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    As stated in the "How far up the ladder does knowledge of Sasquatch go?" thread, I did an email interview, in about 2009 or so, with Li Guohua, a Chinese Yeren investigator. He has been researching the Yeren for over 30 years, in the mountains of Shenongjia. Here is the translated version of that interview. Questions for Li Guohua What first got you interested in the Bigfoot (Yeren) phenomena, and how long have you been investigating this creature? Can you describe your first encounter with the Chinese Yeren? Was it a visual encounter, auditory encounter, or an evidence encounter (footprints, hair, scat, etc.)? Can you describe, in as much detail as possible, one of the Yeren that you have seen? What kind of equipment do you use when you go looking for the yeren? Do you have any evidence (eg: plaster casts, hair, scat samples, photos, etc.)? Have you ever experienced eyeshine? Have you ever experienced wood-knocking? Hve you ever tried to initiate contact, or are your field trips totally passive in nature? Have you ever experienced an aggressive Yeren? How would you characterize the Chinese Yeren’s behaviour towards humans? Are they curious, shy, bold, etc.? Have you ever had vocalizations between both yourself and a Yeren, or experienced vocalizations between creatures? How frequently do people report encounters to you, and do you have any current or ongoing investigations? Hello, Mr. Li Guohua! I am Xiao Jie who sent you a text message some time ago. I work in Tonghua Iron and Steel Company, Jilin Province. My husband is a Canadian teacher. Below is the email I sent to you in lieu of him. Thank you for your time and communication with me. I really want to know if the methods and means of tracking savages are different from those of North Americans. My question is as follows: What makes you interested in the phenomenon of savages? How long have you been tracking the savage? Dear Canadian Savage Explorer: Hello! My name is Li Guohua. Before retiring, I was a staff member of the Scientific Research Institute of Shennongjia National Nature Reserve in Hubei, China, and the former member of the scientific research team of the Northwestern Hubei Province. Thank you for your interest in the Yeren exploration business in China. I also hope to learn about the experience of wild people in the foreign countries and the way North Americans explore wild people. I am very happy to discuss the savage in nature with your husband. My nature determines my life pursuit. I like to explore adventures since I was a child. In 1972, as a young intellectual of the year, I left the lotus town in the suburbs of Yichang, my hometown, and became a lumberjack in the Shennongjia forest area in the northwest of Hubei. Our engineering team is located at the halfway up the southern slope of the main peak of the Great Shennongjia at 3106.4 meters above sea level. In the spring of 1973, the mountains often filled with fog, and the wind and snow were mixed. Every day we started to slash in the virgin forests of the mountains and valleys. It was during that time that I often saw clusters of rare animal golden monkeys in the forest and saw the big footprints of the savage on the snow many times. This made me know that there is a kind of human being in nature that can walk upright. A savage of a senior unknown primate exists. Interested in rare animals, interested in mysterious savages, and prompted my destiny to form an indissoluble bond with the savage. In May 1973, I transferred from the engineering team to the cultural department of the forest area. While specializing in local cultural work, I used all my spare time to start an adventure career with the goal of tracking the Yeren. Counting it, I have been searching for them for almost forty years. As long as the existence of the wild man is confirmed, this is not only the most important discovery in the field of natural science in the world, but also has great practical significance for studying the origin and evolution of human beings. According to Engels, “there is a kind of human being in the process of human evolution. The theory of non-inhuman non-human primates can also be scientifically justified. Since the 1970s, the report of local cadres, workers, and peasants witnessing wild people has been constantly spread in the northwest of Hubei Province, and has attracted the attention of the state. The Hubei Provincial Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have also jointly organized the scientific research team to enter the mountain twice and conducted investigations on the wild people. On the afternoon of December 12, 1980, Vice Premier Fang Yi and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hu Keshi specially organized a meeting to hear the singularity of the Northwestern Hubei Branch of the Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After listening to the report on the progress of the investigation of the Yerenn by Vice President Cheng, the deputy prime minister of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out: "The problem of Yeren inspection, the scientific problem is most arbitrary. We should not oppose those who have the will. You can't blame people like this. There is such a person in the world, or there will be no Columbus. If you can't find the New World two days later, Columbus may be killed. For those who are so enthusiastic and even disregarding life, we can't say You can't do it, you can't be too arbitrary." Dean Fang Yi's speech inspired my fighting spirit and made me a follower of Columbus. As a member of the scientific research team of the "Singular Animal Science Research Team in Northwest Hubei", my dream is to use my lifelong efforts to uncover the mystery of Yeren for human beings. 2) Can you describe your first encounter with a savage? Did you see it, hear it, or some trace? (such as footprints, hair, stool, etc.) The first time I encountered a savage was on December 5, 1978, when I was interviewed by a colleague from a forestry cultural department to an engineering team that I used to be a lumberjack. When we occasionally climbed the main peak of Shennongjia, we found a large number of wilderness footprints left by a group of Yeren on a mountain snow called Tianlianling. The footprints were 40 cm in size, 30 cm in size, and more than 20 cm - a footprint similar to the footprint of our human adult. The step length was 150 cm in the snow. Seeing the traces of so many savages in the inaccessible, uninhabited alpine jungle, people felt terrified at the time. We pursued along the traces of the savages, and on the hillside not far away, we saw that several Yeren were hunting in the jungle. Because of the fog on the mountain and the distance, I can't see the creatures. I can only see that it is some upright walking. The primitive people who are similar to our human ancestors chased and hunt a large wild animal in the snow. The sight of the Yeren is shocking, and it is very scary. Because there was no preparation, and the traces of the tigers were found on the mountains, we did not dare to approach them. We had to return to the campsite of the Yamashita engineering team dozens of miles away when it was dark. 3) Can you describe the savage you see as much as possible? After discovering the wild man for the first time on December 5, 1978, my heart was completely fascinated by the Yeren. Since then, I have continued to use my Weibo's salary income, using the annual family leave, alone to witness the savages in the past, and discover the wild in the mountains. I don't have a camera, the only inspection tool is a bandit. (A gunpowder shotgun) Every time you enter the mountain for ten days and a half, and for four or five months, you have been lurking in the inaccessible deep mountain virgin forest to search for Yeren. In the mountains, I have to rely on eating dry food for a long time. At night, I can only live under the cliffs with my clothes and spend the cold night around the campfire. The winter climate of the mountains is particularly cold. After several months of continuous in the inaccessible mountains, people have been exhausted. This has caused me to die almost in the mountains several times. On February 28, 1980, I rested under a cliff and suddenly saw a person's shadow coming to me not far away. Careful observation revealed that it was originally a humanoid animal walking upright, with red hair, and no tail. I found the Yeren, I was very surprised, I saw the beast is very tall, but I felt a panic because my body was extremely weak. The Yeren's height is two meters high and the body is very strong. Our distance is only fifty or sixty meters apart. I couldn't catch up, and I didn't have a camera. I saw the Yeren observing me for a while and found that I was not the animal he needed to hunt. He turned and walked away. In desperation, I had to raise the bandit in my hand and aim at the wild man. I thought that as long as I injured the savage, I could catch up with him and find the cave where he lived. But I pulled the trigger several times and the bandit didn't fire. After watching the wild man walking away, I realized that the gunpowder in the bandit had become damp. 4) What equipment do you use when tracking the Yeren? Unfortunately, I am just a scientific explorer who is curious about the Yeren and wants to unravel the mystery of nature. Because the Yeren has not yet been recognized by the academic community, many people in the academic world are not believing in the Yeren. Although I have worked hard to find the wild man for a lifetime, I have never found a funder. Until now, I have not had any high-tech research equipment. In June 1980, I participated in the "Shanxi Animal Scientific Investigation Team in Northwest Hubei" organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I became a scientific research team organized by the government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but at that time each scientific research team member was only equipped with a rifle. There are no cameras and other inspection equipment. According to my in-depth investigation for many years, it can be concluded that the Yeren not only exist, but also have a wide distribution. They are basically distributed in Shennongjia and the surrounding counties in the northwest of Hubei Province. The main difficulty in uncovering this natural mystery is that there is no high-tech research equipment, and because the Shennongjia in the northwest of Hubei and the surrounding Daba Mountains are the dense forests of the mountains, it is not a plain or grassland. As long as the Yeren enters the natural barrier of the forest in the deep mountain canyon, the expedition team members can no longer find them. Although I have found five Yeren in total, because the wild people run faster than people, the distance is far, the Yeren is only fifty or sixty meters away from me, I can't catch up with them, so I have been difficult to get the direct science of the existence of the wild man. evidence. The Yeren is running very fast in the forest, so that human beings can't catch up with them. If there is a person who supports me, help me solve high-tech research equipment, and install some far-infrared cameras or far-infrared places where savages often appear. The camera, in the age of our lives, unveiled the mystery of the savage is completely achievable. But in society, especially the conservative forces in the academic world, they all insist on denying the view of the savages. I will not first uncover the mystery of the Yeren to confirm the existence of the wild man. Who is willing to take risks to help me continue to explore the mystery of the Yeren? 5) Do you have evidence? (such as footprints, hair, stool, photos, etc.) During my participation in the singular animal science expedition team in northwestern Hubei Province, I have worked with my colleagues in the scientific research team several times to fill the model of the Yeren footprints with gypsum powder in the mountains. I have also worked with the companions of the expedition team several times in the mountains. The hair of the Yeren, but as a member of the expedition, the plaster model of the footprints we produced was handed over to the expedition team, and may now be stored in the Shennongjia Forest Cultural Center. About the Yeren's hair, we obtained Yeren hair eight times, and then handed it over to the expedition team. Some of them were sent to more than 10 research institutes such as the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and they made scientific identification of wild animal hair and wild animals such as orangutans, gibbons, chimpanzees and gorillas. The results of these tests confirmed the hair of the wild man, which is different from the hair of four kinds of human beings and other wild animals known as orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and gibbons. It is confirmed that the Yeren's hair is closest to human hair. There is no Yeren hair in my hand. But I also have photo data of the Yeren hair and photos of the plaster cast of the Yeren's sleeping nest, feces, and Yeren found in the mountains. 6) Have you seen the Yeren's eyes shining at night (eyeshine)? The savage was found many times during the day, and no savage eyes were seen shining at night. 7) Have you ever experienced the savage people interacting with each other by tapping the wood (wood knocks)? I have heard many times in the mountains that the wild people are calling each other for the connection with the same kind. Their voices are extremely rough and monotonous. They are usually called between their companions. They are all "hey, hey, hey, hehe" Howling. No phenomenon was found in which wild people communicated with each other by tapping wood. Are you actively communicating with the savage, or is your field trip only passive? I have found Yeren many times. If in the age of my life, someone can support me to solve the research expenses and high-tech research equipment, such as a digital camera with a telescope head, I can easily shoot it. But until now, I am a lonely and helpless self-funded investigator, so it has been difficult to realize my dream of uncovering the mystery of Yeren for human beings. The Yeren's body is tall, can reach about 2 meters in height, and is particularly stout. They are not like modern people, and their faces are terrifying. Because after seeing the wild man, there is always a certain sense of horror in the psychology of the person. Every time I see the Yeren, I want to approach them. I hope to actively communicate with them, but with the psychological pressure, the Yeren will turn with the eyes. There is a feeling of doubt in people, but to leave in a hurry, which makes me unable to communicate with the Yeren and cannot be friends with them. Yeren does exist, but they should not belong to humans. According to the views of anthropologists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who participated in the study that year, the Yeren should belong to a family of cockroaches, a descendant of giant python (note: I have no idea what he means by this). During the period of our investigation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences also discovered fossils of ancient giant pythons in Shennongjia in the northwest of Hubei Province and in the surrounding areas of Jixian and Lichuan. Some of China's most famous anthropologists even concluded that the Yeren is the living fossil of the giant clam. The main purpose of my search for wild people is to obtain the physical specimens of the wild people and let the international community recognize the existence of wild people. But I have struggled for a lifetime, and I have never found a funder or supporter in the age of my life. I can only find Yeren again and again, and I can only fail again and again. This is the regret of our time. This is the sorrow of our time. 9) Have you seen an aggressive Yeren? So far, I have not found any savage Yeren, but in the hundreds of Yeren we have documented in recent decades, there are many Yeren who have caught the ire of the Yeren. The example, and there are many examples of modern people who have been caught by the Yeren and escaped after a fight between life and death. For example, the mountain people Yin Hongfa, Zhu Guoqiang and other local mountain people have been caught by the Yeren and they survived after fighting with the wild man. There are also many examples of being caught by wild people into caves. 10) How do you think of wild people's behavior and attitude towards human beings? Are they curious, shy or daring? The Yeren is a worldwide phenomenon, distributed almost everywhere in the world. At the same time, the Yeren is an unknown high-level primate that cannot evolve into human beings. Although they have the characteristics of being able to walk upright, they live in the big forest. In the same way, like the ancestors of our human beings, relying on hunting animals, living with blood and living in the living habits, with the omnivorous characteristics of carnivores and herbivores such as orangutans and bears, the first thing is the wildness of the beasts. They have been able to survive from ancient times to the present. Through my long-distance observation of the wild people, when they saw human beings, they first expressed their curiosity and doubts. They seemed to want to be close, but they were somewhat feared. So after seeing humans, most of them chose to escape. Of course, individual differences, they also have the phenomenon of actively attacking people. 11) Is there an activity between you and the savage? Or is there a voice activity between Yeren? In order to find Yeren, I often like to learn the call of the Yeren in the dense forests of the mountains, and call the creatures. Because of the many materials I have collected, the Yeren hear the humans calling each other and bringing them closer to humans. . Another reason I like to make wilderness calls in the forest is that in the deep mountains isolated from the world, a person is sometimes too lonely, too boring, and calling is also to energize people's spirit. A person often stays alone in the inaccessible mountains and forests for several months. Sometimes he is afraid of his own frequent dysfunction. Sometimes he will learn to call the Yeren in disapproval. This is also because he feels lonely in his own spirit and even fears his own spirit. A condolence to one's own spirit. 12) Do people tell you more about their encounters with the Yeren? Do you have an investigation that is currently underway? During my 30 years of wilderness adventure, I have gone through dozens of dangers of dying, because I have lived in the wild mountains of the uninhabited mountains, so that I have discovered Yeren five times in my life. In the northwest Shennongjia and surrounding counties, Zhushan County, Zhuxi County, Wushan, Wuxi, Chengkou and other counties, I have interviewed more than 400 wild witnesses in more than 90 natural villages with wild people. 400 expedition study notes. My goal in life is to reveal to the world the truth of the existence of wild people in nature and realize the value of my life. My investigation activities have never stopped. In recent years, I have planned many plans to follow the mountain adventure to track the Yeren. If in the age of my life, I can find a rich man who can be interested in Yeren, and fund me to solve high-tech research equipment and funds - (to help me go into the mountains to search for Yeren clues, transport luggage, install far infrared Cameras, cameras and other facilities, as well as the transportation expenses of the inspectors in the mountains, and the expenses of the labor expenses of the collaborators, may only cost 2 million yuan. It takes only one year, and I can shoot the first in the world. A documentary about the habits of Yeren in nature. At that time, all Chinese people may be happy, and all the people on Earth may be happy. But after more than 30 years of hard exploration, it is not easy to find a Yeren. To find a rich man who can have an interest in the Yeren and is willing to help me uncover the mystery of the Yeren may be a hundred times more difficult than finding a Yeren. Traditional ideas are the enemy of scientific progress. Because in China's biological world, especially the animal research department, the animal protection department almost always denies the existence of wild people. I don't first uncover the mystery of the Yeren, I can't conquer the traditional views of the experts who deny the existence of the wild people. . Although China's CCTV, many local TV stations in China, many foreign TV stations, including China's Youku, Hubei TV's story China column, Sichuan TV's charm discovery column, have walked into the place where I work, to me again and again. After discovering the Yeren, there were no more than two hundred interviews. Anthropologists, explorers, and media reporters from all over the world did not have hundreds of people. They traveled across the ocean to China to interview me, but I did not come up with Yeren first. The scientific evidence of existence, the conservative forces in the academic world are still doubting the existence of wild people, no one in the world is willing to give me any support and help before I succeed. Therefore, if a rich person is interested in the Yeren, it may take only a year to uncover the mystery of the Yeren, but I have struggled for a whole life. For nearly four decades, I have been able to use my own Weibo salary, and I have insisted on my own expense to find wild people in the mountains year after year. In my life, in order to uncover the mystery of the Yeren to the world, I was not married until I was 41 years old. Because I have been inspected at my own expense, I have been injured in the mountains many times, and I have to pay for public funds to go to the hospital for treatment. Until I retire, I still owe the public funds of the unit. If the sky has eyes, it will enable me to find a Yeren head in the forest in an extremely difficult and difficult situation, so that the international biological community can recognize the existence of the wild man, I can become a successful scientific explorer in the world today. I walked into the solemn Great Hall of the People to report my feelings of success to my motherland and the people. I can only report to my motherland and the people, "I have dedicated my life to me when I am alive. My most loved nature is dedicated to my most passionate scientific exploration. If my spirit of scientific exploration can be understood by my motherland and the people, my best wish is to be able to make friends with the Communist Party in China. The scientific exploration cause that is beneficial to the progress of human science can be supported by the great Communist Party of China and can be supported by my motherland and the people. My life comes from nature, and my life is exploring. I have spent the rest of my life in science. I have been serving nature for the rest of my life, and I am protecting the ecological environment on which human beings depend. Fighting, in order to protect precious forest resources, at the expense of their own lives to fight against poachers. I have no regrets in life, all my scientific exploration achievements and my spiritual wealth will belong to the world. It will belong to all mankind. I firmly believe that the scientific spirit of mankind cannot be smothered by stubborn conservative forces and traditional ideas. Those who hold the Communist Party and the people to give them power cannot serve the Communist Party and the people. Some bureaucrats of the national and national service forestry authorities, corrupt officials, their powers, will be reclaimed by the great Chinese Communist Party and the great Chinese people. They are targeted by Chinese scientific explorers. The scientific ban on "the Yeren belongs to the folk singularity, the necessity of not examining...there is no organization, no participation, no hype" will be abolished by the great Chinese people." In 2006, 46 experts from Hubei Province signed a joint letter, and wrote to the Party Central Committee and State Council, "Proposing the State to Continue to Organize Shennongjia Wild People Scientific Investigation." The leaders of the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it and promptly made the instructions of "hoping to organize relevant experts to demonstrate and negotiate settlement." Jackie Chan, a famous international movie star in Hong Kong, said that he is willing to pay tens of thousands of yuan to support us inspecting wild people and filming Yeren documentaries. However, many domestic animal protection departments, many experts in the animal research department, insisted on denying the view of the existence of wild people, and resolutely disagreed with the state's continued organization of scientific investigations of wild people. Some bureaucratic leading cadres of the state forestry authorities also strongly disagreed. The state organization carried out scientific investigations on wild people. On the grounds that "the wild people belonged to the folks and did not have the need to organize inspections", they even signed the joint signing of 46 experts from the Party Central Committee and the State Council for Hubei Province. The spirit of the instructions of "I hope to organize relevant experts' arguments and negotiate settlements" made by Shennongjia Yeren Scientific Investigation was not accepted, and it was issued that "the Yeren belongs to the folks, there is no need for organization inspection, no organization, no participation, The document of "No Hype" has been resolutely stopped against the Yeren investigation activities that the people of Hubei Province will soon organize. This forced Jackie Chan to fund the local science expedition staff in Hubei Province to prepare for the shooting of the Yeren Documentary. Human civilization begins with exploration. Scientific exploration of the cause is a noble cause that promotes the progress of human society and promotes human civilization. Although it is necessary to carry out the scientific exploration of Yeren in China and the tremendous resistance of some leaders of the forestry authorities, I have been working hard, now I have also began planning the next plan to track the wild people into the mountains. To photograph the Yeren, the main difficulty for me is that I can't solve the high-tech research equipment. I need a financial sponsor or collaborator to help me. After nearly forty years of field exploration, I know the distribution of Yeren, know the habits of Yeren, and there are many adventure lovers in China who want to participate in my activities. They are constantly in contact with me and hope to participate in my adventure tracking Yeren's new plan. Not taking the living habits of the wild people in the forest as documentaries, not only the animal research department, the experts of the animal protection department, the leaders of the forestry authorities expressed doubts about the existence of the wild people, opposed the organization inspection, and the people always expressed their existence to the wild people. doubt. The people have the right to know. Article 47 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, Article 3 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Science and Technology Progress, Article 22 of the Human Rights Law of the People's Republic of China, stipulates: "Citizens of the People' Freedom." "Citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy the freedom to organize scientific research, literary and artistic creation and other cultural activities. Encourage and promote innovation and international exchanges and cooperation in scientific activities such as science, literature and art." Encourage scientific exploration and technological innovation to make science and technology reach the world's advanced level." I hope to uncover the ideal of the savage nature of human beings, and believe that it is also the common aspiration of all mankind. Now, I have written and published a book, My Yeren Career, based on my own experience of tracking wild people for more than 30 years in the forest. At home and abroad, hundreds of media outlets have reported at home and abroad. At present, I am in good health. As long as I find the first partner in the world who is willing to sponsor me to shoot a savage documentary, I am willing to work with the partners to realize the dream of human beings finally uncovering the mystery of the Yeren. I am also willing to cooperate with the partners. Together, share the success and achievements of the exploration of science. In the age of my life, in my home country, many Chinese people sang the international song "to fight for the truth." But when the Chinese really want to fight for the truth for life, in the face of the firm opposition and suppression of certain bureaucrats in the forestry authorities, in this era of our lives, who is willing to disregard some of the bureaucrats of forestry Resolutely oppose and stop, dare to help me shoot the first documentary about the habits of Yeren for the world? Struggling for the truth for life is my belief in life. Regardless of the bureaucrats of China's forestry authorities, how to ban Chinese people from exploring the mystery of the wild people in the natural world, I will carry out my own career of exploring wild people.
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    When I was younger in the coastal rain forests of Oregon , in one year of hunting and hiking/camping, I would see 300 plus black tailed deer, at least half as many porcupines and as many coyotes, and several bobcats. Rabbits and California quail abounded. Elk were everywhere. Now in one year I see about 20 to 50 black tailed deer, two or three coyotes, zero porcupines ,bobcats, California quail, and elk. Some years I can see up to 12 elk but rarely any at all. My point is, as populations and the habitat changes, it effects every living thing. I don't see any reason why Sasqatches would be any different.
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    Logic can .. has and will again .. be wrong, be mislead by lack of a representative cross-section of information. You might say if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it must be a duck ... but what if it had other features like big floppy ears, a trunk, tusks, and lacked wings? Maybe that funny waddle and sound are completely taken out of context. The fact of the matter is, at least to the best of my knowledge, we have no evidence of a coverup. We have claims, second-hand stories, innuendo, assertion of what "must be", but not one single bit of tangible evidence for anyone to review. Less, even, than evidence of bigfoot where at least we have track casts and footprints anyone can see on the 'net or, if they make the effort, in person. We don't even have that to support the notion of conspiracy. We have nothing but BELIEFS. That's no better than the woo-bigfooters have to support their claims. I suggest that rather than trying to make a mountain out of a possibly imaginary mole-hill, we should focus on substantiating the mole-hill first. In other words, wait until the existence of this purported form is established, not just claimed, before reading stuff into it. MIB
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    We know for a fact that Lyle Laverty was directly involved in the Patterson-Gimlin film event as a witness to trace evidence at the site, was among the first people in the scene after the filming event, took photos of the footprints himself, was a government official at the time, and eventually rose through the ranks of government to a near cabinet level position: http://jkagroup.com/about/lyle-laverty-bio.htm# There are also indications that Laverty had his own sighting near Hyampom, and found a nest near the PG film site at Scorpion Creek/Lonesome Ridge.
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    God isn't an engineer, he's a programmer. There is so much in the nature of the universe that reflects what I would do if I were running a truly massive simulation that I believe that's exactly what we are experiencing. Holographic universe .. at least at a quantum level. Mathematical consistency of physics across detectable space. Etc etc etc. It's a freakin' MODEL. I could probably write 50 pages on the parallels between "reality" and a good computer simulation .. including what appear to be flaws. The spooky and unsettling question if that's the case ... what are WE? Are we part of the design or are we a defect? The implication .. or an implication .. is there may be MANY programmers each running their own simulation, each with its own particulars. Alternate / non-Euclidean geometries, "realities" where constants like pi, phi, Euler's number, and Avagadro's number all have different values than the ones we are used to thus things work in a consistent but, to our perspective, skewed, manner. And somewhere out there, there's another you and another me, also spooked and unsettled wondering what they really are. ... just don't think about it too much. It will make you crazy. (That's a hint from an inside observer. :)) MIB
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    Trees are the answer. We should take care of them.
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    Actually, that long list is primarily because the area got hit hard by several serious on-the-ground researchers, and got focused on immediately after "initial contact" when the timber industry first penetrated the area. There are precious few areas like that left within prime sasquatch habitat along the temperate Pacific coast. The initial invasion of this area got lots of the locals going in addition to the outside sasquatch hunters. Many of the above reports were by the guys who were going in there to work daily building more roads into the area. Green just documented it well. And even with all that activity between 1958-1970, most of it was footprint finds. There were only a few actual sightings. These creatures are incredibly elusive. It was incompletely described. The trackway was in snow and observable from the air.
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    Eh, don't worry. I'm not gonna off some stranger in the woods because someone on the internet said it was okay When & Where - 2/2/19, somewhere in the Cascade foothills, between 8 and 11am. Weather & Misc- beautiful 40 degrees, slight fog, no wind, spectacular day. What happened - Myself and two friends went up a dirt road a mile or so off a highway in the woods, then we walked another mile or two up a game trail up a mountain. We found a couple of very old twists, a possible small stick stack, bent trees and a lot of breaks. We found a huge boulder, with a dry overhang, and it looked like something had been sleeping there - there were old dry ferns, and the nearest ferns were about 6 feet away. We checked out the woody tree stump, but it looks like nothing interesting up close. We checked out the Elk kill, which stank, and took pix. Just a really nice day in the woods with friends! It was very quiet, peaceful and uneventful. Then we went to a nearby lake, but we didn't find anything but lots of mud
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    I look at this rather simplistically. If it was and alien abduction, then the alien looked similar to a bear and it abducted him not to a ship, but rather, into the woods. If it was a bear, it would have had to come out of hibernation and out of it's den so it would be visible in the day light and not in a dark den and it would also have to have a similar build and mannerism of an upright cartoon bear for the boy to recognize that it was a bear and act contrary to it's nature. If it was a person who abducted him, the person would have had to be wearing something similar to a bear and how did the boy escape? If it was a Sasquatch, then it would have to look similar enough to the cartoon bear and have similar mannerisms and be willing to take care of him or even lure or take him away in the first place. OR It was a miracle and the bear is the manifestation of something that the child could identify with or it could be just a figment of his imagination. Because it makes no sense that the child survived, with the information we have, I choose to believe the last two are the most likely, however, with more information, my opinion may change.
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    You simply cannot have a creature that is a mixture of bear and primate DNA. That is vastly less believable than the idea that a primitive human is running around in the wild. Less believable to the tune of 1 followed by uncountable zeros tbh! It just isn't an option!!! The two can share more primitive DNA but any DNA that identifies them as either primate or family Ursidae (North American Bears) just can't happen... bears and primates cannot mate and have a viable offspring, not in the present, not in the future, not in the distant past... it can't happen. To try and imply that it's the only answer or even a potential answer is wrong... it's NOT AN OPTION. Unless you're going to go with genetic manipulation by aliens or some mad crazy human scientist ala Dr. Moreau... and I personally am not going to consider those as options either... Genetics isn't magic, there are rules to be followed by everything in nature.
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    That's one bizarre storyline offered by law enforement. Is Robert Mueller involved?
  12. 3 points
    Oh come on! The only alien that fits the description....... is a Wookie. And everyone knows they lived in a galaxy far far away.....a long, long time ago!
  13. 3 points
    No chance it couldn’t possibly be known about.
  14. 2 points
    I'm Louisiana Cajun/Creole.........IOW, "mixed race". I find homo sapien race issues amusing at times, boring at other times, and infuriating most of the time. My family will "tap" anybody of the opposite sex, and we've proven it over and over. Even though I married a very white Danish/English woman, I do tend to prefer dark meat in both fried chicken and women. If I run across them in the forest (chicken, grouse, or dark women), I salivate profusely...........
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    I have a laser Christmas light display that I shine on the garage door. All these laser images dancing all over the garage door. I half expected to come out some night and see a mesmerized cougar batting at them on the garage door.
  16. 2 points
    No he didn't say that at all... Please cite the origin of that quote. What he did state though when interviewed by Long was that to the best of his recollection that he only ever came in once on a Saturday and that was to process a film for the government. When asked if he could have possibly opened up the shop on a Saturday to process the PGF, he stated that "he would have remembered it if he had". I will repost this correspondence from Ishihara to Peter Byrne yet again: There is absolutely no lack of certainty in these remarks regarding his work schedule: Ishihara writes: "Herein lies the problem. You mentioned that you subsequently met with Leonard Tall for discussions on this matter. I am surprised that this timeline did not raise a question. We would not have had our processing equipment operating on that date. Even during the summer when I scheduled extended processing runs to handle the extra seasonal workload, the additional day was Friday and night into Saturday.. I kept the machines processing until the chemical supplies ran too low. The reason for this is that I did not schedule support staff for the extended 6th day run. On our normal startup day which was Sunday evening, we would make up the chemical supply before production processing. In the fall, in October we did not process Friday nights And we started back up Sunday evenings. There is no way the film was delivered to the lab on Saturday. If the film was delivered to one of Tall's camera stores on Saturday, it still would not have been processed until Sunday night and available for delivery on Monday. perhaps this is the correct timeline and still have no bearing on the integrity of the footage". I stated late August to early September when summer vacations are over. More precisely the time when kids go back to school; the time around Labor Day. It doesn't "go deep " into September. I worked at one of the largest (by volume) labs in California. We sometimes worked the first Saturday after Christmas... We had a few hundred employees.
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    What do you mean by the "busy season" is ill-defined'? What do you really know about when busy seasons were in the photo industry? - "I don't know". I would agree... Having worked in that very industry I can assure you that the busy times were as predictable as can possibly be. They were from late spring up till late August or early September when summer vacation was over, and again around Christmas. Octobers were always remarkably slow, and that time was mainly used for minimal routine processing and equipment maintenance etc... No amount of special pleading on your behalf turns October 20th into summertime. Besides, doesn't your timeline actually require the lab to be closed? Instead of spending your time beating dead horses to a pulp, you may want to review "Actual Developing threads #1 and #2." All of this has been covered there many many times.
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    You seem want to equate BF behavior with behavior of other animals. Why would an adult BF, probably the most reclusive animal in the wild, approach an armed human totally unaware of it's presence, who has already passed it's position, and hit the human with a rock so small that it would not harm me if it hit me in the head? A cougar not interested in attacking would simply let me pass and walk away while it watched. If cougar and BF have similar behavior, the BF would simply let me pass and walk away. Their behavior is either similar or different. It is obvious to me a rock thrower is different no matter if it is adult of juvenile. Of course I have no idea which other than the sound of the footsteps were way different, sounding more like a child running, than adult footsteps I heard years before that, and years later.
  20. 2 points
    Well except that those genetic markers that identify bears as bears and primates as primates hadn't evolved yet back then (prior to the split I mean, once they split those traits developed, those common ancient traits aren't looked at as identification of a species... you do share genes with bacteria just so you know... smh) .... please stop...
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    I think this case has all of the hallmarks of the 411 books. In which I feel it is suggested something extraordinary happens. Point of fact. 1) Boy claims a bear took care of him for two days. (This exact claim has happened before in Montana 60 years ago, Except bears dont walk on two legs while they carry children in their arms, as reported in Montana, or in the Dennis Martin case in Appalachia) 2) The child should have died from exposure, but did not. Which adds validity to point 1. Somehow, someway the child is cared for and delivered relatively unscathed. 3) The child is found in an area that has been searched many times by hundreds of people. It would seem they just were just not present until later. 4) The child is found in a swamp. And its unsure how they navigated by themselves to such a hard to reach place in mud and muck. Again a classic repeatable fact we see in many cases. Bears do not care for small children......they eat them. And black bears are responsible for more attacks in north America than Brown/Grizzly bears. And its much more likely the black bear attack is based on predation. You fight back against a black bear. A small child stands zero chance. It wasnt a Bear. So what is taking children back East? Bigfeet? Feral Humans? And why? I do believe something abnormal is going on.
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    Ok, wouldn't a child scream with fear that came upon a monster and go into shock as if the child wasn't already scared to death being lost. My gut feeling tells me that a Sasquatch with their special mind abilities to sooth horses and such, was able to calmly befriend and sooth the child in a playful manner easing the child's fear. Another thing that fascinates me is, what brought to attention or why did the Sasquatch decide it was time to let the child go (if it was even a Sasquatch at all). Anyways, here's another bfro report from the Sierra's of a young girl's encounter. She mentions at the bottom of the report that a young child disappeared from the same campground. http://bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=1090 Here in the Eastern Sierra's, the mountains are crawling with monsters(Bigfoots)! And the funny thing is, most people who live in the town have no clue what so ever. I'd watched an older couple walk right pass one and they didn't even know it as it watched them from behind the trees.
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    People with weapons hoaxing others who have weapons? Not a real possibility as all of them appeared quite sane to talk to. But you ask a good question, and one that has crossed my mind now and then. I figured I'd hear something sooner or later, and it is now past later. My guess is that the public reaction and that of the so-called scientific community was something that they just found too tedious to continue to deal with, and decided to just go dark. Even before they released their monograph on Area X findings, Bipto, the ad hoc spokesperson for the NWAC declared he was fed up with the ongoing "gotcha" tone of the conversation here and signed-off, never to post again as far as I know. I do believe all of them have found their own, personal proof. It is shame, if so, that that they haven't made any recent attempts to share more information. I for one would love to have an update, but they don't owe any of us a thing.
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    I have the same problem, people confusing me with the Huntster. Two outspoken, rugged individuals. I am, however, far more handsome than that gentleman!
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    Let me try another line here: First, it's becoming pretty clear that these creatures are human enough to justify these thoughts and conversations. If they are classified as not within the genus Homo, then pretty much all of paleo-anthropology will be in upheaval. The vast majority of the dug up ape man bones will be in danger of being reclassified. Secondly, being of the Homo genus and being aboriginal to the North American continent and United States in particular, our current government structure places their status not within the purview of our fish and wildlife departments (co-managed by state and federal governments), but purely within the authority of the federal government. This isn't wild speculation here. It's common sense based upon a broad view of government structure. It also pretty much explains the stand-offish attitude of our forestry, land management, and wildlife management agencies, and legally justifies their negligence toward this phenomenon to a certain extent. As a nation, we have not recognized the rights and status of this native peoples. These natural resource agencies have no boundaries, guidance, or authority to deal with these questions. Thirdly, that narrows us down to the appropriate authorities who must deal with this issue: the State Department and/or Bureau if Indian Affairs. Though I'm not completely certain about this, I believe that the State Department is required to negotiate a treaty with an aboriginal tribe, and that treaty ratified by Congress, before authority to administer that treaty is granted to the BIA. To our new forum participant (jsydor), DoD's legal authority is also limited by law, just like eveybody else's. They cannot run out willy-nilly and deal with the "wild Indians" until authorized by Congress in a declaration of war. Now, if an aboriginal hominid is shot dead on Ft. Lewis for trespassing and failing to respond to orders to halt, and the Army examined the carcass, realized that they needed legal guidance, and turned it over to "somebody else" (all of which I have every reason to believe has happened somewhere within the past century and a half), they've done their jobs and are absolved legally from further responsibility. This issue is a State Department issue, and to secondary extent, a responsibility of the FBI (our internal federal investigative agency, and who have likely recieved notification of sasquatchery from local and state law enforcement agencies). So, folks, there you have it. There is your legal reason why government has so fully failed to deal with this issue. It's a matter of law. Discuss......... That depends on your definition of the word "cooperation"........ I agree that we won't force anybody to talk without first producing a freshly dead sasquatch on a slab that they can't make disappear, or perhaps a significant skeletal fossil of recent life (within a thousand years or so). The trick is producing the proof in a way that they can't whisk away........
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