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    @JanineRSP OK- I'll bite. I encountered two BF back in 1990 at night near Telluride CO on what is known as the Dallas Divide. I had each one of them in my brights of my truck at very close range- about 8 to 10 feet. I had a camera and might have been able to take a photo, but the idea of putting my camera outside the truck so as to avoid windshield glare when the flash went off was a bit daunting. They were really big; both were seated and I got a good idea of how larger they were because to get past them I had to drive around them- they were literally seated in my lane on the hiway.
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    They know your mind and they know your heart. "Worthiness" is why 99.99% of persons attempting an encounter will fail. ShadowBorn, it never occurred to me that 'ShadowBorn' could be an Indian name. I am 100% anglo, but if I had an indian name it would be " Slower traffic keep right".
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    Over the past 15 years the Alaska Deot of Fish and Game, with the assistance of the Air Force and Army who own all of the land immediately north of the city of Anchorage and well up into the Chugach Mountains to the east, have been studying the bears that inhabit the city, bases, and surrounding area. After fitting a few dozen bears, including a thousand pound monster, one of their biggest surprises was that the bears descend into the congested parts of the city, even the downtown area, and essentially live in the greenbelts when the salmon arrive. And they do so, for the most part, without even being seen by the people. How do they do it? They fish the creeks at night, then go into the bushes and sleep all day long while people walk, ride bikes, skate, and travel the bike trails a few yards away. Then when the salmon runs subside, the bears head back up into the mountains to feast on the berries before winter. There are an estimated 300+ black bears and 60+ brown/grizzly bears within the municipality borders at any one time. The original Urban Bear study began in 2005. There have been at least three more since. Here's a link to one of the more recent studies of 9 bears. http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm%3Fadfg%3Dlivingwithbears.anchorageurbanbearsstorymap
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    Hi Friends! Thanks for checking out the thread. I totally understand the hesitation and I'd be glad to answer any questions I can. As I'm sure you can understand, there's only so much I can legally say right this second to protect the production. My goal here is just to respectfully listen to your stories and learn. The show we're making is very serious and professional and in no way a joke. As you all know better than anyone the BF community is very small and as things finalize I have to respect parties involved and can't yet share that info but I'd be happy to talk to anyone personally in a DM if you'd rather not post it on the thread. I'd eventually also chat with you folks on the phone to maybe see if your encounter could be a great fit for the series! Please let me know what else I can try to answer for you. Janine
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    Hello all! My name is Emily and I am a PNW native who's currently a freshman at the University of Missouri. I'm currently working on a research project about Bigfoot, and would appreciate your responses to my survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScT0gyBYHRbAOo0jQjlChe3X-lBaE8-6aSYQaondkedhjFYrw/viewform?usp=sf_link Thanks!
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    I believe they do a lot of commercials....
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    There would be no trial if you're smart. After the kill, simply cut about 2 pounds of flesh to take with you, bury any extremety and vacate the area. Freeze the meat asap and do not tell anyone. Go back two months later and retrieve the bones, just a few will suffice. Then announce the find from the State you reside in and present some of the meat for study and DNA tests to several labs. That's it, as long as you keep your mouth shut they can't touch you. If asked where you obtained the specimen, decline to answer specifically, just say "not in this state". If they ask for the circumstances, decline to answer. Do not say you killed it, shot it, or anything. Just shut up. If they try to compel you to answer, plead the 5th. End of story.
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    I don't think they evolved here ... not completely. It pays to remember that a) there have been 4 periods, not just 1, in the last 2.3 million years when there were land bridges between Asia and North America, (My guess o' the moment is that no matter what sasquatch proves to be, it crossed over during one of the earlier glacial maxima / sea level minima and has had sufficient time to evolve from whatever form they arrive in to the form they have now. ) and b) populations pushed by extreme conditions evolve more quickly because mutations with even small positive values become highly selected for, and c) small populations do not have the opportunity for mutations to be "buffered out". Everything adds up in an evolutionary sense. Given just a little more time, extreme conditions to adapt to, and a very small population, I think it is real possible for bigfoot to have evolved from a shared human ancestor in a few hundreds of thousands of years. MIB
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    I suspect that they are plotting to take over the world...
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    Hello, is this thing on? It seems a great opportunity to share one's witness encounter has been offered. Time to step up to the plate, "knowers."
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    That's true but misleadingly presented out of context. In those same books, Paulides says though he went in expecting to find a pattern pointing to bigfoot as the culprit, he had to back away from his expected conclusion because the data doesn't support it. In one of the books he said it looks more and more like patterns of claimed alien abduction. Don't jump to conclusions prematurely just to have the comfort of a conclusion because being wrong can "blind" you and kill you. Look for anything out of place. If something "feels" weird, stop and figure out why, don't be macho and try to bluff through it. Don't forget to look up. Watch for shimmery spots in the air. Until we know, by proving, what it is, we are foolish to make assumptions about what it is not. Erroneous certainty could prove fatal. MIB
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    If this interests you, for the Pac NW, Henry Franzoni's "In the Spirit of Seatco" is a great resource. Translations of "Indian" place names really does seem to track with a map of bigfoot reports. Some of his other conclusions jibe with my assessment of the report data. It was truly an interesting read. MIB
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    Date & Time - Sunday, March 24, noon - 3pm approximately Location - Cottage Grove Lake Weather - Beautiful sunshine, 50 degrees, unlike yesterday! What Happened - Myself, a friend and my son met to further examine the driftwood statue- structure and cast the print. The structure is perfectly balanced - no nails, no rope or twine of any sort. The bulk of it is 7' tall, with the tall branches sticking up another 4 - 6 feet or so. It's solid, and some of the timbers are big. It's weird and wonderful, whomever made it! I also cast the 12" print that was next to it. I could feel the toe indentations. The cast is drying now - grass is a terrible medium for print casting, but the big toe is obvious and the other ties are visible; the rest is rather sloppy. We will see how it looks all cleaned up and dry. You can watch the videos on my YouTube channel, Lane County Bigfooters. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGcgtibIWESmOAtVZM-K88A
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    Dear BFF Members, @JanineRSP is the cable television producer for a new series focusing on Bigfoot research. She is searching for witnesses who want to share their story and has asked the BFF for help. The BFF is not involved with the series in any way, we are simply providing interested parties access to our awesome community. This thread is to help Janine with her search. Please be respectful and do not hijack the thread. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Thank You! p.s. You can also send her a PM if you prefer.
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    Madison, one reason I have thought about with some of their constructs is that they are simply mimicking human activity. That would explain shelter constructs that look similar to tents but are not functional as a shelter. My theory is that their brains do not have the ability to visualize something useful and construct it. Humans have been creating spears, arrows and bows, baskets etc for the better part of a million years now. One would think with some sort of parallel development, BF would have started creating those things too at some point just by what they have seen humans doing. While BF are functionally similar to humans in form but not size, it is almost as if someone took a giant human, and destroyed the creative part of their brain. We will never know until a BF ends up on a lab table.
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    That is almost a mirror reflection of the Eric Muench nest find on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska in 1989. It was on private logging land (Native/aboriginal) who then brought in state and federal forestry personnel as well as ADFG. The story is told by Robert Alley in "Raincoast Sasquatch".
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    That would be geographically specific obviously, as the Florida (Southern) populations for example wouldn't need any such thing regarding winter focus. Food gathering must take top priority for them however, wherever they are., irrelevant of social structure i would have thought too.
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    I made a height stick to use for reproducing height during witness interviews. We've used it twice on the Omaha Reservation this winter. It is simply an extending pole for paint rollers, about $15 at Menards. I marked it out from 6 1/2 feet to 11 1/2 feet but it goes to just short of 12 feet at full extension. I marked it to the bottom of the ball, in case I want to replaced the ball with one of a different size. I actually have two pole, one with a 4 inch yellow/blue foam ball and one with the orange tennis ball. I made this to go back and do a better job for my own report from May of 2018. Sadly, I have not been able to get in there to get it done, and now flood waters may have messed up my chances. The third photo is an actual investigation on the Omaha Reservation in February when Robin Roberts was in town. Witness said she saw something standing in that spot with it's head near those snow covered branches. We measured 11 feet tall. We were there to look at tracks, but they were overblown by snow.
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    I watched a video last week about Patty that had Igor Burtsev talking about the camera's up and down movements and his findings. Dr. Burtsev says at 24 fps, it would mean Roger would have taking 6 steps per second when he was running with the camera. According to Burtsev, he says this would be impossible since sprinters will take about 5 steps per second when running. The part about his finding the film speed was 16fps starts about the 20:48 mark. The part about a speed of 24fps meaning Roger was taking 6 steps per second starts about the 21:05 mark.
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    How big is that bear/deer/big hairy mammal/stump in your trail cam pics? It is not difficult to get an approximation. I use metric Pocket Rods to scale animal images. I use metric due to the resolution of trail cameras. It is easy to see centimeters. After I place a trail cam and before I switch out the storage media/batteries, I wander around in front of the camera, stopping in many places. Sturdy camera mounts are important for image alignment. I have home made accessories for my Pocket Rods for distance from camera.. The Pocket Rod is 2 meters in length. The 1 meter mark is in red ink. The horizontal Pocket Rod has the 1 meter mark in front of my whistle & signal mirror. A little image processing and the bear is scaled. In setting this image up, I thought about being the invisible researcher and just adding my gloved hands and Pocket Rods. Here we have Jane Doe. No deers were poked during this exercise. Accessories for measuring. The image below is from my 1st set of distance cards. They were made from 3 X 5 cards. My new sets are plastic. The distance cards are slipped over the 'blade'. The image shows the Pocket Rod at 1/2 meter away from the camera ( the comma is not in view ). A tape measure is stretched out on the ground and I walk out to the distance indicated on the cards.
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    Get over the proponent vs. skeptic argument and acknowledge its science that demands proof. Making it out to be us vs them is a weak position to take. We do not have the evidence that leads to proof because we do not have verifiable evidence. Keep chasing the "skeptic" but they are not your enemy unless you are not really secure in your position. To me, you make excuses why there is no proof and blame others for the lack of proof.
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    Looks like part of the tree , but thanks for sharing.
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    One afternoon while bow hunting in the Oregon coast mountains, My brother and I came across a structure that was vine maple twisted and weaved into a wigwam type structure. No human evidence was found. A couple of hundred yards away, we were walking down an old cat road that had over grown until there was just an elk trail. It was lined with young fur and alder trees that were about 12 to 15 feet tall. All the tops were twisted and left hanging down at about 8 to 12 feet high. They went on for a long ways. No other trees were damaged. Just the ones lining the trail on the old road. The whole time we were following the trail we heard constant wood knocks. Two or three at a time.
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    Reading how the bear population is on the rise in CT I'd think bigfoot may be around too. I use to hunt around the Quabin res area in Ma when I was a kid, good deer action around Bare also. I don't think bigfoot is afraid of our subdivisions once he figures his way around!! I'll have agree too, you're going from freedom to a heavily commie state.
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    Not necessarily, NW CT looks active, and there are recent reports in other areas. I think it is likely that forests and parks of all sorts have been tacitly recognized as special enough to be protected at least partly because of them, although it can't be proven. I think the place names mostly predate such protections, whether named by natives or settlers. They are very interesting.
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