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Kiamichi Mountain Bigfoot Conference - 2024

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This is a separate conference than the one held every Oct. in Honobia, OK.


This conference will be held May 31 and June 1 in Talihina, in LeFlore Co. Okla. It's about 16 miles NW of Honobia. Talihina is known for it's scenic byway, especially during fall foliage.


You can see all the speakers listed on the picture.

The only speakers I'm familiar with are: Jim Whitehead, who is with MABRC, the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Council, out of Stilwell, OK; Ken Gerhard, a cryptozoologist that has been a speaker at a lot of Bigfoot Conferences; and Brian Hulan and Shane Church, who are with Southern Bigfoot Alliance, an Oklahoma based research group that search in OK and three surrounding states.  



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