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    I’m just back from 2 months or so out West. A month of that spent on Cedar Mesa in SE Utah, wandering down rarely traveled side canyons and up over mesas. It’s not exactly prime Sasquatch habitat but it was a trip afield and my eyes were always out for the anomalous. I saw no signs of our big footed quarry, not surprisingly, nor much sign of less cryptid critters, no rattlers, no cougar tracks, though I did see bobcat and coyote prints, and heard the latter sometimes at night. Bighorn sheep were seen a few times down those seldom visited canyons and Pronghorn and Mule deer up top but pleasantly, no indication of human presence. None of the ubiquitous bud lite cans and no trails, not even footprints, just wilderness **** near the way it was a thousand years ago. On setting out from coastal Maine, my intention was to camp somewhere each night along the way as travelers used to—finding a spot that looked good where one wouldn’t be harassed or attacked by marauding bands of any sort of law, out or otherwise and that was not atop asphalt or concrete. I knew this would be easier once I crossed the Mississippi but I didn't suspect Iowa and Nebraska would be so difficult to hide in. it sure is along the I-80 corridor. With the exception of being awoken one morning by tribal police down a heavily rutted and water-holed two-track just South of Lake Erie on the border of the Cattaraugus reservation (They were concerned I was dumping tires or some such.) and the asphalt that 2 of my tires were parked on outside of Moab, Ut, I managed that for 45 nights or so. It was a trip filled with amazing vistas and long eye stretches not to be had in the thickly forested geography of home. Many nights spent perched along canyon rims looking 1000’ down to the wash or river below and not another soul incarnate for miles around, just the ghosts of the ancestors and the mute yet intelligent silence of stone. Segments of that stone had interesting glyphs pecked into it, somewhat representative of a familiar figure. At the end of my journey, after a sojourn in SLC, UT and along with a fellow conspirator we made the trip out to Skinwalker Ranch, a place I’d heard of but not really known much about. After a wee bit of research we decided to check it out. It is still gated and surveilled by cameras with large no trespassing signs at the entrance to the property. It is also guarded by savage skinwalkers in the form of Owls ( we watched a Great Horned for 10 minutes as it hunted the pasture from telephone pole tops) and dogs, one of which attacked the front tire of the vehicle we were in then assumed such a friendly demeanor so as to lure us out of the car and most assuredly claw our hearts out. We weren’t fooled, though later that night we did return to feed him a blueberry muffin:) Skinwalker ridge, above the ranch was our chosen vantage point and is probably accessible had we been in the Rover but we weren’t at the time so we settled for walking across the sagebrush pasture to the South under cover of darkness. After covering maybe a third of the way, my companion began feeling a sense of dread over not what was ahead but what was behind and suggested we leave. I know to trust that intuition and put up no resistance, so back we headed through the scrub and over the barbed wire into town and a somewhat less dangerous venue--Taco Time for fried empenadas…And that’s about all folks.
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    Not correct. Certainly testing, etc could be going on, but that would not be the biggest picture. Several credentialed scientists have been involved and there was discussion early on about the possibility of 2-3 papers being submitted to major journals regarding different aspects of what's been found. SILENCE is a requirement of legitimate journals doing peer review and publication. It is part of THEIR process. If you don't play by their rules you don't get reviewed and you don't get published so all that is left is Ketchum's path ... create / buy a defunct journal to "review" your submission. I don't think Disotell or Meldrum are fool enough to repeat her mistakes. If you are a proponent of scientific acceptance of bigfoot, this silence is exactly what you should hope for. MIB
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    For the state of Washington there is a fair portion of report data that describe white, grey and blonde individuals, I do think age rolls into the color pallet but it is not responsible for the entirety of these outstanding reports. One example that comes to mind out of my records there is a particular sasquatch ( most likely the same animal ) that has been reported over 8 times in 14 years in one particular area. This individual is blonde/tan in color and was encountered for the first time in 2003 at the standing height of about 2 feet, about 3 years later it was again seen in the same area ( within 1 mile of the original sighting ) at about 5 feet in height, in 2012 he was again spotted crossing the road about 0.8 miles from the first location and was now about 7 feet tall and thin. Over the past few years this guy has been spotted at least 3 times crossing 2 of the major highways within 12 miles of the first sighting from 2003. It is certainly an assumption that this is the same animal but the record is very straight and the coloration is not common and I certainly don't think they are as common as cows. Another example I can relate is on 2 individuals that seem to visit the Orting river valley and White river drainage as the temps drop, I get reports every late October through November of a black tall animal and a shorter tan animal moving through through the agricultural districts along power-line routes. The most interesting thing is that December hits and reports start coming out of JBLM land near the towns of Roy, Yelm and Rainer, these reports often continue until March. This is a small portion of the data I am working that so far hints on seasonal elevation movement.
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    Here is one which I've always been impressed with if you consider wood knocking in order to hunt - tool use. It was posted on BFF 1.0 by member Bigfootie back in July 2005. https://bigfootforums.com/topic/19119-i-saw-wood-knocking/?tab=comments#comment-303107
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    ^^^^ Yes. My personal "however", which only counts for me, is this: I've heard from some number of people who have been to the site, seen video of the site, seen video of the approach to the site. It would be very reasonable to deliberately exclude human hunters. You simply cannot move through that brush without noise that would scare game. It would be most effectively hunted from above via tree stands. An experienced hunter would not make nests and leave a bunch of human scent around if you were hunting there from a tree stand. From what I'm told, somewhat backed up by what I could see in video / images, it's not precisely a military layout either. It looks to me like a pecking-order layout oriented to salmon in the stream, the most probably food source. I don't know about this one specifically but most spawning areas are closed to fishing during spawning and spawning fish are not that desirable a food source for humans: I think it points "elsewhere" ... everything, taken on the whole, points towards bigfoot. That's just MY assessment, though.
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    I can't post much yet, but check this beauty out! I'll post more in a few weeks. Have more to do with this. My last five years of "armchair researching" may have paid off. What do you think?
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    This sounds like more of a slam against the Olympic Project than anything else. Having experienced the fallout from premature revaluation, I can understand the OP's reluctance to make suppositions ahead of time. For those that have gone to the conferences in the PNW, the Olympic Project has kept everyone posted on the progress of the study of these nest sites. This poll is simply people's opinions of what the results will be of this study. Honestly I haven't done the poll because it doesn't matter what I think will happen. My thoughts are to wait and see what happens. I'm interested in what they find using the eDNA method regardless of what the eventual results may be.
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    Paradelia strikes deep Into your life it will creep
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    Kiwakwe, Thanks for sharing your adventure and photographs! I also love the Utah wilderness and all those slot canyons. BTW, with regard to Skinwalker ranch, I have camped on that ridge twice. One year nothing happened, but on another year a self illuminated blue orb overed over me at 45 degree angle. It just appeared and disappeared with no motion. It lasted between 30 sec and 1 minute long. I don't know what it was but it did nothing but watch or monitor us. There were 2 other witnesses. Many of the weird claims about that place are real (not based on my account but also based on colleagues who have investigated the place for last 10 years). But nobody really knows what is going on - not even Robert Bigelow who sold his ranch in 2016 to another wealthy man who is also interested in the phenomena. The saga continues. I have not watched yet the new documentary about the place, but read very good reviews; see link below. https://www.hunttheskinwalker.com/the-film/ BTW, not sure if you had a chance to explore the high Uintas Mountains north of SWR - but there are many BF reports from there and I had anomalous experiences there too.
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    I believe that the laws of probability are against you. First of all, we know without doubt that both bipedal apes and large hominids have existed in the past. Secondly, we also know without question that oral, written, and glyphic human history worldwide record such creatures in our recent past. Thirdly, we have decent moving photographic evidence that they exist at least as recently as 1967. Fourthly, we have good trace evidence of their current e istence. Finally we have lots and lots of testimony of their sightings. The evidence really exceeds a reasonable doubt. Of course, it doesn’t exceed denial, but that’s okay. Frankly, I don’t care if you accept their existence or not.
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    http://squatchable.com/article.asp?id=584&fbclid=IwAR1_4fS7tGJIV1UsZci5wpF0hpKiTkfVYR_dQSsjy4x3B83j4EMFN82QyzQ Pretty darn creepy!! Quoted from the article: Some deer hunters had set up a trail camera a few weeks ago and discovered something strange triggered the snapshot. In front of the camera, you can clearly see the deer, but what's behind it is even more sinister. Some have attributed its glowing eyes and its feature to Bigfoot. Some even say it reminds them of a shape shifter. "This trail cal pic was captured buy a member of our team in Michigan. Needless to say, he’s been carrying a firearm since. What are you thoughts on what this could be," wrote Marco. What do you think?
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    It looks like Jerry Garcia to me.
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    NatFoot, there have been several threads about these nests right here on the forums with links to information about them. I think BobbyO has started one, I think I have started one. This thread has links to more information. The Olympic Project doesn't post information on their site or FB because they are trying to do it right. But there are information links right here about them. Most of it you are going to have to listen to podcasts.
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    Somehow based on past posts I thought you were a younger, "hip", tech-savvy person. I figured of the two of us, I'd be the one out of touch. I offer apologies for my mistaken assumption. I can't help you with the Facebook part. If you're not willing to go there, you're not going to get the information that is there. It's a choice you make. I don't like Facebook much but the info outweighs my irritation. If I do a google search on "olympic project nests" I get links to pictures and "articles". Y' have to wade through a bit of stuff but there's something to learn from even the worst of it. If I do the same in youtube I get relevant video. I'm not sure why you're not getting the same results. MIB
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    There are commercial quality drones that do have FLIR systems. When FLIR is mentioned I wonder if ultraviolet could be a better choice due to cost and resolution at the best visual light cameras. A FLIR system above 620P resolution is very expensive. Most normal light optical cameras can be converted to ultraviolet simply by removing a filter that filters out ultraviolet at the sensor array. Ultraviolet is considered spooky because of the images. But maybe spooky is what we want. Throw in the likelihood that BF may see into the IR part of the spectrum and I think it worth a try. If that is correct, the BF could plainly see any illuminaters and simply hide behind trees. Another factor with drones is noise. The angry beehive drone sound would get the attention of any BF. I have seem military drones that use slow speed and much quieter propellers. They put out much less noise than the hobby high speed drone propellers.
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    I think the ear of the deer is covering it. But it doesn't look like a BF to me. It looks like a long haired, bearded hippie...
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    Here is a link to a website that is an interactive 3-D Modeling program, for calculating/viewing the Sun's position in the sky....for any date/time... http://andrewmarsh.com/apps/staging/sunpath3d.html Although, I'm not sure if it allows for selecting years other than 2018. Here are two 'screen captures'....for Oct. 20th, at 1335....for the approx. PGF filmsite coordinates....(I added-in Roger's 'angle-of-view'...(relative to True North)...for the F352 point in the filming....based on Steven Streufert's diagram)... This is with the model rotated, to a view just above 'ground level'...
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    I think the researcher i met over the prints I found wants to go on some night walks this winter, he has invited, but nothing firm. I'm both scared and stoked. Things happen around this guy! I also found another woman to research with! I'm really looking forward to getting out there after the holidays. My go-to cold weather gear is my new favorite - merino wool. Not the cheapest, but it is fantasic! I am loving the long underwear and tee shirts as base layers. I also made a nice lambs wool dickie by cutting around the shoulders of a sweater i got at Goodwill for $7! Just put on a shirt, then the dickie, then a layer... Instant warmth on my neck without wearing two sweaters.
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    One of my best research pictures was over, around or above a settlers grave (that someone or some entity attempted to dig up several years later and I rehabilitated to speck based on a picture I made of the ground around the monument), it had so many different colored orbs hovering over it that were caught on digital camera that I was literally flabbergasted. It is one of my chief research achievements photographically; and no, there is no pollen or dust that will reproduce what I caught that afternoon. That said my sighting involved dayglow green eyeglow from Sasquatch at civil twilight. Sure I may be sensitive to blue/green doesn't take anything away from the typical red eyeshine incidents. The only blue glow I ever photographed in fog/rainy overcast daylight with was the back of a tulip poplar tree trunk base that was partially hollowed out that had an open lesion on the opposite side large enough for me to use as a "drop zone" for a sasquatch feeding station, hands could fit in and large animal likely not. I used to drop apples and a closed peanut butter jar with loosened lid in there. That "lesion" has long since totally healed over, and the picture I gained has long since been lost in a series of unfortunate backups and hard-drive failures. That said the area was a hot-zone of synchronicities, many of which shook me to my core. Not skinwalker stuff, but running a close second.
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    Here is an example. These are buffalo in the same pasture as the buffalo picture I shared in the wildlife thread. What is very important is to note the elevation and eye altitude of the image. The second image is a from a similar elevation and eye altitude. Find a known object (like a car or a road) at the same elevation and eye altitude and you can determine how big an object is. If the black area in the O.P. is the size of a bus, it's probably not a bigfoot.
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    I just did this animation for the Squatchipedia, it gives a pretty good perspective on sightings.
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    ... or the darn things really are Homo sapiens sapiens with a set of gene segments activated that are inert / "junk" DNA in us and/or vice versa. I kinda doubt they're that close, but I won't be sure what they aren't 'til I know for sure what they are. Another thought ... the e-DNA showing there's something out there might allow agencies who've been suppressing evidence a way to wiggle out. Right now, if that's what's happening, no matter what they'd like to do now they're trapped by what was done in the past. "Oh look, something new." Then allow research to find it. Dunno. MIB
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    Here's a juvieprint that I posted recently, but didn't tell the story......I found several great prints in and around a creek pool, and after I took the one nice print pic, the owner of the pool came out and was quite aggressive, dang near bit my foot! Anyway, you can see more prints in the mud around the Snapping Turtle, was going to go back and take more pics the next day as there were some great prints in there, but it started raining and didn't stop for weeks, flooding, no sign of it now or Mr. Snapping Turtle. Yeah, he was pretty big & mean!
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