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That Bigfoot was right up next to our tank! (Comments and Call-Ins)


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In this gripping episode of the Bigfoot Society Podcast, host Jeremiah Byron engages listeners with a series of spine-tingling encounters and eyewitness reports from the depths of the woods. From the mysterious shadows of the Pacific Northwest to the eerie whispers of the Kentucky woods, our callers weave tales of close encounters with the elusive Sasquatch. As the episode unfolds, listeners are introduced to Kyro, a Kentuckian who recounts a harrowing tale of a jet-black Bigfoot creature, its towering presence leaving an indelible mark on his psyche. Kyro's detailed descriptions of the creature's movements and physical characteristics add a layer of authenticity and intrigue to the ongoing debate about the existence of Bigfoot. The episode takes a deeper dive into the forests of Pennsylvania with Josh, who narrates a chilling experience of being shadowed by an unseen entity, its heavy footsteps pacing him in the dark. Josh's story, a mix of fear and fascination, captures the heart-pounding reality of those who venture into Bigfoot territories. Jeremiah rounds off the episode with a discussion on the broader implications of Sasquatch sightings, pondering the ethical considerations of cryptid research and the impact of these encounters on the witnesses. The episode closes with Jeremiah's reflections on his own encounters in Iowa, adding a personal touch to the perennial quest for understanding the unknown.

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