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Creature Suit Analysis - Part 3 - The Mime Inside

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nyc big

First, the theater showing doesn't affect whether union or non union people are used. In the 60's an somewhat into the 70's if the theater itself was IATSE projectionist contracted, they wouldn't show a film that didn't have an IATSE union logo, but IATSE is crew, not SAG actors. So the theater, even if union, doesn't care if actors in the film are union or not.

Then you had the smaller non IATSE theaters, and they had no concerns at all about who's in the movie.

So that really wasn't an issue for people seen in the movie.

Showing film on TV or theaters doesn't qualify a person to join SAG or AFTRA. Employment by a SAG or AFTRA contract employer is the basic requirement. I had to join SAG when i was working as a puppeteer on a TV commercial (we made some puppet chimps for an HBO promo about Jane Goodall) and the TV commercial production company was a SAG signatory, so I joined for that.

I was asked to join AFTRA back in 71 or so, when I was with Universal Studios and they sent some of us from the tour center to do a New York promotion, and they wanted to book us on a late night talk show. If I was used on the show, I'd have had to join AFTRA, but I and one other guy got bumped, and just the two stuntmen did the show.

So with the PGF, neither SAG or AFTRA would even investigate the prospect it might be a guy in a suit., even if the footage is shown on TV or in theaters.


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Guest nyc_big

thnx confirmed this with a buddy of mine who makes film...your right if Roger was not a contract employer it wouldnt matter for Bob to work for him.

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