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    Hey guys, I am new here and have a little bit more information as to where they are and also was looking for a place to vent about this show. First I do believe there is substantial evidence showing something is out there but without actually encountering one it is hard to say for sure. The area they are in is on private property, it is known as Antone ranch here is a link to their website www.antoneranch.com So either Antone ranch got a hold of someone to report a bunch of sightings and bring them in to search or the production is paying a lot of money to be there because the ranch looks like people pay to go hunting, fishing and other things on it. The airstrip to the north is so clients can fly in and hunt and fish. Now for the venting.... If you are going to make a show about something as controversial as bigfoot and be authentic you had better be accurate with everything you say on the show. As others have said their distances are way off they say something is 4 miles away when it's actually only 1 mile, for example the clearing they are investigating they said it was 2 miles long when it's about a half mile long. If the reason they are doing all this is to try to hide where they are then DON'T SHOW THE LAKES. Between the big lake and the small one that looks like a bear, which was shown on the lidar scans in the first episode, I was able to find this place in 5 minutes on google maps. Besides that I do enjoy the show but I find myself doubting more than I should. Ok now I feel much better thank you for letting me do that.
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    I wanna say it's drying up..But I also have not put in a fraction of the time I was when I was trying to verify they where real and coming near my house...with the kids not here, Im not drivin out of concern for there safety as when they where here... man I never thought I would have to move my kids, having to change schools mid year because of BF? I still have trouble wrapping my head around all of this.. I still arm the cameras every night...I don't sleep with headphones on and the camera audio on anymore..but I'll never be able to walk across the yard without scanning the treeline as I go..
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    So I think this thread has run its course and I don't want it to go downhill. I'm going to close it for now, if there are any updates, @Imdyinbitch please send me a PM and I will reopen it.
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    Again, I think that there MIGHT be an issue killing one of these things in certain parts of the country. But, rural Oklahoma ain't one of them. Especially since he already has a police report on file. I know that we live in a litigious society nowadays, but I think that the danger of facing criminal charges are majorly overblown. A prosecutor is going to bring charges against someone for shooting a 7 or 8 foot tall monster that we have been told repeatedly doesn't even exist? I think that the public outcry over these things being hidden from us for so long, as well as the threat that they might pose, would be in the spotlight....not some poor guy who was defending his family from what is basically viewed as a storybook monster. Heck, he could have a lawsuit for the police being aware of his situation and not officially doing anything to help. If I am in my backyard with my children and an escaped tiger comes out of the bushes...am I really going to face charges of animal cruelty if I shoot it? Especially if the authorities knew about it and did nothing to inform or protect the public. I still think that the whole 'put on trial for murder if you kill one' thing was a postulation that was made somewhere off of the cuff...and it just got legs and entered the ever growing mythology of the creature. Case in point, Justin Smeja. He caught some charges for an unrelated poaching issue, but they didn't start up a task force when he began speaking about his alleged shooting. No one seemed to eager to get out and see if there was any law broken. He even claimed to have that Bigfoot steak. Law enforcement didn't show up to seize it as evidence in a potential murder trial.
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    I posted this in another thread. *What I neglected to share in the other thread was during my experience, when I knew not to turn around, in my mind’s eye I pictured what I called a werewolf behind me. I didn’t....and don’t....think werewolves are real, but I think it was the only word I could come up with for what my subconscious presented; a huge hairy upright creature. Maybe this is how werewolf lore came about. Thirty-four years ago we’d moved to Cleveland, Tennessee. We were staying in an apartment several miles out of town in a very rural, forested area. It was a small complex, and our unit bumped up to the woods. We stepped out our door and two steps away was a steep incline leading into hundreds of acres of woods. My mom and I initially enjoyed hiking around back there, but we finally quit due to a very spooky feeling of being watched. I was raised in the country, as was my mom, so we weren’t city clickers frightened by a chickadee tweet. So, one day my dumb teenaged self decided to go for a walk alone in the woods. I’ve no idea what was going through my head. I remember heading up the incline, then my next memory is rounding the path curve about 50 feet in. That’s where I lose time. I believe Bigfoot is flesh and blood, so this dissociation isn’t a paranormal thing because later I learned in therapy I did dissociate on occasion. Seeing a bear or cougar in stalk mode would’ve just as easily caused me to go blank. My next memory is walking back in a panic but keeping my walk calm. I knew something was right behind me stalking me, had been stalking me for awhile, and I knew not to run. I also knew not to look back because it would cause me to lose control and run. *see above. I can’t convey how powerful that specific impression was. At this point when my memory returned I was within 10 feet of the top of the incline, the exit out of the woods. I could see our apartment. It took all my willpower to not break into a run because I was so close, but I kept walking quickly but calmly. I think I saw something as I rounded the corner, and that’s when I blanked out. I assume at that point I turned around and headed back and “came to” around 10 feet from the incline. Statistically this was probably a black bear. They’re silent stalkers. Maybe I was overreacting, but my life depending on not running is the single most powerful feeling associated with the experience to this day. In the intervening decades I’ve read a lot of animal attack stories, and so many of them involve the victims seeming to have sudden instinctive feelings of what to do or not do. I could kick myself for not peeking out the window once I got safely in the apartment. My mom had a less intense experience. One day she climbed half way up the hill to sit and eat lunch in the warm sun. Her back was to the woods. About half way through her sandwich she suddenly felt a menacing presence behind her. She got back into the apartment immediately. With her sandwich!. I asked, haha. Make note, researchers: it’s possible baloney sandwiches may be the secret weapon to attracting a Bigfoot.
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    Bipeds give horses and other animals food, water, and shelter. It may not matter whether a biped is Human or not.
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    OMG... the drama.... How could a cow skull get underwater in that remote swampy area? Here's the answer... You are on a ranch. Ranches have cows. "Abandoned truck in the middle of nowhere?"
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    Someone mentioned that a permit to film on NF takes months to get and requires an environmental impact study to be done before it is issued. No one in their right mind would do that when private land is available. I wonder if Dr Mayor knows she is on a fast track to infamy being associated with a film crew that seems to be intentionally dishonest. Film crews can make things happen that the principal characters have no knowledge of if things get boring. The crew wants their contract renewed. Perhaps Bryce separated from the on screen characters to orchestrate things happening they are not aware of.
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    I should be sleeping... In episode 2, Dr. Mayor had a "real" map at base camp and pointed to her location. THAT is Rock Creek Lake, and her finger is at the spot I said was base camp. She don't lie like the producers do. A few seconds later, Russell pointed out the "smell location" on the same map, obviously west of base camp, at 44.476300, -119.896120. And, a few seconds later, Dr. Mayor pointed to the spot where the game trails were. That is the lake at 44.424100, -119.809330, as shown in the LIDAR image. That "6 mile hike" was actually less than a mile.
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    There are a lot of people who will call any 400 yard shot on big game irresponsible. I'm not one of them, but I'm really particular on where I would try such a shot, and I never shoot for the head on big game. I went ground squirrel shooting with my brother once. That's his favorite hunting. They shoot the heads off of them at 300-500 yards, and I did it with his rifles, so I know it can be done, but that ain't sasquatch hunting, bear hunting, or even deer hunting. If you botch a shot, it's no big deal. His rifles are incredibly fine tuned, are chambered firbthe mist accurate calibers there are, and the scopes are extremely high powered and expensive. I prefer meat hunting, but different strokes for different folks. Just a point you might want to consider: Alaskan big game guides like to get their clients to shoot big bears at the range of 125 yards, regardless of how good a shot the client is or what he's shooting. The reasoning is that 125 yards is a good range to allow time for follow up shots on a possible charging bear, it's close enough for good shot placement on the first shot, and there isn't much energy loss like there is at 200 yards and farther. I shoot a 300 WinMag at caribou at the longer ranges, so even at 400 yards, there is still plenty of energy left for a 450 lb. ungulate. I would consider shooting a grizzly at 200 yards with that rifle (200 grain Swift A-Frames) to be maximum range. Anything farther is asking for trouble, and following a wounded bear is the kind of trouble I really don't need.
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    Behind Lake Ellen today. Lake is froze over but it was 34 degrees today and wet snow. Out of 3 batteries on my drone only one worked. Got about 20-30 min of flight footage. The new drone rules are dumb. It has a 350 ft ceiling. It takes into account the take off point elevation. So flying up the mtn I was running out of airspace! Need to launch from the highest point available. Saw deer, moose, rabbit tracks was it. Would love to find some Moose sheds! Checked out the “swamp” were the skunk cabbage grows in spring. Nada.
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    It is amazing how much light the thing adsorbs when the foliage to the right is so well illuminated and reflecting light. It is almost like a black body adsorption sponge for light. Talk about perfect adaptation. In daylight it would do the same thing. No wonder they are so hard to photograph and see.
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    Field Work is fine, but Conferences are basically like Conventions, and it seems like every new Research group appearing on scene hosts one. It's an exercise in Popularity and Socializing, not Research.
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    I'll correct myself. Turns out Bea Mills has done a lot in Bigfootery, both in the field and conference organization. Hocking Hills and probably other conferences as well.
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    Armchair researchers are great people who do great work in this field. I say this since a lot of us do not have the patients as they do to go through reports. They have always been the ones who have been able to get into the details of the reports . They have been able to get the details of the creatures and the responses that the witnesses have given that some of us have not been able to catch. They are very detailed in information. Very helpful and full of knowledge that some of us may not gain in the field. They are of a different type of researcher that is always needed. Yes, so thank you for being a part of a large family that I am not sure if one really wants to be a part of it. I say this only because of the ridicule that comes in believing in this creature we call Sasquatch.
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    I usually don't encounter a lot of extremely low intelligence types past the first natural barrier when I am out in national and state forests. Hunting season brings out a different and varied crowd on public lands, but the rest of the year not so much. That being said, regardless of someone's intelligence level, most people are concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other and not what is around them...let alone going 20 yards off the marked trail. Anything could be out there and most people would be clueless.
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    I'm happy to see that we finally were able to make a good prediction using actual data from the SSR.
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    Well now you can have it's height. You should go out there and measure.
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    Not the Bearcat of course, it's just there for size comparison. I'm talking about the worlds most powerful production handgun, the Smith & Wesson 500. (Yes I know the .460 can be faster but the .500 carries substantially more energy). Also pictured are 22LR, 45ACP, and 308WIN cartridges alongside the S&W500, 500 grain. I'm not really asking a serious question, it's just a lead-in to seeing if anybody has experience with this gun? I wasn't looking for one (though I have always wanted one), but it came up for sale BNIB for half-price. A guy can't afford to not buy it at that price! It's my first magnum handgun. I didn't own anything bigger than a 1911 in .45ACP previously, but have shot a 629 before. I know that it will be significantly more "beastly" than either of those. Picked up 120 rounds of 300, 325, and 500 grain Hornady and Federal for it - which may be enough for 3 lifetime's supply, lol. Anybody here own or shot this gun? What are your thoughts? Could it take down the big guy? haha It should be noted that as a Canadian, my chances of being authorized to even bring this gun to the bush are basically none.
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    I'm always looking for patterns and consistencies in the sighting database. We all know the ones most commonly reported, but there is one I think that might be getting overlooked, or maybe it is just too obvious to have drawn comment . Either way, I think it bears mentioning here. It is the observed tendency of a BF to more often than not take a straight-line tack, regardless of the steepness of the terrain or obstacles that might lie directly in its path. Any person who has spent time walking/hunting/backpacking knows that there are two ways up or down a mountain or hill. You can go faster/steeper or slower/less steep. This animal seems to almost always choose the first option. It is described time and again in the reports, but not really discussed or emphasized particularly. It almost seems like it has no vision for any path other than the one that lies straight ahead, no matter what is in the way...climbing straight-up cliffs, even going up and over stumps and rocks that could be easily skirted. Unlike most animals, especially humans, there doesn't seem to be any calories expended vs. calories saved analysis or debate with a BF. Can any others verify that they see this too? And what's up with that?
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    Here is a screen shot of the area from the show. The lay-of-the-land around the cliffs is overall much flatter than around 44.482655, -120.613801 and the tree cover is heavier.
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    Im past that. Frustration. Its the journey I enjoy. If it happens it happens. If not? It’s up to the next generation.
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    Lol.....no "rangers", but there could be some hostile Indians. Were it me, I'd get a permit from the Port Graham village for a 3 or 4 day hike from Port Chatham to Rocky Bay. You wouldn't need to mouth the word "sasquatch"......unless you were planning a YouTube presentation, which I would definitely not be doing. Or, more likely, I'd do it like the folks in the video did: anchor in the gay and poke around the place for a few days. Or both, in two different trips. But, really, the last report I've heard of the place was in the mid-70's, some 55 years ago. But @ 50-75 miles by crew flight to the east, in Kenai Fiords National Park, Les Stroud had his experience not too many years ago. That area is truly remote. You won't see people in there. But you'll still need a permit.......this one from the "rangers". Stroud filmed a Survivorman episode in there without the permit, and the National Park Service rousted him up later and fined him several thousand dollars.......despite never having done so th o Timothy Treadwell, who they knew was in Katmai National Park screwing with the bears annually for 13 years. Go figure.........or just shoot yourself a sasquatch and trust your local ranger....
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    Well Dr Mayor is no dummy either. She took on the project with the possibility that BF in North America is real. If this area has any activity or enough evidence of activity to get her back, she sure does not want it overrun with bigfooters. They may be purposely hiding the location. While she is credited with the discovery of a tiny primate, her discovery of a giant one in North America would be even more significant. Especially when the rest of main stream science has rejected the possibility.
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    It's all about what a reasonable person would think when it comes down to any self defense shooting . Some states are just better at determining what that means . You kill a 8 foot tall giant hairy man or beast that is menacing your home and has already been reported to the local authorities by the home owner ? I don't think you would be charged depending on where it happens. On the edge of your property in the middle of the night with night vision , they can say you were hunting for him or it. Right near your home a few feet from a bedroom window or front door . You were in fear of your life.
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    Their leader Brian once owned this forum! Just a bit of trivia! I love Kathy. She still helps run this forum as the SC chair. I wish em the best of luck. But I prefer to stay here in the PacNW. I’m guessing areaX resides somewhere in that untouched game reserve. Its fairly close to Honobia. And Antlers where recently Mark has been having problems on his property. First pic is zoomed in and a ruler pulled for distance reference. The second is zoomed out to show the outlying towns.
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    Cannot help you, I am a EE , mil and BF history, and MBA mind other than I concluded years ago not to fight the Feds on BF.
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    I think we should contact Mountain Monsters. If we could get a top tier team like that involved it would be over in no time
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    The FLIR image was probably someone that had to relieve themself and forgot all about the FLIR camera. The other thing I thought strange was that when they were trying to give Mayor the position of the image relative to her they said left and right. How could they know what direction she was facing to know it was left or right? They should have given her a bearing and estimated distance from her position. Example: NW of your position at 100 yards. You could see her confusion trying to figure out where to look. I wonder if you could hire Seal Team Six on their days off?
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    I laughed because of this stump jumped out at me in one of my photos from Saturday! Original photo.
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    Not at all, NatFoot. My unspoken point though is that, if there is indeed more than one, then the only way to not lose the specimen would be to shoot TWO. Give one up and hide the other.....for science. Horrible as that sounds, I've not seen anyone mention this as a way to get around the likely official confiscation of a body.
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    John Green had access to reports from gung-ho investigators in Maryland. Mark Opsasnik (Bigfoot Digest) and Bob Chance.
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    Hiflier I respect you passion and an organized effort to get science off its butt to study bigfoot is needed. What if some of us joined your coordinated effort. You give us email addresses, some facts to put in the letters, and we write to those in the universities and state wildlife departments. Norseman can can join in and continue to hunt and maybe get lucky and bring in a dead one.
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    I never said I didn't believe him. I am sure they did have an encounter. More likely ,in my opinion it was a bear. My disbelief of large man apes is based on there are none . As you know ,not one single specimen to examine and test. I am interested in EDNA findings. No expectations of course. I have lots of faith and beliefs ,but I have limitations.
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    All of my extended family know of my sighting 40+ years ago, and not 1 has ever given me any flack over it. Just 1 long time friend has outright rejected the idea, and we still hunt together, and talk about everything else but that. Georgerm, I too am a prostate cancer survivor, with radiation treatment 8 years ago, and removal, along with the bladder, 2 years ago. Recovery can be a tough road, but with a positive attitude, you'll get through it and get back to a relatively normal life sooner than you think.
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    I was a little surprised they took that feature away just because some people got upset about being downvoted. I post what I believe, some agree and some do not. They may choose to express their opposite opinion with a downvote or let it be known via a post. Either way there is nothing wrong with disagreeing, adversity is good in an unknown field. I can agree with a poster 100% in a topic about eye shine and then disagree with them 100% in regards to BF population. Doesn't make them my best friend or my enemy in either situation. It just shows we are two individuals forming differing or similar opinions on a shared subject. The only certainty in BF is uncertainty at this point.
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    Mine has a flap that comes out of the zipper. You just pull the flap and it unzips. I respect Wyatt Earp immensely and accuracy is final. But I dont think most gun slingers of old were in the same caliber as people like Cisco here or Bob Munden or competitors in the Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc. or SASS, etc. Its true that targets dont shoot back but its all about muscle memory. I think the take away from Earp’s wisdom is that its great to be fast but you better not miss. In modern times a miss = no score. In those times it probably meant you were dead. Hickok and Hardin were both.
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    In order to become proficient with a particular handgun, you have to practice using it. A S&W 500 is not fun to shoot and is a one-horse show. Contrast that with a 454 Casull or .460 S&W from which you can shoot 45 Colt. That allows you to practice a lot without having to constantly handle the recoil. Go ahead and try shooting 50 rounds from the S&W 500 at the range. You won't be happy. You could shoot 200 rounds of 45 Colt from either of the above without batting an eye. My opinion might change if you reload and and could make soft loads. Otherwise, I'd go with one of the two mentioned above and I'm confident that with the correct ammo both would drop a BF in its tracks.
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    I'm sending positive vibes for a good, meaningful thread. Wolfjewel, welcome to the premium section and thanks for supporting the forum, that way!
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    The incident you're referring to didn't happen near Honobia but was several miles from there. It's referred to as the Echo Incident on the NAWAC website http://woodape.org/index.php/news/news/204-the-echo-incident here. It is possible it could have been the same wood ape as these creatures can travel a number of miles.
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    My first experiences were with presumed bigfoot watching and hunting on the edges of a children's summer camp in 2012. I firmly believe that they bring their older juveniles in close to humans to help them learn about human behavior by observation. Children - and those tending them - are the least likely to be violent or hunters. There are many historical and current anecdotes of bigfoots watching children. Plus, some anecdotes of bad bigfoots snatching children. Just like us, I think they have bad and good personalities, either natural or acquired traits. I still wouldn't trust them. Remove all food sources, up your livestock defenses (put GPS teackers on your livestock?), talk to your neighbors. Eliminate their easy meals and maybe their curiosity will subside. As hunter-gatherers, the need for a full belly will eventually win out over curiosity. I'm still sad about the dog, but rock throwing and house slapping are commonly reported behavior and don't seem to usually be threatening. Thank you for taking us along. I hope we've helped some, and it's been interesting!
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    My mother and my sister and my brother-in-law were there that day with the kids..
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    I don't know. I trust Photog and Mark's opinions on what is going on there...they are both on the scene and have a far better grasp of what is going on than I do via my computer screen. I have just never heard of a Sasquatch that looked like this. If it is an illness or even starvation... could those affect its appearance to such a great degree without affecting its physical abilities? Mark says that it is FAST and very fluid in its movements. It doesn't sound like a sick creature going by the way it moves. I believe in high strangeness other than Sasquatch, but I don't know that I believe in Dogman. They are sometimes described as being extremely thin...but I have never heard of anything like them having loose skin. The closest I can come to is some of the old Wendigo legends. If I recall correctly, certain segments of the Algonquins described it as being sickly slender with hanging skin. But, none of that makes sense either. Photog and Mark believe that they are dealing with possibly 3 Sasquatch. I believe them. I believe Mark's description of what he saw through the scope. It might very well be that the one he saw is afflicted in some way that I have never heard described before. I guess that I am just saying that if they eventually came back and said that they felt that they were dealing with something OTHER than Sasquatch...I wouldn't be surprised. Mark's situation is real... unique...and very weird all around. I hope that when it is finally over and he and his family can breath a sigh of relief, that he takes the time to document his encounter fully. Maybe it will be if use to the next poor guy who has to deal with this...if it ever pops up again.
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    BlackRock, I'm enjoying it. Liked several viking bearded style hatchets, but this was less expensive and made in the PNW. Can't wait to use it camping this spring!
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    While we disagree on that point, I certainly welcome your opinion. And I certainly appreciate how polite you are in expressing it. I know that we all can get passionate about our theories on these creatures... myself most of all. I hope that I wasn't too abrasive with my opinion. Polite and respectful dialogue is always going to bring more to the table though. That being said, I agree with most of your points above... especially #5. The description doesn't match anything about Bigfoot that I have ever seen or read. I have been looking online to see if there have been any strange pet or livestock disappearances or deaths in Antlers recently. However, nothing is jumping out at me. However, it is a rural area. A lot of rural people won't always make reports or social media posts about missing pets. Missing or dead livestock might generate more of a record given the monetary value of the animals.
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    It’s easy to look at sighting reports and pick em apart. And things like audio files in which a pack of coyotes is being described as Bigfoot vocalizations. But do any of us have any close family and friends claiming to have seen a Bigfoot with conviction? Unlike some of you? I’m not a knower. But I would like to share a few stories with you. With the standard disclaimer that physical evidence is needed. My father had a cabin up by mount Index, one night while walking back to his cabin in the dark. Something large and grey crossed the road in front of him. Now he openly admits that he had been drinking..... but not that much. He said that it could have been a mountain goat. But he had never seen a mountain goat that low before and along the river. Dad was a prolific hunter in his younger days. Had a friend who sold me my engraving shop. She swore while coming back to Kettle Falls along the Kettle river by the boulder creek road she had a Bigfoot cross the hwy 395 right in front of her. Her husband is a good guy, but definitely gave her quite a bit of flak for sharing that story. But she has never backed down. She was adamant being a local it wasn’t a known animal. My packing partner who is also a member of the BCHA claims to have heard a frightening sound while riding his horse. He never saw what made it. I had some examples of the Sierra sounds and he picked out the sound byte that starts out as growls, snarls and gibberish and then breaks out into whistling as the closest to what he heard. He said that his horse was having none of it. And it freaked him out. He lives in Ferry county and has Bears and Cougars in his yard. No joke. One of our own BCwitness who I have met twice with in BC while doing some jet boat repairs up there had his own sighting. I respect him to the utmost as a woodsman and his prowess in the woods. And BC is BC.... it’s a massive province with most of the population living in one city.... the rest is mountains, trees and glaciers. I think BC is likely the best last place on Earth for the search. I have spent a lot of time in the Kootenay region as they call it, a lot of country up there. Like Alaska big....and as remote. Getting guns up there is problematic tho. Of course my own snow track story you guys have heard a million times. Do any of you have any stories to share of your own or others? Does having someone close to you a witness sway your own beliefs? Discuss!
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