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Hunter Who Shot Charging Bear With Pistol Shares Epic Details


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Rifle +  10mm.




Hunter Tyce Erickson has the story of a lifetime after recently taking down a Kodiak bear.

Erickson went viral over the weekend after several social media accounts shared a photo of the massive bear he took down in Alaska.

Naturally, I had to dive into the details. Erickson revealed in a podcast that they were tracking the wounded bear that he had shot with a rifle when it charged him and his guide. Upon being charged, the guide fired two shots from his rifle - at least one hit - but the bear wasn't down.....





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Very dramatic event to be sure!  The "pro-hunting message" makes sense if male Kodiak bears kill cubs just so they can mate again.  8^/  It goes to show that sexual predation isn't just a human trait I guess.  Anywho, that is one scary beast.  Good thing there were two shooters.  So much depends on bullet placement; like when they kill 14 ft gators with a single 22 bullet.  yikes and away!  :thumbsup:

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