva Monsters film. One of the witnesses had an interesting experience throwing a ball back and forth. I have had my own experiences. Maybe it can be explained like your dog that watches you and "knows" what you are thinking? The whole bigfoot thing is one big freaky jumbled up mess. Science is the foundation. There is a gray area after the visible science rainbow fades, where the unseen part is. That's what I want to figure out now. How does that all work. I have a clue, and an idea. That's what I'm going after this season. It doesn't involve recording them. I think it's within. It's personal to every person. No two experiences are alike. Hanging out with people that are interested, or who have had similar experiences, is very important to me now. Well, maybe not as important as it used to be since I closed it in with my core trusted close people. Where I am at this season, is that I know it exists, I'm past that. I'm past trying to catch it on tape. I want to know about the gray line that starts where science stops. I think there is more research to be done there. No recorders this year. Im a little naked and vulnerable, worried that my dream of the big howl coming back is going to happen and I don't have it on tape. Maybe it wouldn't come if there was a recorder going? It just doesn't matter. I'm just doing what I always used to do before, and at the time when the Locals showed up. When I set out the recorder, and I told them to chill out, it all went away. I'm just going back to what itway was like simply. I'm not going to worry about them, and if they come around when it's convenient and throw a knock, for me or for their buddies, I'll be here to hear it...just like I heard Tuesday morning when I cooked up this "no plan" plan. It's like chasing the Jack of Hearts on Highway 66. Like being "stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again." You could chase your tail and like Thom Powell told me that he knew someone that showed him 70+ pictures of stick structures. You can go around and around and around. That's why I liked this thread. If the habs have a clue, let's hear it! George Harrison sang, "And if you don't know where you're going, Any oad will take you there. It's a game, sometimes you're cool, sometimes you're lame. Oowee, just don't win, it's so far out, the way out, is in. Bow to God and call Him Sir, but if you don't know where you're going...any road will take you there." I am lucky that I have you all on BFF. After texting the crap out of my investigator's phone with questions, I found the BFF. It was a lifesaver for me. WOW. I soaked it all up at once, at the same time when stuff was happening here in in 2013, and I had to work myself up for two hours just to take the trash cans out that are 100 feet from our house. I laugh about that now, but it was real to me then. I didn't want to step foot off my porch, even with beer encouragement. That's no way to live. It had to stop. I needed to get a grip on the situation. It's way calmer now. I wonder where it all went. When I hear a rare knock it's a big deal. It's like seeing a tornado. You want to see it in it's glory, but don't want to see it's destruction up close. Be careful what you wish for. Sorry for the long post. I hope I can answer some questions about why people keep quiet, but I have always been enthusiastic about helping others that have helped me...and maybe together, we can figure some of this stuff out. Until then, I'll just be enjoying nature in the Mohican Valley, Ohio and happy that I have the time to stay up until the sun rises. It's so beautiful here. Thank you all. Hammer Just another tricky day - The Who ANyPxKqv8eKk_FTdx5kaq7HEPmBOHdoZBWctRy7lveZapEAxg1uu5n26JZaE5IVisKT3ViNLon9S1iuXiSwJH9z8JBfrp7jV9w
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    Link to the paper: http://1drv.ms/1BnR9hm I am away from WiFi access until Saturday. I do hope you enjoy the research! Original thread. http://bigfootforums.com/index.php/topic/50970-what-about-the-bones/
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    Bigfoot Ballyhoo, eh? Seems like a detective (among others) went and did some detecting: http://squatchdetective.weebly.com/hall-of-shame---bigfoot-ballyhoo--linda-newton-perry.html Putting forth "evidence" supplied by Linda Newton Perry is akin to endorsing the tales of Todd Standing or Rick Dyer, IMHO. It may or may not be true, but the source is so tainted that anything she says is suspect.
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    I've arrived at the conclusion that it isn't just the bigfoot proponents that "have it all figured out".
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    Seems like a whole lot of effort on Kit's part to avoid talking about what is actually shown on the film. As much as I may want to do it, I can't disown my driver's license photo by trolling through court records to see if the DMV photographer ever beat his wife. Suppose we all just humor Kit and admit that Roger Patterson was probably a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a con man, possibly a thief and an all-around not nice guy? Then maybe we can get around to the point of Bill's book? At the bottom of this is probably Bill's own diagnosis: The failure to know good evidence from bad. There is a hierarchy, and there is a common consensus in this world of ideas as to which is better, or worse, for objectively evaluating facts. Not all have this discernment. That makes it difficult indeed. If you don't like what you see on the PG, fine by me. Just say so and move on. From all I know about Bil'ls work to date, he stands for the idea that it is what the figure on the film appears to be, and how the camera was employed to film it, that matters only. The rest is just self-pleasuring.
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    Inability to respond? No, it was a refusal to respond, and he admittedly refused to read the questions about what he'd presented.
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    Just got back from 6 days of exploring a small portion of the Six Rivers National Forest and the Siskiyou Wilderness in Northern California. Spent 2 nights car camping in the SRNF and 3 nights backpacking into the wilderness. The best part of the trip was the backpacking part, since I went deeper into the wilderness and I saw plenty of wildlife. Below are some pictures of the wilderness area and the lake where I camped the first night. Also showing a picture of my thermal imager setup. This was the first time that I backpacked with a large lithium battery (the Jackery 240 Wh portable power bank). I had backpacked before with my full size tripod, since the image quality is better when stable. I wanted to test the ability to run the thermal imager and video record all night (8 hours) for 3 nights (without having to monitor and replace the 4 AA lithium batteries every 7 to 8 hours). First night, I heard noises coming from the brush, got out of the tent ~9:38 PM, started recording on the thermal, and saw the buck in the photo. The unit recorded as the buck came out of the bush and walked in front of thermal imager. The time stamp and date on this FLIR unit is not correct and cannot be fixed (apparently the battery that runs the clock is internal to the unit and cannot be replaced unless I ship the unit to manufacturer; this is a design flaw). The 2nd FLIR photo was the 2nd night and occurred down 600 ft in the valley. Again, I left the unit running all night for 8 hours and it captured this bear walking towards the creek. While the photo is not clear (because the bear is far), the video shows its bear shape and motions more clearly. BTW, the buck moved on to the other side of the lake and disturbed the only other backpacker there from 1 to 4 AM. I saw the guy in the morning and he was so scared that he did not sleep and started a fire. He never saw what was making all the noises and stumping the ground. I told him it was the buck, since it did the same in my campground earlier that night. Not sure what was the problem with this buck, but I also captured a doe in the imager that came later, so maybe the buck wanted to clear the area? I was happy to have a thermal imager and see what was making the noises.
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    Let's just send him an invisible check!
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    I admit I, Wolfjewel, am an armchair Bigfooter. One good thing an armchair philosopher can do, imho, is keep encouraging folks to 👍listen with care to all sides 👍avoid labels 👍state your opinion or experience without fear of putdowns. When people use labels that pit “us against them,” that’s the surest way to guarantee both sides will learn nothing from each other. As a BFF member since 2016, I’ve read plenty of mud-slinging posts in the past. Happily, the public part of the Forum recently got cleaned up (yay!) and violators of the decency code banned. (You can get around that in the Premium section which I’ve just joined, lol.) In 2020 I’d like to invite all new members who wish to share a sighting or experience, to post as soon as possible. Since newbies can’t start a topic but only reply, I’ll ask frequently for their input to my query. Hopefully moderators will judge their sharings worthy. I’m so psyched to hear new voices!
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    No wonder I was getting cabin fever, it's been 2 months since I last got out! Between bad weather and "honey-do"s I missed 7 weekends, but today was the last day of deer season, so I had no trouble persuading my youngest boy (Oh no!, my baby just turned 49 five days ago!!) to come along for a trip to the mountains. We left home pre-dawn, and were starting up the East Harrison FSR shortly after sunrise. The day was forecast to be decent, not great, but not raining. We encountered some fog for the first hour along the lakeside, but the rest of the day alternated between overcast and sunny breaks. As I usually do, I tried each of the feeder creek valleys along the lake, but found a couple of my favorites gated due to logging activity, and 2 that had been closed earlier in the year now open to travel, so explored those as far towards their headwaters as the roads would allow, and hiked a couple of branches off those that were too overgrown to drive, one of which led to a small lake that I had only previously seen from the other side of that valley. Wildlife was scarce, except for hawks and eagles flying overhead, and a mulie doe that showed up just at dusk as we were driving out. Her colour was so close to that of the muddy road, that I almost ran into her before spotting her in the dim light. There were deer tracks at several areas that we checked, but no bear or cat sign, and no Sasquatch evidence of any sort. We discovered that the winding mountainside road had taken it's toll since I was last there earlier this year. At Km 14, there were 2 crosses at the roadside, dated Nov 2nd, where 2 young men had apparently gone off the shoulder on the downhill side, which is a sheer 500m (1600') drop to the lakeshore. Just 11km further in, there was obvious evidence of a logging truck having slid off the downhill side, as the load of logs was still 50m down the slope, where several large trees had prevented it from plunging further down. You could see where the truck had been dragged back up the slope to the road, and a few small parts still littered the slope. That one may make the next season of "Highway Through Hell", as this is part of the region covered by the companies that feature on that show. It was certainly an interesting day in the mountains, with OK weather, great scenery, and some father/son bonding time, which is always a joy. Here's my usual slew of pics: Snowline along the mountainside: Big Silver Creek: Tragedy along the way The narrow main logging road My 6' tattooed "baby boy" The small lake we hiked in to
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    Not all hunters are incompetent, but I would venture to guess that most are, and the percentage of incompetent hunters has increased with social urbanization. Moreover, hunters aren't hunting for sasquatches, and they are fairly well versed with hunting laws and regs, which literally didn't exist a century ago. While hunters seem quite able to kill bears and moose in Alaska, you might be surprised to learn that the overall success rate in Alaska for moose is @ 20%, and that is for nearly 100,000 hunters hunting 200,000 moose, the success rate in most game management units is much lower (under 10% is common), and the success rate for bears (especially brown or grizzly bears) is significantly lower than that. I believe they are extremely rare. For example, there are only an estimated 45,000 brown/grizzly bears in all of North America, Canada and Alaska included. Of these, 75% of them are in Alaska, and of the Alaskan bears, the vast majority are concentrated in Game Management Units 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9. If there are only an estimated 5,000 sasquatches on the continent, that's less than 10% of the grizzly population, and also extremely localized in remote habitat featuring great cover and concealment. Conversely, there are human habitations and structures literally everywhere, including in the middle of classified wilderness lands and parks. Many are often uninhabited, which encourages wild animals of all kinds to become emboldened to hang out in the area only to bevome invaded when the humans show up. This is a common theme with all kinds of animals. No doubt about it. As an example, I'm an experienced, accomplished, and frequent Alaskan big game hunter, I'm a strong believer in the existence of sasquatches, and not only do I not hunt for them, I have come to the reasoned conclusion that the only way I would shoot one is in self defense. Of all the people on this forum, there are just a few who regularly state that they are pro kill and they regularly go out looking for sasquatches. I believe so, especially in the 1970's. Has NAWAC professed a pro kill position and mounted hunting expeditions to that end? Probably, along with a lack of experience, know how, time, access, and sasquatches to shoot. Good question. Everybody on this forum who is pro kill has proposed a number of scenarios. I'm confident that quite a few factors are important: * Fresh reports in the area would be ideal * A history of sightings in that area are important * Funding, which isn't cheap; even a relatively local week long caribou hunt for me will cost a few hundred dollars just in fuel, communications subscriptions, spare parts, etc. That doesn't include food (I eat anyway at home) or license and tag (a sasquatch hunt might require some sort of license and tag, however, to legally justify the carry of firearms in the woods, depending on the politics of the area, but in Alaska, I already have a lifetime license), and I'm already all geared up * The proper tactic is critical; baiting? Calling? Spot and stalk? Stalking upwind along a noisy creek like Patterson & Gimlin? * Spending plenty of time on location........like weeks * Complete access to the area, both legally and tactically * A good plan for carcass preservation and extraction, including out of the woods as well as to a final destination, which would include a plan for interstate/international smuggling, all of which is illegal on the federal/international level (CITES) * A good legal defense plan and funding in the possible event of criminal prosecution
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    More stories about coverups and genocide only help push the subject more into the realm of Woo.
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    The place that I think Sasquatch does not and will never exist is in a closed mind.
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    It's pretty easy to criticize somebody for getting a "blurry, shaky, inconclusive" video of something hiding behind leaves, when you've never been in their shoes. Obviously, it's hard to get a picture of something out in the open when it ISN'T IN THE OPEN, & won't come out. It's also pretty hard to keep calm & "un-shaky" when you're seeing something that's 8' tall, not supposed to exist & everything you thought you knew is suddenly suspect and crashing down around you. You shuffle through the brain files trying to decide what it is, & then you notice that it's not in the files. Finally, you realize what it is & you think, "If BF is real, then what else have I been lied to about?" And if you're lucky enough to have a camera in your hands & manage to have enough control of yourself to actually point it and take a picture, I think you're doing pretty darn good, even if it is blurry & shaky.
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    It seems this argument will never end, but in a naive moment of wishful thinking, I will once again try to lay out the reality. If Patty is a suit, then she can be replicated. Anything built by one person can be replicated by another. If Patty's a cheap suit, then she can be replicated cheaply by any person of mediocare talent with modest expense. If Patty is real, then it may be that she cannot be replicated by any suit, regardless of expense or the talent of the artist, because there are simply some realities we cannot replicate perfectly with a human in a costume. The best example is gorilla costumes and the movie "Return to Me" (staring Minnie Driver and directed by Bonnie Hunt). In one of the last scenes, a zoo gorilla named Sidney is seen walking along a corridor to a doorway outside to a landscaped habitat. Sidney then goes outside and we see him walking along the terrain to a steel pipe structure maybe 20-25 feet high. He climbs that structure and then stands atop it, on his hind feet alone and he beats his chest with his arms. No big deal, in terms of action, but NO GORILLA SUIT EVER MADE can replicate that film sequence perfectly, or even close to perfectly. Only a real gorilla can do it. A human in a costume cannot. This isn't a maybe, or a likely, this is an absolute certainty. No human in costume can replicate that activity and convince anyone it is real. Why? Because there are some realities we cannot replicate. Patty is one such reality. I have not attempted to make a "Patty" suit because I explain in detail in my book exactly why such a costume cannot be made. So my position is that it cannot be done. So my not making one is because I have no desire to expend enormous effort doing the impossible. It is the people who caim it is possible, because they think Patty is a suit and thus it follows someone else can replicate it, they are the people who must prove their claim by doing one, since they argue it can be done. In so far as experts, once again, I will repeat the foundation concept for an "expert witness" and "expert testimony". To qualify, three basic criteria are needed. 1. Establish the expert's qualification. 2. Define in detail the evidence the expert has and used for the analysis. 3. Define in detail the methodology of analysis applied to the evidence so described in #2. Mr. Smith, Mr. Walas, and all the other makeup people quoted only satisfy Item #1, Their remarks exclude Items #2 and #3, thus eliminating the remarks as "Expert Analysis", and reducing thse remarks to simply "personal opinion." Any if anyone here does not know the difference between "expert analysis" and "personal opinion" then you are just shouting at the wind. Bill
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