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    Wow, really cool me reposting an interesting reddit post on BFF has lead to actual tangible help for Mark!
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    As I slowly work my way through the old 1.0 forums, all I can say is... boy, you ain't kidding!
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    To Hell with that. If he has his face in my window, I'll blow it off with the 12 gauge. He's already had the cops over. If they find it dead under my blown out window, they'll have a tough time prosecuting me for a crime.
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    Oh, you must have misunderstood me! I would definitely consume what I could from this forum and the general public through even the mass media. In fact, I do that now. As I've pointed out, this forum in its premium offerings boasts the SSR, a queryable database linked to Google Earth, which I consider the best sasquatch database now available, even though the one critical aspect it lacks is fresh, real time reports which BFRO and some regional sasquatch organizations can get. What I would NOT do is write articles for that fishing magazine outlining the fish caught and seen, bait used, seasonal catch rate, water levels, etc. I might consider sharing some of that information with others who might be able to give me good tips, info, etc in return, but not the general public. The risk is just too great. I am confident that people who were open about their activities here and publicly through the mass media and who were severely burned have continued their activities under a cloak of near anonymity. I am extremely interested in finding information about a few of these people. My bet is that they may achieve pay dirt soon, if they haven't already, and we may not know of it for years.
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    We do research in the Upstate South Carolina/Western North Carolina/Smokeys region. The only other places online that I have tried to interact with other enthusiasts have been on Facebook groups. That went over about as well as can be expected, and I learned to not put too much out there. Healthy skeptism is good, however I am not trying to prove or sell anyone anything so I don't want to spend all of my time dealing with hostile comments. There is a segment of the population who live to try to prove that people like us are crazy or flat out snake oil salesmen. I will say that I have been perusing the old BFF 1.0 posts that I gained access to with my premium membership, and the forum did seem much more hostile and combative back in the day. I can see where people were ran off. I will say that trying to attract 'professional' researchers could be a double edged sword. So many people who devote a large amount of time to the subject and maintain a web presence use that time and presence to non-stop attack other people in the field. I know that this area of interest attracts tends to attract some less than honest people who are just looking for attention, but some of these researchers have no actual research on their sites...just page after page of who has managed to offend their sensibilities now.
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    Yes, Rene bought out Gimlin's 51% for a nominal sum, and that share of ownership conveyed to Rene's son's, Eric and another son, when Rene died. But Eric alone manages the asset. Apparently the other brother has no interest. As to the film evidence ever being able to prove something conclusive, it depends (as all evidence does) on the following factors: 1. Is the evidence of good enough quality to lead to determinations? (Yes, it is) 2. Is the evidence determined to be pure or uncorrupted or otherwise not compromised by human interference? (yes, it is) 3. Is the evidence available to an analyst who has the appropriate expertise to properly analyze it? (Yes, it is) 4. Are the methodology processes of analysis appropriate to make a conclusive determination? Yes, they are) 5. Once a conclusion is determined by the evidence, are alternative options falsified or excluded for cause? (Yes, they have been) If so, then the film is sufficient to prove a conclusion to a factual certainty. The film, to a factual certainty, shows a subject figure that is biologically real, as it appears, and is not a human in a costume. But an often made mistake is to project the conclusion beyond what the film proves. The films proves one such biological individual existed in 1967. It does not prove any exist today. The film proves one such individual existed but does not prove more than one such species existed. The film does not prove where this individual fits in the hominid family tree. Is it a human deformed and subject to hypertrichosis, or a mutation of another primate species, or a common representative of an unknown hominid species with a larger population? The film cannot determine which. People who want to make up their own mind, and who lack either the full access to the evidence, or lack the specialized knowledge to properly evaluate the evidence,or lack the proper equipment to conduct the proper analysis, may be undecided about what the film proves. But their indecision is not the truth of the film. Their indecision is derived from their not being qualified or prepared to conduct a proper proof. The film is real, to a certainty that rivals the certainty that the earth is round, gravity exists, and Appollo astronauts actually went to the moon. But in this modern world, people still have doubts. Their doubts don't negate the conclusive truth.
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    Just took this pic a little bit ago from my barn. Looks like ole Sasquatch could climb right out of the mist.
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    It has been really quiet and no commotions since the cams got put up Saturday...the one video with audio of the dogs carrying on and whatever else is howling....it was recorded at 2:02am Saturday morning before Photog arrived.. I want to thank everyone for there help, especially BlackRockBigfoot and Photog, I can't thank you guys enough.. The fence is new within the last year and a half..In my of post I mention a dog of my dad's that has bitten the UPS man, and the mail lady, etc..they where going to have to put the dog down if he didn't get a fenced in area for the dog so I put the fence up...the gate stays open...the dogs have a doggie door on the back door I installed..they go in and out the back door and out the open gate...anyway that is the story behind the new fence
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    There were no wolves in Western Washington in my county until I found the footprints. On showing the DNR pictures of the footprints they admitted that a wolf had been sighted in the area a week prior. They just were not telling anyone they are there. Given the rapid spread of wolves from Idaho into Washington and Oregon, I would not want to bet there are no grizzly in Oregon. Lack of a certain species in good habitat is a vacuum that soon fills. Anyplace black bear are found certainly would be good for grizzly too. Just the fact that DNR officials apparently cover up wolf presence, sure makes you wonder what they know and are not saying about bigfoot.
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    The lady mushroom picker either eats weird shrooms, or doesn't know the wildlife she's supposedly amidst - there aren't grizzlies in Oregon. After they spent that time talking with her, I had a hard time taking any of it seriously. But they do have a lot of cool equipment, and a couple of quite qualified people, IMO. So I hope for more interesting episodes ahead! On a side note, I was talking with Cliff Barackman a couple days ago, and he was REALLY unhappy about the new show. He thinks it's a lightweight silly show - and offensive in the extreme to any serious bigfoot researcher. Which, I admit, I thought was a bit ridiculous coming from someone who did years of t.v. on a show made up of caricatures.
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    I appreciate Photog reaching out in a pm, to give good reason for his postings. My fervent desire is for a peaceful resolution for all parties involved, including non sapiens.
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    Struck me as funny. Most of us here want a Sasquatch problem until we have one. When we do we sometimes wish it would go away. I guess we should be careful what we wish for.
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    I respectfully disagree. I would think that the BFRO would be the last thing that he needs. They didn't do such a bang up job in Honobia. This guy wants these things gone and his family safe. The BFRO will want to host a couple of pay to play glamping events on his property or something.
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    They want to write tickets and get money. The state of Oregon just lost a lawsuit with several of their counties. The state is supposed to allow logging and give the proceeds to the counties involved. But they have catered to the no logging crowd and not allowed much logging. The counties sued and were just awarded several billion dollars in court. You should hear the state cry. The state allows only a fraction of the sustainable logging to be done. They would rather let it burn than log it.
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    Yup. If true, the question then stands as to why that ability to communicate and pass learning and experiences down does not result in the adoption of greater use of tools....or even use of fire. Unless you have an intelligent race that has the ability to develop tools, but chooses not to in order to stay hidden from the dominant species on Earth. It seems if that was the case, then there would be at least a few outliers who went against the grain and attempted overt contact with us. Unless there is some form of racial memory/fear that is so deeply engrained in their species that it precludes that attempt. However, if these things are as fast and as powerful as some make them out to be, coupled with intelligence (and opposable thumbs)....then why was man not predated off the face of the planet? Again, every question just leads more questions.
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    The Travel Channel wrote: Researchers uncover Bigfoot clues in new Travel Channel series. Team believes advanced algorithm is missing key to solving legend.
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    I worked in television and film production for a decade. Unless it's NatGeo, it's ALL about entertainment and bringing in viewer numbers and advertising dollars. It could never be about real research, because mostly, imho, really looking for evidence is boring, uncomfortable and as exciting as watching paint dry for 55 minutes of every hour and 4 minutes of really cool stuff and 1 minute of wondering if today is the day you're going to die. Not very watchable television, that! Studios don't give a darn about exploration or finding a new species. People at the top don't go outside, lol! They work 12-18 hours a day and eat, sleep and live by numbers. I know. I worked for them. My former boss is now President of a major Studio. Any show they create MUST be monetarily successful, and the uncertainties of bigfooting would be unproductive, literally.. Anyone starring on a show is an actor first, and a researcher second ( or third, or fourth...). Any Bigfoot show you watch is, first and foremost, ENTERTAINMENT. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    ^^^^^ pawn sacrifice with a NDA. Have you considered having your own You tube channel?
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    Well - if it's raining, you'll be recording raindrops... I have a weather proof audio setup that is storm tested. It's basically a $1 travel mug from Dollar tree, covered with Camo duct tape, with an elastic hair tie at the top to loop it around a branch. I made low pass filter microphones for mine, but you could use a regular mic in the same housing. The audio recorder is inside, high and dry. I talk about it here: https://bigfootforums.com/topic/57428-a-place-to-share-audio-files/
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    If I was a researcher, the only reason I might have to maintain situational awareness on the public would be to know if they were about to screw up the area I was active in.
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    Godspeed Tim.
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    I really don't have a problem with people knowing my location for one people can look at my house and then reference my location in regards to other sightings or activity plus me not trying to hide where I'm from or where I live it shows that I'm serious and I'm not trying to have some type of a hoax. if someone wanted to come up here and Hunt my property and look for this thing I would have no problem with that so long as they checked in with me first and that's only for their own safety so I don't hear something going on out in the woods and someone gets hurt when it can be avoided..
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    https://imgur.com/gallery/OU56ykW paper the deputy gave me with his name and number and a screenshot of my call log of him calling me the next morning ..in my imagur pics you will see my AR hanging by my bed...I took this because a long time friend asked if I was making this up to scare people after I first posted this on my Facebook....I sent this pic of my AR and said "this isn't hanging here because it matches my comforter set" I haven't talked it with one neighbor and it was because he stopped because he heard the gunfire...we have had one dog, a border collie, come up missing, just gone one day.. I have found one or two possible tracks...small compared to others I've read about...13-14 inches...one under my carpot near my kids window
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    Hey Mark - First welcome to the forum. We really appreciate your coming as we have discussed your situation quite a bit that last few days. I doubt anyone here will give you a hard time. However,if they do, just hit ignore as probably most of us will have that person on ignore as well. I doubt it has bad intentions though with kids (I got two myself) I know you do not want to take any chances. My oldest daughter saw one outside our house close to her room while I was on a business trip a few years ago and I promise it set her and me both on edge for a couple of months. After much study I concluded it was only hunting deer as I have only seen/heard them a few times over the years. My best guess is that your property is between a BF home in the Ouachita Mountains to the north and domestic food source like chickens or hogs close to your south. If you speak with the sheriff again, I would be interested if there have been any reports of livestock missing in the area. Honestly, I think you have done all the right things (other than perhaps go to redit) and I am not sure what other advice to give you. If I wasn't 1000 miles away I would love to drop by and see if I could help figure it out. Best Luck, Chris
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    Let's make sure he gets all the time he needs to reach out. He will no doubt have pertinent things to relate as well as have pertinent questions to ask. We should be patient as we welcome him. I guess my question is whether or not the previous resident went through the same things. I have others of course but will wait my turn. Beyond that I will let this whole thing take it's course.
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    You may very well be correct in the dating of those prints. But we can monitor them. Seeing them degrade as much as they have in that short of a timeframe is indicative of them being younger than I thought. And I am sorry for being such a bad camera / audio guy. I officially hang my head in shame.
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    If you read my mandatory greetings post then you’ll know that I’ve had quite a few bizarre and unusual experiences and encounters over the last half century while outdoors hunting, fishing, gold prospecting or metal detecting. This past year we relocated to Arkansas and in the process I’ve been making handmade items like walking sticks, wood carvings etc.. Anyway, I went out to the woods about a month ago to collect saplings for the handy crafts. About 30 minutes into my search I heard and spotted a large, tall and rusty brown creature stand up and bolt through the brush. Ive hunted bear, deer, elk and other large species and I can guarantee this was not anything like that. Since then I’ve began videos of the exploration and how it’s evolved over the last few weeks. we’ve been placing apples in different spots with some hanging on a string some 7 feet off the ground only to find them gone a couple days later. There are limb structures, a giant nesting spot and we’ve filmed a few tracks as well. one night time video in the drizzling rain shows eye shine and shadow/silhouette movement. I haven’t caught a full on glimpse as of yet but we’re out there trying. If you look under Arkansas Bigfoot, The shadow man on you tube you can see the momentary flashes of eye shine and movement. If anyone else in central/ west Arkansas has had any encounters then I would like to hear from you. Thanks
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    Some cast comparisons, presumably if the same track maker. They look very similar to me. Here are the 11 inch casts. Here are the 8 inch casts. Sorry it's uoside down. Here are the 6 1/2 inch casts. Again, sorry for the upside down photos. The soil for the first two was sandy mud, and the second, mud and dead grasses and soil. Turns out icy ground is worse for casting. The ice melts under the plaster, and makes holes and gouges in the plaster as it dries. The plaster doesn't spread as well, either, and doesn't get into the toe holes. We did use warm water in thermoses, but it wasn't enough apparently. Guess we're pretty much done casting for a while. I think we're gonna have another hard winter here. It's been a very cold autumn and early winter. I may have to start carrying plaster in my pack, for immediate casting of interesting finds, which will suck.
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    Or under 1000's of meters of ice at the poles... I bet that there are things preserved in the ice that would make your jaw drop.
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    Not sure. The overall timberland was described as "substantial". The site itself was said to be miles in behind locked gates. The size of the property must be quite extensive because the family has a long-standing philosophy of only cutting areas every fifty years. So the nesting site itself hasn't been touched for a long, long time in which case , at an elevation of under 500' is truly temperate rain forest. No snow falls there and the canopy along with the understory is extremely dense. That's why it is such a physical struggle to get to the site, not to mention the steepness of the main ridge that the finger ridges extend out from. The site is on one of those finger ridges. Each finger ridge is separated b\y a kind of ravine or valley that drops down to the headwaters of a salmon stream. All of this was public information IF one listened carefully to the podcasts. My understanding is that the finger ridges extend out to the West of the main ridge. The huckleberry stand used to construct the nests lays along the head of the site's finger ridge which acted like a wall one couldn't get through without alerting whoever or whatever was out on the finger ridge. The last I knew of the project was that they were going to scout a second finger ridge to see if there was any evidence of more nest building. That's when the updates kind of stopped. After that everyone waited for the results to come in from the e-DNA samples taken from the soil from under the center of several nests. Disotell announced the results in December or 2018 but Meldrum announced the same results the previous September, 2018. The initial find made it to mainstream news organizations but the results did not as far as I know. Results? The usual animals in the region along with Human DNA but according to Dr. Disotell the samples were to degraded from freezing and moisture to show a novel primate.
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    I mentioned this in another thread. The murderous cannibal Giants of Native American lore became the reclusive creatures that we know today once firearms arrived on the scene. So many Native tribes mention Sasquatch as a stealer of women and children, a killer and water of men. Flash forward to more modern times, and these creatures are reclusive and probably only predate upon humans when the opportunity to do so safely arrives due to the fear of firearms.
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    I jumped on it Friday. Amazon has the same price, so it shipped fast. Mine arrived about an hour ago and it's charging now. I haven't even put an SD card in yet, but I will try it out tonight.
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    The biggest reason I mention it is while watching them move I've seen them sweep each other more than a couple of times. If they were filming with live rounds I imagine they wouldn't do things like that .
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    The major advantage Moneymaker had with The Animal Planet (as well as everybody else in this industry) is the BFRO as the #1 report taking organization. That gave him the lead with producers not only on his competition, but in deciding locations. But a researcher, even one thinking of starting a YouTube channel, doesn't need control of that database. Our own SSR gives one a query access to the published BFRO database, and a whole lot more, for a mere $20 per year. You might not get the Big Bucks with a YouTube channel, but money can be made, and you'd have FULL control. You could work your own schedule, follow up on a recent report, talk to a witness on video, have a Bobo friend of your very own, etc.
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    Catmandoo, good idea with the tongue depresser.
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    The SSR alone is a goldmine, thanks to a lot of work by people like yourself. For a researcher, that alone is worth well over $20 per year. The online version of the Anchorage Daily News costs $10 per month, and I can get state and local news from numerous other sites for free. There isn't another SSR anywhere.
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    Humans, feral or otherwise would need a pretty fair reason to hang around such places? Not saying it isn't a feral Human child but the depth of the prints make no sense if it is. And also, say it is a 7-9 year old. even running, 47 inch steps do not sound normal, especially when "running" toward a slope as dangerous or possibly life threatening as Northwind has described. And don't worry, Patterson-Gimlin, I leave doors open for all kinds of answers and my first go-to isn't Sasquatch. Sasquatch is always in a process of elimination. But then that process needs a good deal of grounded scientific common sense to work properly. And sometimes coming up with a Sasquatch as the only answer, at last for me, is worrisome on more than a few levels.
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    That might have happened if anyone with access to the ancient Homo DNA samples thought BF existed.
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    Conditionally true, but not absolutely true. Most testing is done with the intent of matching a sample to a known species. You are looking at specific loci to find something the same. If it is a match on those known identifiers, it is assumed to be a match. Looking for a novel species closely related to some known species is very much a different matter. It requires first matching on the known identifiers to establish similarity, then has to proceed much farther than is done for species identification to locate differences. So yes, when a new human species is suspected, testing can determine if the new sample is a match to what is known or what is novel, but that is not the kind of testing that is done in almost all cases. This testing for a new species is a lot more involved and a lot more expensive. And the results are often controversial, both at the moment and sometimes for a long time afterwards .. the experts do not always agree on the interpretation of the data, sometimes for very good reasons.
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    PURPORTED results. As claimed by Ketchum. I do not believe there is any independent verification of those results thus no validation of her claims. I don't believe she allowed anyone that level of access. Ketchum was not "allowed" to take center stage. She was the stage manager, owner, coordinator. She seemingly had complete cooperation, and still does, of the person who paid the bills. The only person in any position to "allow" Ketchum anything was Ketchum herself. In the end, it is all about Ketchum. There is no separating her from the work, from the results, from the outcome. MIB
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    Beautiful country...
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    il tell you this much, it slowly revleaved itself to the couple recording (mayhapz on an old camcorder, the video looked old) and it looked like it was bipedal and reptilian, like something similar to a mantis I’ve seen a lot of the junk on youtube this one was... disturbing
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    There is also the account just outside of LA (if I remember correctly) where a woman saw a portal open and two BF through it. I will have to find the account later. Also, somewhere on the forum are a couple of older threads on portals (I will have to see if I can find them later as well...). While I do not necessarily believe in portals (as commonly describe), I do think that there might be something to it. Interesting reading to say the least (and somewhat terrifying as well)!
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    I watched the sequence trying to see more details of the baby. What has not been mentioned is that the first part of the video Mom does not seem to be carrying anything. She makes a beeline for some large rocks then raises up holding the baby after a few seconds staring at the person doing the video. Then the baby is visible most of the time. She does not withdraw away from the camera but at about 90 degrees to the camera holder. Most likely because of the huge boulders directly away from the camera. Which she could not navigate holding a baby. I have always contended that Patty was on a mission. She could have withdrawn directly away from Roger and Bob but proceeded along the creek in the direction Roger and Bob were traveling. That and her prominent breasts suggests to me Patty was lactating and had a baby stashed someplace. Her mission was to get to baby before Roger and Bob did. Just like this Mom single mindedly proceeded to her baby, and retrieved it, when it could have just gone into a crouch and not been seen at all. In both cases getting to baby first was priority.
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    I got the Seek Outside 4-man tipi and a Lite Outdoors 18" titanium stove. Total weight 7lbs 2 oz....light as a feather and I carry them in a Seek Outside Fortress 6,300 backpack on the Revolution breakaway platform. About 130-liter volume weighting a mere 4 lb 2oz. https://seekoutside.com/tipi-tents/ https://www.liteoutdoors.com/product-category/titanium-cylinder-stove/ I never heard of Seek Outside until a year and a half ago. Absolutely fantastic gear. I have over a dozen backpacks, including a McHale, and in my opinion it is the best backpack I've ever owned or worn. The quality of the tent is amazing too. All made here in the US of A. Here is my setup on its maiden voyage in the backyard to do the initial burn in of the titanium stove in a controlled environment:
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